Hair Conversion System 2014 (core)

Hair Conversion System 2014 (core)
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 06-06-2013
Poser Version: Poser 7+
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~ Compatible with Poser 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well as Poser Pro, 2010, 2012 and 2014! ~*

Hair Conversion System 2014 is a Professional Toolbox for converting Hair designed for Aiko, Victoria and Michael to other figures!

It supports the conversion of Figure (.cr2) and Prop (.pp2) Hair that is native to Aiko 3, Victoria (1, 2, 3 and 4) and Michael (1, 2, 3 and 4).  Each Add-On module allows Hair to be converted to a Single Figure, or in some cases, a Family of Figures (Cookie and Chip, Miki 3 and 4).

It contains a framework of Python Scripts and Other Tools that are used right inside of Poser!  These are combined with purchasable Add-Ons that will allow you to Convert Hundreds (if not Thousands) of commercial and free Hair products to YOUR favorite figures.

This New Version of the System has been rebuilt from the ground up in order to provide enhanced performance, stability and ease of use.  It remains a very familiar system to those who use and love HCS 2012.  It is backwards compatible with the 2012 version and includes a very quick Update Add-Ons utility that will copy your existing 2012 Add-Ons to the 2014 locations.

This system is 100% FREE and comes with the complete HCS 2014 Add-On for Poser's Jessi, which includes:
  • A Full Set of Deformers
  • Extra Support Files and Templates
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
* Not suitable for use with Poser Debut or DAZ Studio.
  • Two Complete Methods for Converting HairFull Hair Conversion and Partial Hair Conversion.
    • Full Hair Conversion:
      • Suitable for Figure or Prop Hair.
      • Easy to use with smooth, clean results.
      • Completely builds custom .cr2 and .hr2 files when converting hair.
      • Generates a new .obj, based on the original.
      • Can easily Move Morphs from the original to the converted hair (no external utilities required!)
      • Can restore Material Settings and Textures from the original to the converted hair.
      • Can copy the thumbnail from the original to the converted hair.  It also can optionally add an "overlay" to the converted thumbnail (Poser 8 and higher only!).  You can even design and use your own .png "overlays".
    • Partial Hair Conversion:
      • Suitable for Prop Hair but can be used with Figure Hair if you intend to "Parent" it to the main figure's head.
      • Easy to use with smooth, clean results.
      • Allows you to setup Hair to be easily worked with on a modern software platform (Poser 7+).
      • Can fix "Tinkered" Hair prior to conversion ("Tinkered" means hair that has been adjusted using Scale, Translation or Rotation dials).
      • Produces a Fitting Morph in the existing Hair.
      • Can copy the thumbnail from the original to the converted hair.  It also can optionally add an "overlay" to the converted thumbnail (Poser 8 and higher only!).  You can even design and use your own .png "overlays".
  • Includes an Update Add-Ons utility for migrating data files and other essentials from your favorite HCS 2012 Add-Ons!
  • Includes an Open Guide Utility that allows you to open the Illustrated PDF Guide for the Add-On Figure you are working with.
  • All Scripts are Accessible from Poser's "Scripts" Menu and/or the Python Palette.
  • Can be used in clever ways to convert conforming or propped headwear.
  • Includes Optional Neo-Magnet replacements for the standard Poser Magnets. These add crosshairs and guides, making it easier to do precision work.
  • Includes the Full "HCS 2014 Add-On for Jessi":
    • Complete Deformer Sets for use with Netherworks' Hair Conversion System 2014Supports converting Hair from 7 Figures: Victoria 1 & 2, Victoria 3, Victoria 4, Aiko 3, Michael 1 & 2, Michael 3 and Michael 4.
    • All Magnets in each set are given friendly names so it's easier to make adjustments when needed.
    • Contains additional data and template files for use with Hair Conversion System 2012 for full integration as a "Module" into the System.
    •  Includes custom Jessi Gear and Text "Overlays" for thumbnails.
    • Includes a Fully Illustrated PDF Guide for Converting Hair to Jessi.

  • Core Conversion System (scripts and support files)
  • Optional Neo-Magnet Replacements
  • Full "HCS 2014 Add-On for Jessi"
  • Caveats:
    • Hair Conversion System products marked as Add-On packages for HCS 2012 and HCS 2014 will work with this new System.  Certain data and template files are required for automation.
    • This system does not support Poser's Dynamic Hair.
    • This system does not work outside of Poser.  However, the results (converted hair) can be used in earlier versions of Poser or in competing software platforms.
    • The included deformers can be used with earlier versions of this system (for older versions of Poser or DAZ Studio)
    • It is not recommended to use this product with remote or network drives.
    • File Compression and Use Binary Morphs must be turned off while using this system (warnings are given on first run and the guide reminds you of this).
    • This system does not handle Embedded Geometry.  Hair files must point to .obj files outside of the .cr2 or .hr2.

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