HCS 2014 Add-On for Victoria 4

HCS 2014 Add-On for Victoria 4
Created by : Netherworks Studios
SKU: NWS-069
Released: 09-25-2013
Poser Version: Poser 7+
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Requires: Victoria 4
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*< REQUIRES Hair Conversion System 2014 >* (<- Direct Link, 100% FREE)

This Hair Conversion System 2014 Add-On will give Victoria 4 access to all the Hair you have collected for Victoria, Michael and Aiko 3!  Don't worry about Fiddling around with the Fitting Room or wrangling Weight Maps, convert your favorite hair models quickly, easily and with precise results.

It supports converting Figure (.cr2) and Prop (.hr2) hair designed for Victoria 1 & 2, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, Michael 1 & 2, Michael 3 and Michael 4 to Victoria 4.

It also supports converting Aiko 4 (plus her 4 varieties), The Girl 4 and Stephanie 4 (plus her 8 varieties) as Morph Targets using the Partial Conversion System.  This is the first Netherworks Hair Conversion product to include Stephanie 4 support!

This Add-On package for DAZ 3D's Victoria 4 requires the Hair Conversion System 2014 product, available FREE from Runtime DNA's Store.  It is fully stand-alone with regards to earlier Conversion Kits created by Netherworks Studios.

Suitable for use with Poser 7 and higher, including the Pro versions. Not for use with Poser Debut or DAZ Studio.

The end-results (converted hair) can be used in Poser or DAZ Studio.

Hair Conversion System 2014 versus the Poser Pro 2014 Fitting Room

This Add-On, along with the FREE companion core system, is designed to produce superior results in a fraction of the time, with a low learning curve.  If you need to re-group an object (an uncommon occurrence), the Fitting Room may be a better choice.  As always, use the best tool for the job!

* - All the deformers in this package were designed from the ground up and are very precise compared to previous offerings.

  • Complete and Precise Deformer Sets for use with Netherworks' Hair Conversion System 2014.  Magnet Sets are split into Base Sets and Sculpt Sets.  Base Sets are for going from another figure to Victoria 4 and support Full or Partial Conversions.  Sculpt Sets are for handling adding Morph Sculpts to original or Full Conversion Victoria 4 hair and are done as Partial Conversions.
    • Base Sets Included: Victoria 1 & 2, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, Michael 1 & 2, Michael 3 and Michael 4.
    • Sculpt Sets Included: Aiko 4, Aiko 4 (American), Aiko 4 (Realistic), Aiko 4 (Realistic Classic), Aiko 4 (Stylized), The Girl 4, Stephanie 4, Stephanie 4 (Caitlyn), Stephanie 4 (Ella), Stephanie 4 (Grace), Stephanie 4 (Isabelle), Stephanie 4 (Lily), Stephanie 4 (Madeline), Stephanie 4 (Natalie) and Stephanie 4 (Paige).
  • All Magnets in each set are given friendly names so it's easier to make adjustments when needed.
  • Morph Names and Dial Ranges, particularly Sculpt Sets, can be read into the Spawn.  Batch Processing is not supported at this time.
  • Contains additional data and template files for use with Hair Conversion System 2014 for full integration as a "Module" into the System.
    • Hand-Crafted Cr2 and Hr2 Templates for Full Conversions.
    • Custom Victoria 4 "Overlays" for thumbnails.
    • Fully Illustrated PDF Guide for Converting Hair to Victoria 4.

  • Full Set of Deformers for Poser
  • Easy to Use Guide
  • Custom Conversion Templates
  • Overlay PNGs
  • Data Files for HCS 2014
  • Requires Hair Conversion System 2014 to be fully effective!
  • Requires Victoria 4 from DAZ 3D
Hair Used in Promos: Glorious Hair by 3Dream, Long Hair Evo by Kozaburo, Mitsu Hair by 3D Universe, Paradise Hair by 3Dream, Starlett Hair by Lisbeth.
Skin Used in Promos: Hadley for V4 by Shesa.
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