Masque: Feathered Mask for V4

Masque: Feathered Mask for V4
Created by : Nightsong
Released: 04-05-2012
Poser Version: Poser 6+
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Requires: Victoria 4
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Inspired by the grand galas of the ancient world and the fanciful festivals of the modern day, Masque is an elaborate carnival mask crowned with a bounty of lush feathers bound by fittings of silver, gold, and shining black enamel. Each feather is anchored into a glass marble paired in color to the feathers it holds, encrusted by filigree of its own. Add color and spirit to your dancers, an aura of mystery to your rogues, and a soft halo to your angels of air and darkness. Welcome to the Masque!

This product features:

  • High resolution textures for detail in close-up work.
  • Four separate parts (Crown, Frame, Headband, and Mask) that may be moved, morphed, hidden, scaled, or rotated independently.  All parts are parented to the Mask, which is in turn parented to the Head of the figure.
  • Using morphs in the Head of the figure adjust morphs in the entire mask.
  • Five movement handles to arrange the shape of the feathered crown.
  • Shaping and adjustment morphs to allow the mask to be used with different facial morphs on Victoria 4.  This includes, but is not limited to, Aiko 4, Girl 4, and Alice.
  • One movement handle to adjust the scaling and movement of the mask's beak.
  • Two shaping morphs for the mask's beak.

Features designed with texture artists in mind:

  • Layered feathers, bunched and spread to create a "fluffed" appearance similar to ostrich feathers.
  • Separately mapped stem in each feather, which can be made transparent.
  • Morphs to turn any full row of feathers from many layers to a single layer of polygons.
  • Use this to create anything in place of feathers: leaves, stems, branches, petals, metal, bone, stone, fabric, etc.
  • Many separate material zones and separately mapped feathers, so every feather can be made unique.
  • Hide, morph, or texture any "body part" of the mask -- no need to use the whole thing.
  • Low resolution feathers, high resolution fittings and accessories.
  • Mask is designed to be fully three dimensional and moveable: use the handles and morphs to move the feathers into any shape you desire.

This product includes:

  • 1 Conforming Carnival Mask for Victoria 4 (CR2)
  • 7 Full Texture Sets (MC6 Format) for Poser
  • 120 Partial Material Files (MC6 Format) for Poser to Allow Mix-and-Match of Textures.
  • 2 Pose Files (PZ2 Format) to turn Visibility of Movement Handles On and Off

-- Updates --
This product now also includes:

  • 7 full P9+ Material Files (MC6) utilizing SSS for enhanced light-sensitivity.
  • 35 partial P9+ Material Files (MC6) for mix-and-matching feather colors.
  • 7 full no-shader MAT Pose materials (PZ2) for easy import into other software.
  • 78 partial no-shader MAT Pose materials (PZ2) for mix-and-matching colors.
  • 7 full P6-P8 MAT Pose materials (PZ2)
  • 120 partial P6-P8 MAT Pose materials (PZ2) for mix-and-matching colors.
  • 7 full P9+ MAT Pose materials (PZ2) utilizing SSS for enhanced light-sensitivity.
  • 35 partial P9+ MAT Pose materials (PZ2) for mix-and-matching feather colors.

Many thanks to all of the wonderful help and suggestions that lead to these additions!!! :)

Note:  Please be advised, if you are using the sub-surface scattering materials (P9+) the length of time that the mask takes to render will increase significantly!  You have been warned!

Sketchfab Preview:

This is a sample preview of how the model appears in 3D space. It will appear differently in Poser, DAZ Studio, or your application of choice, but this gives you a chance to get a first look at it from any angle.

To start the preview download, hit the "play" arrow in the middle of the player. It may take a minute or two to fully download depending upon your connection speeds to the internet. There is a very small blue progress bar at the top which shows you how far the model has downloaded, but you will also know it is downloaded when all of the feathers are textured and the filigree is gold. Enjoy!

nightsong_masque-cream_01 by nightsong on Sketchfab

All modeling was done in Modo 501 using Lady Littlefox's modeling, unwrapping, and rigging tutorials, available here at RuntimeDNA!   All textures were created in Photoshop CS5 and based on photos taken of real ostrich feathers.

Promos Image Credits:
  • All backgrounds in the promos use Rocks 'N Drops Fantasy Scene Kit.
  • All lighting is a home-brewed mixture of various Render Studio and IDL Studio sets.
  • All expressions are based on Smile for Me! for V4.
  • Promo 0 (Main): Otherworldly Wonders: Bibiane, Bibiane: Expansion, Anenome Hair.
  • Promo 1 (Gold): Modern Muses: Paloma, SG RealEyes, Dakota Hair, Moon Dancer, Retrograde for Moon Dancer, VaVaVoom!, Songbird Remix: Petshop (SSS Added), DM's Flirty.
  • Promo 2 (Green): Primrose (skin), SG RealEyes, Victorian Innocence: Jester, Larker for VI Jester, VI Circus - Hoops & Frames, Twin Fair Hair II, DejaVu Hair, Victorian Hoopalooza, Songbird Remix: Hummingbirds of North.
  • Promo 4 (Blue): Otherworldly Wonders: Tamesis, SG Frosty Gaze, Violet Hair, DM's Spice, Songbird Remix: Hummingbirds of North.
  • Promo 6 (White): Modern Muses: Epiphany (SSS Added), Caleb Hair, 110.1, 110.1 Hard Metal, DM's Sensual, Songbird Remix: Birds of Legend.
  • Promo 8 (Red): Astrid, Victorian Innocence: Jester, Prima for V4, Deja Vu Hair, VaVaVoom!, Songbird Remix Characters 2 Woodpeckers.
  • Promo 10 (Pink): Otherworldly Wonders: Tamesis, Ava Adore, DM's Spice, Bijou Ponytail, VaVaVoom!, Songbird Remix: Hummingbirds of North.
  • Thumbnail: Modern Muses: Paloma, DM's Mixed Fantasy (pose), DM's Wicked Places (torch), Helen Dress.
  • No postwork on promo images, save for text and logos.
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