Maskadamia for Cookie

Maskadamia for Cookie
Created by : Jean-Luc_Ajrarn
SKU: JLA-023
Released: 05-29-2009
Poser Version: 5, 6, 7, Pro
Daz Studio: 2
Requires: Poser. Cookie or/and Chip, CookieTaur, ChipTaur.
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Here's Maskadamia for Cookie, amazing superconforming mask figure for Cookie.
It comes loaded with a ton of delightful textures, morphs and options!

It works with Cookie, CookieTaur, Chip, and ChipTaur.

The mask takes all Cookie/Chip expressions, as dialed on Cookie/Chip head.

All Leather MATs match Oh So Cute! for Cookie MATs, for added versatility.

The large choices of MATs and textures make the Maskadamia mask suited for many rendering themes.

- Awesome mask versatility,
- Beautiful, detailed textures,
- Cool mask shapes,
- Delicious superconforming abilities, allowing an incredible range of expressions,
- Ease of use,
- Fantastic possibilities,
- Great style variety.

-> 1 Superconforming Maskadamia Figure with the following 140 morphs:

- 12 Masks (unique mask morphs, available in Maskadamia figure's Head):
Mask1, Mask2, Mask3, Mask4, Mask5, Mask6,
Mask7, Mask8, Mask9, Mask10, Mask11, Mask12.

- 10 Eye Expression (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Eyes-Angry, Eyes-Closed, Eyes-Droop, Eyes-Scared, Eyes-Sleepy,
Eyes-Wide, Eyes-Wince, Eyes-Wince2, Eyes-UpperLid, Eyes-LowerLid.

- 28 Asymmetric Eye Expression (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Eyes-Angry_r, Eyes-Angry_l, Eyes-Closed_r, Eyes-Closed,
Eyes-Droop_r, Eyes-Droop_r, Eyes-UpperLid_r, Eyes-UpperLid_r,
Eyes-LowerLid_r, Eyes-LowerLid_r, Eyes-Scared_r, Eyes-Scared_r,
Eyes-Slant_r, Eyes-Slant_l, Eyes-Sleepy_r, Eyes-Sleepy_r,
Eyes-Soft_r, Eyes-Soft_l, Eyes-Square_r Eyes-Square_l,
Eyes-Tilt_r, Eyes-Tilt_l, Eyes-Wide_r, Eyes-Wide_l,
Eyes-Wince_r, Eyes-Wince_l, Eyes-Wince2_r, Eyes-Wince2_l.

- 14 Eye Styles (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Eyes-Big, Eyes-Lower, Eyes-Elf1, Eyes-Elf2, Eyes-Elf3,
Eyes-Gumdrops, Eyes-Soft, Eyes-Square, Eyes-Slant,
Eyes-Tilt, Eyes-Out, Lashes-BluntPoints, Lashes-Long, Lashes-Thin.

- 10 Brows (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Brows-Angry, Brows-Lift, Brows-Lower, Brows-Scared, Brows-Slant,
Brows-Surprised, Brows-Small, Brows-Worry, Brows-In, Brows-Out.

- 20 Asymmetric Brows (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Brows-Angry_r, Brows-Angry_l, Brows-Lift_r, Brows-Lift_l,
Brows-Lower_r, Brows-Lower_l, Brows-Scared_r, Brows-Scared_l,
Brows-Slant_r, Brows-Slant_l, Brows-Surprised_r, Brows-Surprised_l,
Brows-Small_r, Brows-Small_l, Brows-Worry_r, Brows-Worry_l,
Brows-In_r, Brows-In_l, Brows-Out_r, Brows-Out_l.

- 5 Nose (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Nose-Large, Nose-Lift, Nose-Long, Nose-Lower, Nose-Point.

- 25 Mouth (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Mouth-RightGrin, Mouth-LeftGrin, Mouth-RightSmirk, Mouth-LeftSmirk
Mouth-RightConfused, Mouth-LeftConfused, Mouth-RightWorry,
Mouth-LeftWorry, Mouth-Cry, Mouth-Frown, Mouth-ShySmile,
Mouth-HugeSmile, Mouth-Open, Mouth-OpenSmile, Mouth-Pensive,
Mouth-Pucker, Mouth-Scared, Mouth-Smile, Mouth-Smile2, Mouth-Speak,
Mouth-Small, Mouth-Small2, Mouth-Wide, Mouth-Lips, Mouth-LowerLip.

- 10 Asymmetric Mouth (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Mouth-Frown_r, Mouth-Frown_l, Mouth-Small_r, Mouth-Small_l,
Mouth-ShySmile_r, Mouth-ShySmile_l, Mouth-Smile_r, Mouth-Smile_l,
Mouth-Wide_r, Mouth-Wide_l.

- 9 Face (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Ears-Elf1, Ears-Elf2, Ears-Elf3, Ears-HairFit, Cheeks-Puffy,
Cheeks-Thin, Chin-Back, Chin-Round, Chin-Point.

- 6 Asymmetric Face (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
Ears-Hairfir_r, Ears-Hairfir_l, Cheeks-Puffy_r, Cheeks-Puffy_l,
Cheeks-Thin_r, Cheeks-Thin_l.

- 13 Phonemes (superconform to Cookie's Head morphs):
OpenMouth, Mouth A, Mouth CH, Mouth E, Mouth F,
Mouth M, Mouth O, Mouth S, Mouth TH, Mouth U,
Mouth W, Blink Right , Blink Left.

- 1 ChipFit to apply Chip's face shape to the mask.

-> 3 HairFit Poses:
HairFit_Bangs1, HairFit_Bangs2, HairFit_ToonFro.

-> 1 !ChipFit pose.

-> 21 MAT Poses (located in the "Poses:MaskadamiaForCookie" Poser library)
Clown, Harlequin, Leather Black, Leather Black R,Leather Blue,
Leather Brown, Leather Purple, Leather White, Metal Colors,
Metal Holes, Metal Plain, Metal Wood, Rainbow One, Rainbow 2,
Rainbow 3, Rainbow 4, Skull, Tribal Aqua, Tribal Jungle 1,
Tribal Jungle 2, Tribal Red.

-> 21 Materials (located in the "Materials:MaskadamiaForCookie" Poser library):
Clown, Harlequin, Leather Black, Leather Black R,Leather Blue,
Leather Brown, Leather Purple, Leather White, Metal Colors,
Metal Holes, Metal Plain, Metal Wood, Rainbow One, Rainbow 2,
Rainbow 3, Rainbow 4, Skull, Tribal Aqua, Tribal Jungle 1,
Tribal Jungle 2, Tribal Red.

-> 45 textures:
- 11 Bump (1024 by 1024 pixels),
- 21 Color (1024 by 1024 pixels),
- 11 Diffusion (1024 by 1024 pixels),
- 12 Specular (1024 by 1024 pixels).

-> 1 texture template:
Maskadamia_Template.jpg (1024 by 1024 pixels)
Products used on the promo images / related products:

- In D|S, one needs to parent the Maskadamia figure to Cookie (or Chip)'s head, instead of conforming it like in Poser.
- the Maskadamia figure might have to be restored (Parameters palette -> Restore -> Restore Figure) after you load it and parent it to Cookie (or Chip)'s head.
Even tho the Maskadamia mask is not super conforming in D|S, it is easy to make it do the same by selecting both Cookie (or Chip)'s head AND the Maskadamia head in the Scene palette (click on Cookie/Chip's head then CTRL click on Maskadamia's head)
Then the changes you make to the dials, or pose you apply, will apply to both as long as both are selected. :)
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