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Holy Fighter Outfit for SuzyQ

Holy Fighter Outfit for SuzyQ

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $2.99  (You save 75%)
Sale End Date: SPRING THAW SALE ENDS 3/31/2014
Vendor: AS3Design
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"She is a sorceress and possessed of magic powers;
she can draw down the heavens, make the earth heave,
harden the running water, dissolve mountains, raise the shades of the dead,
dethrone the gods, extinguish the stars, and set the very depths of earth ablaze..."


Dress morphs: StepSide_Right, StepSide_Left, StepSide_Both, StepFor_Right. StepFor_Left, StepFor_Both, StepBack_Right, StepBack_Left, StepBack_Both, Run_Right, Run_Left, CollarUp, Wider_All, Wider_Right, Wider_Left, Wider_Front, Wider_Back, Up_All, Up_Front, Up_FrontRight, Up_FrontLeft, Up_FrontMid, Up_Back, Up_BackRight, Up_BackLeft, Up_BackMid, Up_Right, Up_Left
Belt and vials and paper morphs: Belt_Wider, Belt_TiltLeft, Belt_TiltRight, Belt_TiltBack, Belt_TiltFor, Belt_ScaleFrontBack
String morphs: Front_SwingForBack, Front_SwingLeftRight, Front_Twist, Back_SwingForBack, Back_SwingLeftRight, Back_Twist, Both_SwingForBack, Both_SwingLeftRight, StringFront_Up, StringFront_Down, StringFront_InOut, StringBack_Up, StringBack_Down, StringBack_InOut, StringRight_Up, StringRight_Down, StringRight_InOut, StringLeft_Up, StringLeft_Down, StringLeft_InOut
Veil morphs: Point_Down, Point_Up, Point_SideSide, Eyes_HideUnhide, LeftSide_Wider, LeftSide_Up, LeftSide_Tight, LeftSide_Back, LeftSide_For, LeftSide_TwistFor, LeftSide_TwistBack, LeftSide_TwistUp, RightSide_Wider, RightSide_Up, RightSide_Tight, RightSide_Back, RightSide_For, RightSide_TwistFor, RightSide_TwistBack, RightSide_TwistUp, Back_Wider, Back_UpDown, Back_Tight, Back_LeftRight, Back_Twist, Back_BendOut, Back_BendIn, Back_SwingLeft, Back_SwingRight, FrontLeft_UpDown, FrontLeft_ForBack, FrontLeft_SideSide, FrontRight_UpDown, FrontRight_ForBack, FrontRight_SideSide, TopLeft_Wider, TopRight_Wider, Top_UpDown, Top_WiderAll

Product Includes:

Super conforming dress with belt, 3 vials and a rolled paper as props, parented to the dress
Left and right super conforming leggings with magic sticks as props, parented to the leggings
Left and right super conforming sleeves
Super conforming string
The spear as smart prop, parented to the right hand
The veil as smart prop, parented to the head
3 different colored magic sticks as smart props, parented to the left hand
3 vials, filled with different colored fluid, as smart props, parented to the left hand
The rolled paper as smart prop, parented to the left hand
High resolution textures (3000x3000 px jpg's)
Advanced shader settings
Templates for easy texturing

Additional Notes:

There is no postwork to the figures in the promotional ads.

Product Details:

Poser Version: 5,6,7
Daz Studio: Not Supported
Date Added: Dec 7, 2007
SKU: AS-007

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