IIv3 Skin

IIv3 Skin
Created by : Aeon Soul
SKU: ASA-019
Released: 04-27-2012
Poser Version: 5+
Daz Studio: 3+
Zip Files 2 Zip (44.5 Mb, 13.4 Mb)
Requires: Vctoria 4, Poser or DAZ Studio
Price: $11.95

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Are you skinned for the future?

IIv3 skin is a pale skin package with a focus on the future. While is look great as "everyday" or fantasy skin for all your pale characters and heroines, it also comes with an extensive tattoo of sci-fi design.
The package includes 4 full body options: plain skin, tattooed skin, engraving skin and bio-luminescent engraving skin. For each of the option there are 9 make ups and a no-makeup (natural) face.

IIv3 Skin is a V4 skin and is compatible with any V4 character. You will see, in the promo, that we used a variety of characters and morphs, however, note that NO CHARACTER is included in the package but you can download our Alice bodyshape for free from our store page.

The skin we used as our base is a completely original skin of AlfaseeD, created without the use of any texture resources and includes all necessary maps to achieve the best outcomes in all rendering engines.

You can also use the engraving maps to add the engraving or glowing effect to any of your favourite skins.

Note that while the skin has some distinctly futuristic/sci-fi options, it will also work great for any other settings when you want to feature a pale character with a candid skin!

DETAILS: back and front skin details

TUTORIALS: how to change the glowing color (Poser & DAZ Studio).

ART: a skin that is good for everything: contemporary, fantasy and, of course, sci-fi. Feel inspired as we felt and will!
4 Full body MATs
There are 4 different and complete styles:
- Engraving: plain skin + displaced engraving.

- EngravingBio: plain skin + displaced engraving that slightly glows.

- Plain: the plain skin with no special effects added.

- Tattoo: the tattooed skin

Then, you'll find matching folders that include all 10 MakeUp options to fit the body option you choose (or to mix and match them).

Included are diffuse, bump, displacement and specular maps for an optimal outcome in any 3D rendering software

14 eyes colors: blue, icy, red, purple-black, brown, grey.

- Poser P9-PP2012 SSS skin shader

- Poser P5-P8 skin shader

- DAZ Studio simple MATs (follow the link in the read me for HSS instructions for D|S3 adv. and D|S4)

2 Diffuse Body Maps @4096x4096
1 Bump Body Maps @4096x4096
1 Displacement Body Map @4096x4096
1 Specular Body Map @4096x4096

2 Diffuse Limbs Maps @4096x4096
1 Bump Limbs Maps @4096x4096
1 Displacement Limbs Map @4096x4096
1 Specular Limbs Map @4096x4096

26 Diffuse Head Maps @2500x2500
2 Bump Head Maps @2500x2500
2 Displacement Head Map @2500x2500
3 Specular Head Map @4096x4096

14 Eyes Maps @800x800
7 Eye Reflection Map
6 Lash Map @1024x1024
1 Mouth Map @1024x1024
This package does NOT include any V4 character / bodyshape / morph! "Only" body textures and materials preset to apply them.

- The IIv3 Skin package includes SSS shaders for Poser9/PP 2012 based on the settings posted in the RuntimeDNA forum.
All promo images were rendered in Poser Pro 2012 (SR2) with the skin shader included in the package and custom lights.

- The IIv3 Skin package includes a fairly advanced Poser (P5-P8) skin shader you can get excellent results with, however always take into consideration that the final result will heavily depend on your lights.
Alternatively you can use face_off's V4 skin shader.

- DAZ Studio basic material settings are included so that DAZ Studio users do not need to make any manual adjustment however, for more advanced materials, please refer to the Human Surface Shader for DAZ Studio (included in DAZ Studio 3advanced and DAZ Studio 4, which will give you more realistic results used together with UberEnvironment.

IMPORTANT: the bump and displacement settings were done with a full body shot in mind. If your image is more up close (like our promo detail shots of hands and feet) you may need to lower both the values of the bump and displacement

"Formerly Hanyma Skin, the package is substantially the same even thought it includes some revamping and a few additions/improvements"
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Michael McCollum
Jul 6, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
As ALL A-S's products are, the textures are perfect. And beautiful! Wonderful skins and render beautifully!
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