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Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $17.95
Vendor: LittleFox
Requires: No Additional Requirements
Gift To:


Sale ends May 10, 2009

"Candy cuteness with a touch more spice, blended together with love and style, dish it up with sugar and a splash of color and you get Cookie!

From Lady Littlefox's workshop of toony cuteness struts a girl with a style all her own. Heralded as the Grown Up Gumdrop, Cookie is the darling mix of Koshini's legacy of playful young adulthood mixed with the charm and uniqueness of the Gumdrops. A sweet hearted girl who sets out to win hearts bringing smiles all around."


EYE MORPHS: 10 Expression, 20 Split Expresson, 16 Style, 8 Split Style
BROW MORPHS: 11 Morphs, 20 Split
MOUTH MORPHS: 25 Morphs, 10 Split
INNER MOUTH: Teeth off, Tongue off, Fangs off
FACE MORPHS: 6 Ear, 2 Cheek, 3 Chin
EYE DIALS: Up-Down, Side for Eyes alone, Reflect alone and Eyes + Reflect.
FULL BODY MORPHS: Youth, Thin, Thicken, Tiny Waist, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Curvy and No Navel
Stand Alone Head for parenting to other figures and future expansion.
Stand Alone Body for future expansion.
Skin Tones: Dark, Medium, Pale, Snow, Ghost, and Night
Eye Colors: Blind, Brown, Coffee, Demon, Fairy, Glow, Gold, Green, Grey, Ice, IceGreen, IcePink, IceViolet, Mermaid, Midnight, Phoenix, Red, Rose, Silver, Snake, Violet and Wolf.
Hair Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Crimson, DkBlue, DkBrown, DkGreen, Gold, Green, Honey, HotPink, Lavender, LtBlue, LtBrown, LtGreen, PaleGold, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Rusty, Violet, Wheat, White
Hair is created to work in 2 pieces, a front and a back. Mix and Match the pieces for 4 different hair styles. Future expansions to interchange with these hairstyles as well.

Product Includes:

Cookie (cr2 and obj)
Cookie Head Only (cr2)
Cookie Body Only (cr2)
Loose Bangs (cr2 and obj)
Swept Back Bangs (cr2 and obj)
Short Flared Hair Back (cr2 and obj)
Long Hair Back (cr2 and obj)
Headband (cr2 and obj)
Bikini Bottom (cr2 and obj)
Bikini Top (cr2 and obj)
Flip-Flop Shoes (cr2 and obj)
6 Skin Tones
23 Eye Colors
6 Eye Reflections
24 Hair Colors

Additional Notes:

All items mapped with UV Layout from

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 4+
Daz Studio: Yes
Date Added: Apr 15, 2009
SKU: LF-072

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