Goblinz:Troopz - Bannerz

Goblinz:Troopz - Bannerz
Created by : KageRyu
Released: 04-30-2013
Poser Version: 6+
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Requires: Goblinz, and Goblinz:Troopz by Sixus1
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"Kur'dak glanced skyward at the flapping square of cloth, decorated in such garish colors.  A sharp series of cracks filled the air as the wind caught the banner, bringing the red clawed hand emblazoned on it too life.  Kur'dak smiled a toothy grin as he realized, now they were a true and proper army - not just a ragged collection of marauders and raiders.  His chest swelled with pride at bearing the honor of carrying the unit standard - no small feat, for if it fell it surely signified disaster.  It was a hard won honor at that, but Kur'dak proved himself the strongest, fast, and most worthy in the trials.  His attention was brought back to focus with the bellow of the warmaster and the crack of the lashmasters wips.  The thunder of hundreds of boots upon the rocky, highland ground filled the air as the warbands fell into their disheveled formations.  Kur'dak heard a shallow snarl from his flank, and through the corner of his eye saw Gros'brak's one good eye fixed upon him as he thumbed his dagger with a vicious snarl.  It was no surprise to see Gros'brak among the Banner's honor guard, as he surely was one of the most fit, and had almost won the honor of carrying the banner himself - and surely would have if Kur'dak had not taken one of his eyes.  Something about Gros'brak's look troubled Kur'dak though...he wasn't still mad over being beaten in the trials was he?  There would be time enough to sort it out later, for the warmaster sounded the advance and the trumpets houled, now was a time for war."

Historically, Bannermen and standards held special places of honor and respect among armies, dating back to the legions of Rome.  Banners and Standards commonly were used in a variety of roles, to signify armies, nations, individual units, and to communicate on the battlefield. Though the manner of their choosing, and their ranks varry wildly, one thing that was commonly a constant was that for a banner to fall signified disgrace and defeat.  With this set of Poses, your Goblinz Banner wavers can take the field in dramatic action poses along with their brothers in arms. This set contains 8 poses with and without Inverse Kinematics for the Goblinz:Troopz pack for use with the Banner.

• 8 Bannerman poses for the Goblinz: Troopz pack with and without Inverse Kinematics
• 2 face utility poses to tuck the ears under the helmet of the Goblinz: Troopz set.
• Banner positioning included in poses for 1 button loading

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