Ko-Ko, Oh No!

Ko-Ko, Oh No!
Created by : Netherworks Studios
SKU: NWS-088
Released: 05-29-2014
Poser Version: Poser 9+
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Requires: Oh No! Jo-Jo
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Ko-Ko Oh No!

Sweet, Cute and Crafty, Ko-Ko is the Sinister Counter to Jo-Jo's Mischievous Demeanor!

This Fuzzy Femme is offered as a Sculpt (morph set) for Jo-Jo and includes her own Textured Touches, Clothing and Accessories.  She includes several Skin Options, Eye Colors, Conforming Brows, Conforming Dress, Smart-Propped Bows and handy-dandy Axe.  A Full-Featured Package and Perfect Partner for Jo-Jo.

Don't Let Jo-Jo Roam your Runtime Alone...  Pick up Ko-Ko Today!

This package REQUIRES either Jo-Jo 1.5 Base or Jo-Jo 1.5 Full.

Poser 9 and higher ONLY.
  • Ko-Ko, a Sculpted Companion for Jo-Jo.
    • Loading:
      • Ko-Ko is built via a Special Injection Pose that Totally Converts Jo-Jo to Ko-Ko in One Click!
        • Injects Ko-Ko's Morphs and Sets the appropriate Dials.
        • Set's Ko-Ko's Skin Textures.
        • Loads Ko-Ko's Lashes and Conforms them.
        • Renames the Figure from Jo-Jo to Ko-Ko.
    • Morphs:
      • Ko-Ko includes Fully-Sculpted Head and Lips via Morphs.  These are optional.
      • Ko-Ko includes Fully-Sculpted Body Shape and Breast Morphs.  These are also optional.
    • Texture Features:
      • Ko-Ko Loads with her own Light Brown Material Settings, including a Stitched Beauty Mark.
      • Mats are included for several Eye Variations:
        • Eyes - Marble - Bright Blue, Eyes - Marble - Pink, Eyes - Marble - Purple, Eyes - Marble - Teal, Eyes - Marble - Yellow Green, Eyes - Plastic - Bright Blue, Eyes - Plastic - Pink, Eyes - Plastic - Purple, Eyes - Plastic - Teal, Eyes - Plastic - Yellow Green.
      • Mats are included for several Skin/Fur Variations:
        • +Full Base Skin, Skin - Black, Skin - Brown, Skin - Cotton Candy, Skin - Hot Pink, Skin - Ko-Ko Brown, Skin - Light Brown, Skin - Red Orange.
  • Includes Conforming (Weight-Mapped) Lashes.
    • Lashes are Double-Stacked for Depth.
    • Lashes have Plenty of Morphs for Style and Position: Lashes In-Out, Lashes Up-Down, Comb Out, Comb Width, Comb Up, Comb Forward, Comb Curled, Lashes Size, Lashes Width.
    • Three Color Variations: Lashes - Black, Lashes - Blue, Lashes - Red.
  • Conforming Weight-Mapped Prom-Dress.
    • Fully Weight-Mapped, no Handles.
    • Dots are generated using the Tiles Node and can be easily changed in the Material Room.
    • Includes Many Texture Variations, applied via Material Files (Blue, Black and Red).
      • Dress - Black Blue and Bloody, Dress - Black Blue, Dress - Black Red and Bloody, Dress - Black Red, Dress - Black White and Bloody, Dress - Black White, Dress - Blue Black and Bloody, Dress - Blue Black, Dress - Blue White and Bloody, Dress - Blue White, Dress - Red Black and Bloody, Dress - Red Black, Dress - Red White and Bloody, Dress - Red White, Dress - Solid Black Bloody, Dress - Solid Black, Dress - Solid Blue Bloody, Dress - Solid Blue, Dress - Solid Red Bloody, Dress - Solid Red.
    • Many Morphs are included for Shaping and Style:
      • Morphs: Ko-Ko Breasts, Ko-Ko Body, Body Size, Waist Size, Hip Size, Legs Size, Thighs Size.
      • Adjustments:  Adjust Thickness, Raise R Front, Raise L Front, Raise R Back, Raise L Back, Lift R Front, Lift L Front, Lift R Back, Lift L Back.
      • Style: Skirt Mermaid, Skirt Bell, Skirt Flare.
  • Includes Dual Ear Bows, each loaded separately.
    • Bows are Smart-Propped to the head.
    • Each Bow contains Tons of Morphs for Shaping and Fitting.  Bows can be easily Scaled.
    • Bows Include Texture Variations (as Material Files) to match all the Dress Variations.
  • Fire-Axe Smart-Prop.
    • Smart-Propped to the Right Hand and intended to be Posed with both hands.
    • Features Morphs that Change the Axe Head.  Can be Scaled as needed.
    • Includes Clean and Bloody Texture variations.
  • Includes Conventional Injection Poses if you don't want to do Full Conversion.

  • Full Sculpt for Jo-Jo, with Optional Components.
  • Conforming Dress
  • Smart-Propped Fire-Axe.
  • Smart-Propped Bows.
  • Tons of Extras!
  • Ko-Ko is designed to be used in Traditional, Toon and Horror settings.
  • Spiritual Successor to the Original Scarietta Figure!
  • IDL Studio Lighting used in Promos.
  • Products used in Promos: Kids 4 by DAZ 3D, Ruffles and Bows by LadyFay/Mia3d, Kit & Kat by Bea/Aliwonder, Violet Hair (converted) by Lady Littlefox.
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