My Michelle

My Michelle
Created by : Tate , Netherworks, Traveler
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Released: 07-24-2012
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Yes
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My Michelle is ready to spark your imagination and rev up your runtime, whether you need a noble elven princess, a headstrong starship captain, a sassy seductress or the girl next door for your next render, online comic or animated presentation!

Full-featured and flexible, Michelle offers you a wonderfully crafted, stylized female figure that leans towards having a realistic edge but can just as easily walk a more fantastic path.

My Michelle has an eye on the future but still remembers the past, offered in both weight-mapped and cross-platform versions. She contains a variety of morphs and other dials to make her easy to pose and easy to sculpt, giving you exceptional, creative control over the type of figure you want her to be!

  • High Quality and Stylized Female Human Figure for Poser and DAZ Studio. Approximately 70,000 polygons.
  • Professionally designed and UV mapped in Lightwave.
  • Michelle features standard body part rigging with the addition of toes that can be posed separately on each foot.
  • Comes in two complete versions: Standard and Weight-Mapped.

    • Standard Michelle is conventionally rigged, allowing her to be used in Poser 6 and higher and DAZ Studio 3 and higher.
      • This version of the figure includes JCM (Joint-Controlled Morphs) in the forearms, collars, thighs and knees to give Michelle silky-smooth posing while remaining a figure that can be used cross-platform. This is an optional system and can be turned on or off.

    • Weight-Mapped Michelle is uses triple-axis weight rigging only available to Poser 9 and higher.
      • This version features superior movement ability and very realistic bending.
      • There is a touch of JCM (Joint-Controlled Morphs) in the collars of the figure, just to give Michelle a bit more smoothing when posing. This can be turned on or off.

  • Includes a Huge Catalog of Morphs and Miscellaneous Dials for sculpting, tweaking and making Michelle your very own!

    • 168 Head Dials, organized in logical Dial Groups:

      • Eye Controls (8, loaded with the figure): Eyes Up-Down, Eyes Side-Side, Pupils Expand - Contract, Iris Size, Eyes X Axis, Eyes Y Axis, Eyes Z Axis, Eyes Scale.

      • Basic (23, loaded with the figure): Brows Up, Brow Up Left, Brow Up Right, Brows Down, Brow Down Left, Brow Down Right, Eyes Blink, Eye Blink Left, Eye Blink Right, Mouth Open, Mouth Smile, Mouth Smile 2, Mouth Smile 3, Mouth Smile 4, Mouth Smirk Left, Mouth Smirk Right, Mouth Frown, Mouth Frown 2, Mouth Frown 3, Mouth Snarl, Mouth Snarl Left, Mouth Snarl Right,Mouth Part Lips.

      • Face Shapes (11, inject and remove): Face Aged, Face Asymmetric, Face Elf, Face Flat, Face Out, Face Round, Face Square, Face Stylized, Face Triangle, Face Crows Feet, Face Frown Lines.

      • Brows (18, inject and remove): Inner Brows Down, Inner Brow Down Right, Inner Brow Down Left, Outer Brows Down, Outer Brow Down Right, Outer Brow Down Left, Brows Arch, Brow Arch Left, Brow Arch Right, Brows Worry, Brow Worry Left, Brow Worry Right, Brows Furrowed, Brow Furrow Left, Brow Furrow Right, Brow Wrinkle, Brows Angle, Brows Out.

      • Eyes (16, inject and remove): Eye Shape 1, Eye Shape 2, Eye Shape 3, Eye Shape 4, Eyes Squint, Eye Squint Left, Eye Squint Right, Eyes Smile, Eye Smile Left, Eye Smile Right, Eyes Wide, Eye Wide Left, Eye Wide Right, Eyes Tilt, Eye Lashes Long, Eye Lashes Gone.

      • Ears (9, inject and remove): Ears Square, Ears Round, Ears Out, Ears In, Ears Elf, Ears Elf 2, Ears Elf 3, Ear Lobes Down, Ears Up-Down.

      • Nose (24, inject and remove): Nose Septum Depth, Nose Flatten Tip, Nose Flatten Bridge, Nose Shape 1, Nose Shape 2, Nose Shape 3, Nose Shape 4, Nose Shape 5, Nose Rounded, Nose Septum Width, Nose Pinch, Nose Angle Nostrils, Nose Wrinkle, Nose Wrinkle Right, Nose Wrinkle Left, Nose Wide, Nose Tilt Up, Nose Small, Nose Right, Nose Narrow, Nose Left, Nose Flare, Nose Bulbous, Nose Big.

      • Mouth (11, inject and remove): Mouth Wide, Mouth Tongue L, Mouth Pucker, Mouth Pout, Mouth Narrow, Mouth Lip Up, Mouth Lip Down, Mouth Kiss, Mouth Down, Mouth Down Right, Mouth Down Left, Mouth Corners Down.

      • Lips (14, inject and remove): Lip Shape 1, Lip Shape 2, Lip Shape 3, Lip Shape 4, Lip Shape 5, Lip Shape 6, Lip Shape 7, Lips Pressed, Lip Philtrum Soft, Lip Philtrum Hard, Lip Upper Thin, Lip Upper Thick, Lip Lower Thin, Lip Lower Thick.

      • Tongue (4, inject and remove): Tongue Right, Tongue Out, Tongue Left, Tongue Curl.

      • Teeth (3, inject and remove): Teeth Fangs, Teeth Crooked, Teeth Buck.

      • Jaw & Cheeks (10, inject and remove): Jaw Right, Jaw Left, Chin Small, Cheeks Puff, Cheeks Out, Cheeks Narrow, Cheeks In, Cheekbones Out, Jaw Square, Jaw Round.

      • Expressions (8, inject and remove): Face Embarrassed, Face Mad, Face Scared, Face Pleased, Face Sad, Face Shock, Face Disgust, Face Happy.

      • Phonemes (9, inject and remove): Mouth Speak, Mouth A, Mouth CH, Mouth F, Mouth O, Mouth SH, Mouth U, Mouth M, Mouth Tongue L.

    • 64 Body Dials, organized into logical Dial Groups:
      • Body Controls (18, loaded with the figure): Height, Body Bend, Body Side-Side, Body Twist, Head Bend, Head Side-Side, Head Twist, Arms Bend, Arms Side-Side, Arms Twist, Arms Shrug,Hands Bend, Hands Side-Side, Hands Twist, Toes Bend, Toes Spread, Toes Curl.

      • Character Morphs (5, inject and remove): Jessica, Kellie, Sarah, Scarlet, Tammy.

      • Body Styles (6, inject and remove): Athletic, Comic Book Mesomorph, Skinny, Stylized, Voluptuous.

      • Arms (5, inject and remove): Arm Size, Collar Size, Shoulder Size, Forearm Size, Arms Narrow.

      • Legs (11, inject and remove): Leg Size, Thigh Size, Knee Size, Shin Size, Buttock Size, Thigh Inner Curve, Thigh Outer Curve, Feet Depth, Feet Rounded, Heel Rounded.

      • Torso (10, inject and remove): Neck Width, Neck Depth, Abdominal Out, Abdominal Tone, Belly Flat, Belly Out, Waist Size, Waist Narrow, Hip Size, Hips Wide.

      • Breast Shaping (9, inject and remove): Breast Large, Breast Small, Breast Up, Breast Down, Breast In, Breast Out, Nipples Size, Nipples Erect, Nipples Puff.

    • Includes 21 Body Scaling Dials (including Height), organized into Dial Groups.  These Scales work best in Poser 9/Pro 2012 SR-3 or DAZ Studio.  Michelle comes with Utilities to Copy the Scales to Clothing and Smart Props (Poser only).  COMING SOON!

      • Arm Scale (8): Collars Length, Collars Height, Shoulders Length, Shoulders Height, Forearms Length, Forearms Height, Hands Size, Hands Length.

      • Leg Scale (6): Thighs Length, Thighs Width, Shins Length, Shins Width, Feet Size, Feet Width.

      • Torso Scale (8): Head Size, Neck Length, Chest Length, Chest Width, Abdomen Length, Abdomen Width, Hip Length, Hip Width.

  • Morph Injection and Removal System that feels familiar to the community INJ/REM style and works in Poser and Daz Studio.
    • Morph Designers can use standard Injection-writing tools to develop their morphs and simply add an additional reference to the blank dials in a special "References" folder.

      • A Utility is included that works in Poser 7 (or higher) and DAZ Studio 3 (only) that can automatically set up Michelle to use new morph packs done in this way.
    • Designers can opt to utilize the 60 Community Channels per body part or even Poser's PMD system.

  • Michelle has realistic touches, such as the flesh deforming around the eyes when the Eye Controls are used!

  • The JCM present in Michelle (more heavily in Standard) really makes her bend beautifully but is entirely optional and can be turned off or on, in whole or in part.

  • Michelle comes Fully Textured!

    • High-Quality 4000x4000 pixel texture maps for the body, head, eyes, teeth and lashes. Specular maps are included in addition to texture maps.

    • Material files (provided as MAT Poses or Material Collections) are included with a "No Shaders", "Shaders" and "SSS Poser 9" versions. The "No Shaders" MAT Pose comes with a version for DS 3 and higher.

  • Inverse Kinematics (IK) are present in Michelle's Arms and Legs, off by default.

  • The package comes with a pile of extras!

    • 2 Blank cr2s for Easy Development.
      • Standard Cr2 for Morph and Clothing creation.
      • Weight Mapped Cr2 for transferring weight-maps in the setup room.

    • 23 Poses, including "utilities" to Zero Rotations and turn IK on or off.

    • 10 Hand Poses.

    • 4 Utility Poses for resetting various dials.

  • Walk Designer Compatible (Poser 6 and higher).

  • Illustrated PDF guide for working with Michelle is included. Mainly an overview and an easy read!

  • Full-Featured My Michelle Figure, in standard and weight-mapped versions
  • Full Textures
  • Morph Injection System
  • JCM System (optional)
  • Variety of Poses and great extras!
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
  • Promotional Ads Rendered in Poser Pro 2012.
  • All modeling done in Lightwave's Modeler
    • All items mapped with Lightwave’s UV Edit Pro from Newtek

  • My Michelle was truly a team effort.  Tate laid all the groundwork for the figure and her spark came from his creative mind.  Traveler and Netherworks added many final touches to the figure such as rigging improvements and tweaks, organization, morph system and so on. Nightsong gave her an image and did numerous promo and artist renders. Syyd provided the backbone and vision to the project. There were many other Runtime DNA merchants who were very supportive of Michelle during various development stages and really it wouldn't have gotten this far without our online family behind us during this wonderful journey! Michelle is DS compatible but may require some adjustments as she was primarily designed for Poser.
  • As the leader of Runtime DNA since 2002, we have emphasized that artists at DNA are part of a team, we work as a collective. Never has this been more evident than in the release of this figure. From the inception of the figure to the very first images we saw of her, this has been a team process. It is a proud moment for Tate, who with the support of his fellow artists was able to bring a fully realized figure into play. It is important to understand that every facet of our team was involved in this process, not just the artists, but a highly skilled, highly motivated QA Testing Team that worked side by side with the creative group. Its nice, after 10 years to see our dreams realized within the release of this fantastic figure. Good Job, QA, you never let us down, Tate and Joe, I've never seen two people work harder to get to the finish line, and Mary, your the sweetest icing on any cake, EVER! You make mine and Eric's life so much easier. Syyd Raven

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