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Drustan for Notorious

Drustan for Notorious

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $9.95
Vendor: SpiritFoxy
Requires: M4; Notorious for M4 by Lady LittleFox
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"I smell the blood, I see how it shines oh, so sweetly. It taunts me with it's incredible smell, how I wish it could be mine. This blood of yours brings me pleasure, but is it lust for it or is it passion? Your blood runs warm over my hands, my sorrow for the creature that I am. When you awaken I will be there, your mine for eternity, I love you so. But beware of the blood, it will torment you so."

Drustan for Notorious is a complete texture set for the Notorious outfit. It has been optimized for Poser 6+ and Daz Studio with advanced Poser shaders and DAZ Studio specific material settings to achieve maximum results in Poser 6+, as well as Daz Studio. This set has a number of individual maps with specific settings for each piece specifically designed for bump; displacement; specular; highlight & ambient. These are designed to boost the realism and more utilize the functions of Poser 6+ and Daz Studio.

Product Includes:

Drustan for Notorious

01 Collar MAT pose
01 Cape MAT pose
01 Coat MAT pose
01 Gloves MAT pose
01 Vest MAT pose
01 Pants MAT pose
01 Boots MAT pose
01 Stud MAT pose


08 texture maps for Notorious Outfit
08 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps

08 P6+ Material MATs
08 MAT Pose files
08 Daz|Studio material files

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: yes
Zip Files: 1 (14 MB)
Date Added: Feb 5, 2011
SKU: SPR-027

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