INKs: Skin Deep

INKs: Skin Deep
Created by : Aeon Soul
SKU: ASA-038
Released: 08-22-2013
Poser Version: P8+ (only SSS shaders included)
Daz Studio: D|S 4.6+
Zip Files 4 Zip files (52Mb, 39 Mb, 39 Mb, 45 Mb)
Requires: V4 or characters that use V4 UV
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The body as a canvas...

Based off the tried and true Alice skin, INKs is a series of beautifully "enriched" skins: some are tattooed, some painted or henna-ed. All are artistic and beautiful and add flavor to your favourite characters.
Skin Deep is a standalone package that swings between fantasy and contemporary and that includes four wonderful styles: Fairyling, Arkham Angel's GothGirl, Henna and Mystic.

All of these are complete styles that cover V4 from head to toes and that will apply to the whole body with one click.
But that is not all! In fact all the styles include different options and skintones, to fit your favourite personas: Caucasian skin tone (Alice), Porcelain skin tone (pale) and Blue skin tone (alien).

INKs is a V4 skins package and is compatible with any V4 and V4 based character or any figure that uses V4 UV mapping (like Genesis). Note that NO CHARACTER is included in this package (if you're interested in the bodyshape used here check out store for the free and on sale versions of Alice and Alice/Yly). Also note that all styles were created on V4, so all designs will also look as good on her default bodyshape.

Fairyling: a flowery swirly style that looks just as great on a fairy or the girl next door. It comes in 2 variations for the torso (Style 01 on the lower torso and hips and Style 02 that embraces the whole torso) and 3 variations for the legs ("regular" and "full" to match Style 01 and the "complete legs" to match Style 2).
While she enjoys fluttering around to show all her tattoos, what's a faery without a faery-ist outfit: It also includes some BONUS MATs for Alice/Yly owners, to mix and match and have more options (so that you can apply only the arms tattoo, only the legs or torso options).

Arkham Angel's Goth Girl: it's modern gothic with a soulful and cute twist. The tattoos are unique and original and focus on a wings theme: maybe you can not, but your soul can fly! If you want to know more, google ankh and eye of horus, they are positive symbols of life!
And don't forget her favourite clothes, she likes to walk around in style: It also includes some BONUS MATs for Alice/Yly owners, to mix and match and have more options (so that you can apply only the arms tattoo, only the legs or torso and hip wings options).
Her main make-up is an homage to Neil Gaiman the Sandman's sister!

Henna: elegant and extremely feminine, these henna drawings were created to enhance the female shape. It comes in two variations: "just applied" henna, with a rich, bumped brown paste on the body or "dry", the dried henna paste that leaves a flat, reddish drawing on the skin.
It also includes some BONUS MATs for Alice/Yly owners, to mix and match and have more options (so that you can apply only the arms henna, only the legs or torso decorations).

Mystic: fantasy, magical... mystic! Magic energy has engraved her skin and, of course, grants her powers! This is perfect for fantasy heroine with a twist, goddessed or "just" a contemporary super-heroine (struck by a blue lighning?). She has magnetic, almost glowing eyes.
Mystic is a complete style that can't mix with other skins / tattoes since it's all interconnected, but the sky's the limit so if seams are covered by the pose or clothing, you can do whatever you want.

- Based off the popular and ultra-optimized Alice skin

- Unique, original, hand-drawn tattoos and decorations

- Lots of styles to mix and match and give more character to your characters!

- One package, lots of possibilities and options!

- Bonus poses for Alice owners to mix and match!

- 3 skin tones: Alice, Porcelain/pale and Blue/alien girl!

- Compatible with any figure that can use V4 mapping!

- Poser P9-PP2012 SSS skin shader

- DAZ Studio 4.6 .duf MATs

18 Diffuse Body Maps @4000x4000
5 Displacement Body Maps @4000x4000
1 Bump Body Maps @4000x4000
1 Specular Body Map @4000x4000

24 Diffuse Limbs Map @4000x4000
7 Displacement Limbs Maps @4000x4000
1 Bump Limbs Map @4000x4000
1 Specular Limbs Map @4000x4000

17 Diffuse Head Maps @4000x4000
3 Displacement Head Maps @4000x4000
2 Bump Head Maps @4000x4000
1 Specular Head Map @4000x4000

4 Eyes Maps @800x800
2 Lashes Map @1024x1024
1 Lips Specular Map @2048x2048
1 Teeth Map @1024x1024

- The character shown in the promo images is Alice/Yly:

- You can get the Alice bodyshape only for free (no Yly face, no skin and extra body morphs):

- Styles are shown on Alice, but were created by default on V4, so they look perfect on default V4 as well.

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