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Image Posting Guidelines

'Piccolo' By Jollyself


  • All images submitted to the gallery must be in .jpg format.
  • Images must be under 500 KB in file size - images over this will be automatically rejected by the system.
  • The Max Dimension for images in the gallery is 2500 pixels. The longest side must be 2500 pixels or less.

  • The staff at Runtime DNA reserve the right to delete any images they deem as not meeting the guidelines in our TOS, the community standards that we hold to, or any image that may be inflammatory in nature. We reserve the right to delete what images we deem necessary without prior written contact to the uploader.

    The RuntimeDNA galleries are monitored by staff and/or site administrators, and are regularly reviewed to insure that posted content is in compliance with the Terms of Service, Image Submission Guidelines, and where appropriate, applicable laws and regulations. Submissions determined by the staff and/or site administrators to be in violation will be removed, and may be removed without the notification of the submitting artist.

    RuntimeDNA also reserves the right to remove images that receive complaints from members at the sole discretion of the staff and/or site administrators-in compliance with the above stated monitoring.

    Unacceptable Images in the RuntimeDNA Gallery:

  • Any image depicting a Sexual Act, Including (But not limited to) erect penis (Clothed or nude), or inner portions of the female genitalia.
  • Any image depicting child nudity (child referring to any figure that looks under the age of 18 to any member of the admin team. This includes children, teens, pre adolescent, child like fairies etc. No child nudity of any form will be allowed.
  • Any Image depicting Rape - either graphically or implied
  • Any Image depicting Torture [Definition of: (From Webster's Dictionary) the infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding) to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure]
  • No explicit sexual content - Bondage, S&M, etc
  • No genital contact with any object, other then natural contact with clothing or sitting positions.
  • Any Image containing advertising banners, links to other sites or stores.

    ANY IMAGE Depicting pornography, extreme graphic violence, torture, rape, sexual contact, physical arousal depicting erect male genitalia, or exposing female genitalia, any image depicting children in any way that is not wholesome, will be automatically deleted by the staff.

    Furthermore, your account will be subject to permanent revocation and banning.

    Additional Note:
    It has come to our attention recently that some images posted in the RDNA galleries have contained material that was protected by copyright or other applicable laws. These images have been removed, and such will continue to be removed in the future should this come to the attention of admin and staff.

    This message is to remind everyone that "finding it on the internet" does not make it "royalty free" or otherwise acceptable for personal use.

    Secondarily, including such an image in your own work, as a background, or as part of the image, or as a texture map, is still a violation of copyright and other applicable laws, and will get the image deleted from the galleries.

    Since the new gallery format does not require persons posting to have their work checked, we ask that all persons be certain that the work they post is completely their own and free from copyright encumbrances. If you have any questions regarding what you can, and CANNOT, do in terms of copyright, please feel free to e-mail help@rdnaland.com for clarification.

    We trust the the aforementioned images were the result of a misunderstanding of what is acceptable and not an intentional attempt to infringe on someone's copyright.

    The intention, however, does not protect the posting party, or RDNA and its host provider from legal action should that become the case. For this reason we will err on the side of caution and remove works that appear to contain protected material as we become aware of it.

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