The Dude 2

The Dude 2
Created by : Tate , Netherworks
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Released: 02-20-2014
Poser Version: 9+
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This product requires Poser 9 or higher -- not suitable for use in other applications.


The Dude is Back ... and Better than Ever! It's all new in version 2...

Toony but realistic, The Dude is the perfect player for your virtual stage, whether you need a Roguish Renegade, Willful Warrior or Crooning Casanova. He's a real Star, Ready to Rock Out your Poser Renders!

The figure has been rebuilt from the ground-up to take advantage of the features and capabilities of the later editions of Poser.

No nickle-and-dime tactics, The Dude comes with everything to get you started, and more!

The Dude is fully weight-mapped with careful precision and rigged to perfection from head to toe. He is completely customizable with working scale dials (height, depth and width) and has a good range of movement and scaling master dials.

The Dude comes with a full range of morphs, including incredible face expressions and a buff bod, if you desire. Over 120 morphs are included among the 180+ dials already offered!

He comes loaded with a full outfit - pants, shirt and sneakers and a full, morphing hair prop.
For developers, a Dev Rig is included for assisting you in creating morphs, clothes or textures.
Give The Dude a whirl today and enjoy the latest release from Tate, Netherworks and Runtime DNA... You won't be disappointed!
  • High-Quality and Detailed Male Toon Figure.
    • Mesh Features:
      • 71,528 Polygons, 21 Material Groups - Logically distributed and contoured for morphing and bending ability!
      • Quality UV-Mapping with Low Distortion.
      • Material Zones are Number Organized by location.
    • Rigging Features:
      • Fully Weight-Mapped from Head-to Toe. Care paid to detail with good joint ranges if Figure Limits are set to On.
      • Inverse Kinematics (IK) in the Arms and Legs (off by default).
      • Working Scales are present in Most of the body parts, including Width, Depth and Height adjustments. Hands, Feet and Head and be wholly scaled up or down. Master dials are present in the Body for easier manipulation. This gives you ultimate control over the shape of the figure - short, tall, stocky or thin! Don't care for certain proportions? - Dial the figure your way!
      • Walk-Designer Ready!
    • Morphing and Parameter Features:
      • Over 180 Dials for Morphing, Scaling, Expressing and Moving The Dude 2!
      • Body Dials (52 in total):
        • Body Movement: Twist, Side-Side, Bend, Head Side-Side, Head Twist, Head Bend, Arms Front Back, Arms Twist, Arms Down, Arms Bend, Hands Twist, Hands Bend.
        • Base Scale: Head Size, Head Height, Head Width, Head Depth, Hands Size, Hands Length, Hands Width, Hands Depth, Feet Size, Feet Height, Feet Width, Feet Depth.
        • Torso Scale: Neck Length, Neck Width, NeckDepth, Chest Length, Chest Width, Chest Depth, Ab Length, Ab Width, Ab Depth, Hip Length, Hip Width, Hip Depth.
        • Arms Scale: Collars Length, Collars Width, Collars Depth, Shldrs Length, Shldrs Width, Shldrs Depth, Fores Length, Fores Width, Fores Depth.
        • Legs Scale: Thighs Length, Thighs Width, Thighs Depth, Shins Length, Shins Width, Shins Depth.
        • Body Shaping: Buff Dude.
      • Head Dials (130 in total):
        • Eye Controls: Eyes Side-Side, Eyes Up-Down, Pupils Dilate.
        • Brows: Brows Up, Brows Up Left, Brows Up Right, Brows Down, Brows Down Left, Brows Down Right, Brows Worry, Brows Worry Left, Brows Worry Right, Brows Angry, Brows Angry Left, Brows Angry Right, Brows Wrinkle, Brows Wrinkle Left, Brows Wrinkle Right, Brows Furrowed, Brows Furrowed Left, Brows Furrowed Right, Brows Corners Up, Brows Corners Up Left, Brows Corners Up Right, Brows Out.
        • Eyes: Eyes Blink, Eyes Blink Left, Eyes Blink Right, Eyes Wide, Eyes Wide Left, Eyes Wide Right, Eyes Top Lids Up, Eyes Top Lids Up Left, Eyes Top Lids Up Right, Eyes Bottom Lids Up, Eyes Bottom Lids Up Left, Eyes Bottom Lids Up Right, Eyes Droop, Eyes Droop Left, Eyes Droop Right, Eyes Angle.
        • Mouth: Mouth Open, Mouth Smile, Mouth Smile Open, Mouth Grin, Mouth Frown, Mouth Frown Open, Mouth Sneer, Mouth Sneer Left, Mouth Sneer Right, Mouth Wide, Mouth Pucker, Mouth Part Lips, Mouth Lip Upper Up, Mouth Lip Lower Down, Mouth Stretch, Mouth Stretch Left, Mouth Stretch Right, Mouth Corners Up, Mouth Corners Up Left, Mouth Corners Up Right, Mouth Corners Down, Mouth Corners Down Left, Mouth Corners Down Right, Mouth Corners Back, Mouth Corners Back Left, Mouth Corners Back Right, Mouth Angle, Mouth Thick Lips.
        • Mouth Talk: Mouth Speak, Mouth A, Mouth CH, Mouth E, Mouth L, Mouth M, Mouth O, Mouth SH, Mouth TH, Mouth U.
        • Face: Face Happy, Face Pleased, Face Angry, Face Disgust, Face Worry, Face Upset, Face Surprised, Face Sly, Face Shock, Face Rage, Face Evil, Face Distrust, Face Cry.
        • Head: Head Aged, Head Handsome, Head Zombie.
        • Lips: Lip Shape 1, Lip Shape 2, Lip Shape 3.
        • Ears: Ears Point, Ears Size, Ears Fatten.
        • Nose: Nose Wrinkle, Nose Wrinkle Left, Nose Wrinkle Right, Nose Nostrils Flare, Nose Wide, Nose Narrow, Nose Small, Nose Long, Nose Fatten, Nose Bulbous, Nose Angle, Nose Bridge Out, Nose Soften Bridge.
        • Tongue: Mouth Tongue Out, Mouth Tongue Up Down, Mouth Tongue Side Side.
        • Teeth: Teeth Front Back, Teeth Up Down, Teeth Upper Up Down, Teeth Upper Front Back, Teeth Lower Up Down, Teeth Lower Front Back, Teeth Fangs.
        • Chin Jaw: Cheeks In, Jaw Square, Jaw Size, Jaw Side Side, Chin Size, Chin Cleft.
    • Texture Features (included as Material Collection Files):
      • All Materials support Gamma Correction, Subsurface Scattering and Indirect Lighting.
      • Fully-Textured Head and Body Maps with Procedural Bump Mapping.
      • Four Skin Variations: Maps Only (As Basic as it Gets - for doing your own thing from scratch), NWS Vibrant SSS (Subsurface with Intelligent Saturation and Standard Shadowing), Realistic SSS (Pixar-Style with Standard Shadowing), Toon SSS (Softer Ethereal Style with Soft Shadowing).
      • Three Eye Variations: Blue, Brown, Green.
      • Three Hair Variations: Blonde, Brown, Red.
    • Extra Tools!
      • A tool for adding Scale Values to Props is included. Simply make sure the props are smart-propped to Suzy, do whatever scaling you'd like and double-click this tool (with Suzy selected).
      • A Development Rig is included for those seeking to create Morphs, Clothes, Skins and other add-ons!
    • Includes Fifteen Poses plus a Reset Pose.
    • Includes Eight Scaling Recipes plus a Reset Recipe. Recipes are simply Pre-Set Scaling Poses. Warlord, Elf, Feed Me, Midget, Shortie, Shortie Stocky, Thin and Realistic are offered - use these examples to design your own!
  • A Full Clothing Set is included!
    • Includes Pants with faded jeans texture, sleeveless Shirt, and black and white Sneakers.
    • All Clothing is Scaling-Ready!
    • All Clothing includes Body Morphs, where needed.
    • Clothing matches Morphs, Scales and End Points.
  • The Dude comes with Hair!
    • Hair Prop (hr2) includes morphs for Shaping and Movement.
  • Includes a comprehensive Quick-Guide PDF (readme) for using him.

  • Full-Featured, Weight-Mapped Figure with Enhanced Scaling.
  • Conforming Clothing Set.
  • Full Hair Prop.
  • Material Files and Tools.
  • It is recommended to use Gamma Correction, Subsurface Scattering and IDL with this package. Colm's IDL Studio or similar products are recommended. Recommended doesn't mean required
  • Professionally designed and ready to take advantage of advanced Poser 9+ features. In Poser 10+ Subdivision is supported but we recommend only using 1 SubD Level.
  • We also highly recommend that you have FUN using this figure and upload your renders to RDNA's Awesome Gallery!
  • Professionally designed and ready to take advantage of advanced Poser 9+ features. In Poser 10+, Subdivision is recommended to be set at 1 (at Render only is sufficient).
Thank you to Nightsong for all the hard work with the promotional renders!
The Dude 2 & SuzyQ 2 Created by: Tate & Netherwoks
The Dude 2 Created by: Tate & Netherwoks
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Sean Martin
Aug 19, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
OK, I think I have a serious love affair going with Dude 2. Not kidding. If he gets WW support from Phil, this guy might actually shove Ichiro1 to the side as my go-to mesh.

Man, where to start... Tate has hidden away so many features for this guy that I'm still finding them: head shapes, expressions, body morphs... it just doesnt stop. And when you start tinkering with the scaling as well (as I am seriously fond of doing), it just opens things up even more. RDNA has had some truly magical products come around in the last couple of years, but this one? Wow.

OK, got that off my chest... Now, can we get some support for this hottie? Please?
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