Figure Creation: Part Two

Figure Creation: Part Two
Created by : DarkEdgeDesign
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Released: 06-23-2011
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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Figure Creation: Part Two is a video tutorial that builds upon my popular Figure Creation series and goes over some of the finer and more technical aspects of creating figures to work inside of Poser. Setting your figure apart from the pack is what it's all about, and this tutorial helps you do just also get the figure too!
See a sample of the chapters below...

The first part of the tutorial goes over UV Mapping using one of the best programs out there, Headus UVLayout. I'll unwrap and smooth out the UV's for the legs, arms, head and body of our character. I'll cut and create UV seams along common edge flow loops and show you the in's and out's of some of the more common hot keys to use in your workflow.

Next well take our newly unwrapped character inside of Zbrush and use Spotlight to paint on our textures. Spotlight is by far one of the easiest and best texture creators on the market today. First I'll show you how to use the app and then you'll see me texture the figure as a whole.

Now we explore one of the newest tools inside of Poser called Dependent Parameters. This new tool allows us to use something similar to ERC (extended remote control) coding, but with way more control and you can see the results in real time. Once you get a grasp of working with the tool there is literally hundreds of different uses that you can use this for. We will be rigging a complex mech leg that moves, opens and closes by the positioning of the figures Shin bone.

For easy ERC (extended remote control) coding and manipulation we will use the program Easy Pose Underground. This program has been a staple of content creators for years and will continue to be so. I will rig up a Hand Grasp dial and customize the operation of each finger and thumb to open and close as a whole all at the same time. You'll see how I overcome some of the more common difficulties that will arise when rigging with ERC.

Finally we'll look at Posers Material room and creating textures inside of Photoshop. See how I prep my asset to retain it's hard edges and smooth roundness at the same time. I'll be creating diffuse, specular and bump maps inside of Photoshop and bringing those to work inside of Poser. You'll see how to manipulate and create these different maps inside of Photoshop and how you can customize each map to perform as you want it to. Then you'll see how to bring these into Poser and set up your nodes inside the material room.

Want to get an idea of what the tutorial will be about and it's pacing? Click the link below to be taken to a free video!

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