Light Dots

Light Dots
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 09-03-2010
Poser Version: Poser 8 or higher
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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~

Light Dots
is a re-imagining of Poser's Memory Dots feature... for Lights!  Quickly and Easily Add, Load and Delete any Number of Lights.  Imagine quickly switching between your "Preview" lights and those that you would use for your final render.  Rapidly switch between your favorite sets.

Light Dots also provides a way for you to store and load full Collections of Light Dots, turning the Memory Dots from a temporary feature to a permanent one.

Light Dots includes additional tools for working with Poser lights, such as Clearing all the Dots, Deleting all the lights (with an undo function), Parenting the Lights to the Selected Actor or back to the Universe.

Light Dots is fully customizable!  Don't settle for a 3x3 grid of dots... Go with a horizontal or vertical configuration.  Change the alignment of the the dots from centered to left, right, top or bottom.  Finally, make the Light Dots panel more distinct by choosing your own background and text color.

Pick up Light Dots today and work with light in a clever new way!
  • Light Dots Python Script that faithfully replicates Poser's Memory Dots feature for lights.  .It is usable in Poser 8 or Poser Pro 2010.
    • Click any empty Dot to Save your current Lights Set.  Click on any existing Dot to instantly Load those Lights.  Alt-Click deletes a Dot (along with its Set).  Control (Cmd)-Click Renames a Dot!
    • Preview (or Load) the Currently Stored Dots (from the Light Dots menu).
    • Save or the Currently Stored Dots to a Dots Collection.  You can load your collections to the Dots panel at any time!
    • Clear the Existing Dots from the Light Dots menu.
    • Built-In Light Tools (from the Light Dots menu) include Delete All Lights (with undo), Parenting existing lights to the Selected Actor, Parenting existing lights to the Universe.
    • Switch between 5 Dots Layouts: 3x3 grid, horizontal (1 row), horizontal (2 rows), vertical (1 row) and vertical (2 rows).
    • Switch between 5 Dot Alignments: Centered, Left, Right, Top and Bottom.
    • Customize (and Restore) the Background Colour the the Lights Dots panel and the Label Text Colour.
    • Switch to a Mini-Label, going from "Light Dots" to "LD".
    • Standard menu selections for the panel: Docked, Floating and Drag-Dock Enabling.
    • Since Light Dots has no "Caption" when Docked, switching to a floating state requires you to either select "Floating" from the Light Dots menu or Control-Left Click any empty space.
    • Allows you to Save your Settings between Poser sessions from the Light Dots menu.
    • Guide includes tips on how to load Light Dots when Poser starts.  A FREE utility for easily doing this is forthcoming here at RDNA... Stay Tuned!
  • Fully Illustrated PDF Guide is included!

  • Light Dots Script
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
Windows: Windows XP or higher. Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014.

MAC: Mac OSX 10.4 or higher. Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014.

Not suitable for use in DAZ Studio.

wxScripts Launcher is now available for FREE that allows you to launch multiple wxpython scripts at once!  These are scripts, such as this, that integrate into the Poser 8/Pro 2010 UI.
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