Keeper of Lies

Keeper of Lies
Created by : Secretheart
SKU: AN_137
Released: 08-15-2013
Poser Version: 6+
Zip Files 3 - 44.78MB, 36.92MB, 43.51MB
Requires: V4 SciWizard Outfit (V4 SciWizard Dynamic Cloak for bonus)
Price: $9.95

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"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

"The saddest thing is that I wasn't worth the truth."

In this installment of The Keeper Series they tackle the lies we tell. Lies told with malice, told to cover the edges of something in light, told to save hurt feelings, to keep a child from discovering the truth of The Tooth-fairy. The light and the dark and in in-between are all represented by the keepers.

Included in this package are three high resolution expertly detailed sets of textures for the V4 SciWizard Outfit with bonus coordinating textures for the SciWizard Dynamic Cloak.

Vibrant red embroidered silks with black leather and lace. Trimmed with jewel studded buckles and trims.

Flowing black silk with black and gold lace and gold trims.

Grey chiffon with grey and silver brocade, patchwork patterns and silver beaded trims.

Used in these promotional images: Brienn Fi (Fabiana), Feliciana Hair (3Dream), Ishtar Hair (RDNA Pro-coming soon), Zyperus Hair (3Dream), Multiplane Cyclorama, Warm N' Soul lights (Fabiana), Sacred Hill (Danie and Marforno), various sets and props by StoneMason Jack Tomalin (DAZ).
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