Grasslands Mega Bundle

Grasslands Mega Bundle
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Released: 07-03-2014
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Grasslands is a 'must have' bundle of Thirty Solid Growth Grass Plants and Ten Great New Ecosystems by leading Vue content producer Martin J Frost! This Bundle of grasses from around the world brings together three distinct species that represent the main types of grasses found in temperate North America, Europe, Africa and Asia!

Whether its a rolling prairie landscape, a grassy forest glade, the rolling downs, lanes and meadows of Europe or the frigid grasslands of the Russian steppes, this bundle will do the trick!

Although the species of grass are accurate and created using high quality digital images to insure a great level of accuracy and realism, they have been specially selected to be useful in almost any situation where grass is needed in a scene!

Coupled with the ten wonderful ecosystems in this bundle, creating a landscape is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Load your terrain, load your ecosystem of choice and either click populate, or paint the grasses on to the land scape in your choice of patterns, it really is as simple as that!
Fully customisable ecosystem materials
photo realistic SolidGrowth plants

All three species come in a range of shades from summer green to fall golds and reds, also in single plants, clumps and in the case of the bluegrass in a short patch version too, thus making this a bundle of great usefulness and diversity!

This Bundle Contains:

6 Barnyard Grass SolidGrowth Plants - Echinochloa crus-galli is a type of wild grass originating from tropical Asia that was formerly classified as a type of panicum grass. It is commonly known as Cockspur (or Cockspur Grass), Common Barnyard Grass, or simply "barnyard grass" .Used as a fodder plant in Africa, and a weed common to agricultural land and vegetable plots alike world wide. This species or ones very similar to it will be familiar to most people.

Thirteen Blue Grass SolidGrowth Plants - Poa pratensis, known as Smooth Meadow-grass or Kentucky Bluegrass, is a species of grass native to Europe, Asia, northern Africa and North America. This lush, decorative grass species crops up every where from the arctic to Asia , Europe and America where it is a staple crop, to back yards, gardens and wild flower meadows the world over!

Eleven Dune Grass SolidGrwoth Plants - Ammophila arenaria is a species of grass known by the common names European Marram Grass and European Beach grass. It is one of two species of the genus Ammophila (marram grass). It is native to the coastlines of Europe and North Africa where it grows in the sands of beach dunes.

Ten Ecosystems specially created for this bundle of grasses and not available with the individual species bundles

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