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Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $16.95
Vendor: LyonessPandygirl
Requires: V4 for poses
Gift To:


Dark days have lead to a deep and pensive mood. An overwhelming sadness has taken me over.
I seek solace in a neglected park. There, I reflect while sitting on the tree swing still adorned with fall's leaves or I wait on a bench, surrounded by dry grass, to contemplate the emptiness I feel. The moody lights there suit me.
Lantern light will lead me home and may offer a glimmer, perhaps a spark, to hope upon before the despair takes me completely.

Subtle changes to the ambient color in the material room makes the beautiful changes you see in the background image possible. Colors like pale blues, aquas, violet and golds look particularly amazing. Very light color tints work the best.

For more drama, try making the candle point lights even more golden to add more richness and warmth to your scene.


MELANCHOLY is a P&L Production environment set for those moody days. A place where your Victorian Goths or angst ridden teenagers will feel at home.
It's a small abandoned looking park with a tree, wall, wrought iron fence, park bench, tree swing, dead grass and a lantern (with and without a candle). The ground and background planes are included to make this a one-stop click and go set.
EASILY duplicate any of the promo images for yourself.
Everything is included (except, of course, character, clothes, and hair). 3 presets are included to get you started quickly. 6 different moody lights, lantern lights for each preset (just use the double check mark to add them to the scene). 12 different poses (plus their mirrors) using the props of the set (bench, swing, lantern).

Product Includes:

15 Geometry Files
09 Light Setups (*.lt2)
28 Poses (*.pz2) (12 poses + 12 mirrors
and 04 lantern poses)
20 Props (*.pp2) plus
03 Pre-Loads
79 Texture files

Additional Notes:

*When rendering the fence, turn OFF Smooth Polygons.
*Not all poses are shown in lightboxes
*Animals, character, hairs and clothes not included.

Promo credits:
Kendra - Godin
Meagan Hair - Nikisatez
Martine Hair - SWAM
Swilly Earrings - Fabiana
The Jeans - Rhiannon
Victorian Innocence - LittleFox
Lily Gown - Nikisatez

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
Zip Files: 3 Zip Files (28.8Mb, 38.5Mb, and 26.9Mb)
Date Added: Feb 7, 2013

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