Keeper of Beasts Bundle

Keeper of Beasts Bundle
Created by : Secretheart
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Released: 06-27-2014
Poser Version: 6+
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Requires: DragonGear (M4+V4)
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Hidden the deepest canyons, buried amidst the highest and most treacherous mountain ranges are the legendary Fanged Caves of The Keepers of Beasts. These Keepers are the champions of the beasts; the creepy crawly, the snaggle toothed, the hideously stinky and all that lie in-between. They are twins. Always fraternal twins; a male and a female. They were born to work together and to know, before it even happens, how the other will react to a situation.  They were not born to slay the beast, but rather to protect them.

“And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.”
Maurice Sendak - Where the Wild Things Are

The Keeper of Beasts Bundle includes both the V4 and M4 versions of Keeper of Beasts; six expertly detailed high resolution sets of textures for Arki's DragonGear outfit.  The V4 and M4 textures coordinate perfectly with each version carrying its own special and unique details.
These exquisite textures will round out any of your Dragon Riding renders and take your characters into a whole new realm of fantasty adventure.
The Dropodon version of the V4 outfit offers up rich brocade chenille in woodland burgundy and gold, gold grommets with burgundy lacing, linen pants and top with knee and inner-thigh patches, worn leathers and erroded metal mesh accessories. The M4 outfit is hewn of brown leather ppliqued in dark leather with a tribal motif and gold stitching, woodland chenille brocade, linen pants with inner thigh patches and erroded metal mesh accessories.

The Zebrat version of Keeper of Beasts V4 outfit gives you vinbrant blue brocades, silver studs and embroidery, warm brown and cream linens, dragon motifs, hammered silver and elaborate silver mesh accessories. The M4 version is filled with rich browns and vibrant blues, topped off with erroded chainmaile, silver studs, hammered silver and intricately desinged silver mesh accessories

The giant spider version of the V4 outfit makes a true show with intricate red and gold brocade, padded leathers, ruby studs, hammered bronze and punched bronze mesh accessories while the M4 version is created with rich brown and gold brocade, ruby studs, padded leather, hammered bronze and punched bronze accessories.

Used in these promotional renders: Exibarah (Fabiana), Julian (HinkyJinks), Minatures Descent/Skull Cave (Coflek Gnorg), Moon Gate (Jack Tomalin), Tavia Props/Spear (DM), Dropodon (DinoRaul), Giant Spider (Predatron), Rat/Fantasy Rat textures (Noggin), Leandro Hair (3Dream), Cinna Hair (SWAM), Kerkyra Hair (3 Dream), Marielle Hair (3 Dream), Xyla Braids (AprilYSH), Beach Hair, Gabriel Hair, Warm N Soul Lights (Fabiana), Wicked Places Props (DM), Lost Lands Props (DM) and a plutera of poses that were mixed, matched and tweaked for these particular renders (mostly from DM).
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