Keeper of Kings

Keeper of Kings
Created by : Secretheart
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Released: 05-16-2014
Poser Version: 6+
Zip Files 3: 25.14MB, 44.28MB, 40.29MB
Requires: Dragon Keeper Outfit
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She is the mother of madness, the right hand of the king, the moon that rises over the realms of men. She is power wrapped up in a little package of velvet and satin. Perhaps it is he who wears the crown in the family, but she is behind everything that he does.

"Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens."


"The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy."

The Keeper of Kings package is comprised of textures which take even the smallest detail into consideration, and go above and beyond to give you a package that will completely change the way that you look at the Dragon Keeper Outfit.

Rich colors with fabrics detailed with embroidery and delicate blending of motifs and patterns.

Appliques and complex stitch work combined with elaborate transparencies give amazing depth the clothing.

Intricate metallic embroidery and hand placed beading give even the simplest of details panache.

Keeper of Kings also includes bonus materials for the "Dragon Keeper Hair" hair jewels and circlet which coordinate with the textures sets. These bonus materials can be used in conjunction with the materials from "Ampliato - Dragon Keeper Hair", but ownership of that product is not necessary for their use.



Keeper of Kings is comprised of three expertly detailed high resolution sets of textures for Arki's Dragon Keeper Outfit.

Warm furs, deep velvets, ombre patterns, delicate embroidery and complex metal work make up these rich textures and offer something new and inspiring from every angle you could possibly render from.

The red and gold version offers up deep golden fur, yards and yards of blood red velvets and brocades, rich gold leathers, stag and lion applique embroidery and metals worked with intricate patterns.

The blue version is comprised of rich blue velvet embroidered with a copper scale pattern, soft damask in copper, blue & cyan, fur with the faintest hint of blue, rich blue leathers, dragon appliques and a delicate skeleton of metal work mixed with copper plating.

The green version of the Keeper of Kings clothing is rich with green velvets embroidered with a gold fish motif, green and gold brocade with gold trim, striking embroidered leathers, furs from beasts of the wild and metals worked with a paisley-like pattern.

Used in these promotional images: Characters: Brienn-Fi (Fabiana), Kaida (Sabby & Seven), Jessie (Godin), Fenna (Godin),  Julian (Hinkypunk). Hair: Khione Hair (StudioArtVartanian), Greek Fantasy Hair II (StudioArtVartanian), HR 110 (Ali), Beach Hair (DAZ). Scenery: Iron Throne (Mytilus), Throne of the Skeleton King (DAZ), Multiplane Cyclorama (DAZ), Kerrick's Throne (DM), Kross Court (DM), Traveler's Free Egg (with my own textures), Millennium Dragon (DAZ). Other: Warm N' Soul Lights (Fabiana), Renissance Tunic (Xurge), Warlock (Xurge), Medieval Royalty (Xurge).

Textures for the Dragon Keeper staff/flame are not included in this package.
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