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Dial Manager
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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~

Working on a new outfit or figure and tired of fumbling around with double-clicking every dial to set limits and dial names?

Would you like to easily see which dials are hidden, have the option of unhiding them or hide your own dials for a clean and professional Poser product?

Want an easy way to create expression poses, phonemes poses, poses that only affect other user-made groups of morphs and parameter dials? How about the ability to turn them into utility poses by adding scaling or rotation values? How about the choice of creating actual Expressions (.fc2) or Poses (.pz2)?

How would you like working with a clever Selection Templates system for figures and props that allows you to save your dial selection choices for use later when you want to create a set of expression poses for the head or body of your favorite figure?

How about personalizing your morph dials, adding your own text to the front or end of External and Internal Dial names? Or changing your mind and removing that text?

These features (and MORE!) are available via Netherworks' Dial Manager utility, a professional script that works right inside of Poser!  Don't turn down getting this great tool today... Just Turn it up, this script goes to Eleven!

Under Windows, it is recommended that you run Poser or Poser Pro with administrative privledges if you use this product, particularly if you've installed under Program Files.

  • Dial Manager features a two-panel display, showing the selected prop (or multiple body parts of a figure) on one side (the Parts List) and the list of dials for that prop or body part on the other (the Dials List)
    • As items in the scene are selected, the lists update automatically.  Changes made to dials via the script are shown in Poser automatically.
    • In the Dials List, hidden dials are marked with a visual indicator, an asterisk (*).
    • Limit-Locked dials can also be marked with a visual indicator via a script option.  They are marked with a plus (+).
    • Single Item Select Mode can also be activated.  This allows the script to update as body parts are selected via in-scene selection, the hierarchy editor or some 3rd party scripts.
  • It is easy to set up dials on a single body part (figure), prop, light, camera, deformer or grouping object (Poser 9 and higher for grouping objects).
    • The script can change the External Name of any selected dial.
    • The script can change the Internal Name of morphs and master parameters.
    • In the case of dial naming, it checks for duplicates.
    • It can set the Current, Minimum, Maximum and Sensitivity Value of multiple dials at once.
    • All of the above changes happen instantly when you press "Enter".
    • Multiple dials can be set to Hidden or Shown with one click.
    • Multiple dials can have their Limits Forced (or not) with one click.
    • Scale dials can be shown as either digits or percent.
    • The option to work with Origin and Offset dials.
  • Any figure, prop, light or camera can be selected quickly via the Scene Item Selection menu.  Smart props (including hair and deformers) also reveal their parents.
  • One or more dial values (Current, Minimum, Maximum and Sensitivity) can be copied then pasted to one or more dials, even to other objects or body parts.  A pop-up box allows you to select which values are copied.
  • A variety of Multiple Dial Naming functions can be applied.
    • Text can be added to the beginning or end of any number of selected dials, such as "JCM", "BLANK", "PBM" and similar descriptives.
    • Text can be removed from the beginning or end of any number of selected dials.
    • The naming functions can be performed on External or Internal Names.
    • Dial Manager uses a smart multiple naming system.  When adding, it skips any identical text in a multiple dial selection.  When removing, it only removes identical text.  For example, if "PBM" were to be added to a number of dials, any of the dials that already start with "PBM" are skipped.
  • Selection Templates can be assigned to any number of selected dials.  These templates can be saved and loaded at any time.  They are useful for automatically applying a selection to user-defined groups of dials, such as Phenomes and Expressions.
  • The Current Value of any number of selected dials can be Reset (props and figures only).
  • The Hidden or Shown state of any number of selected dials can be toggled.  Hidden Dials become Shown, Shown dials become Hidden.
  • The Forced Limits state of any number of selected dials can be toggled.  Forced Limits become unenforced.  Unenforced Limits become Forced.
  • Any dial selections can be saved as Expression (.fc2) or Pose (.pz2) files.  It writes the Current Values of those dials.
    • Saving expressions and poses works with nearly any type of dial from scales to morphs.
    • The last expression folder, expression name, pose folder and pose name are stored and remembered.
    • Saved files also generate a standard, non-rendered thumbnail by default.  This setting can be turned off.
    • It can optionally generate a 91x91 rendered thumbnail, using your current render settings.
  • Dials can be quickly refreshed in the script, when editing outside of the script or adding a dial (such as when a morph target is spawned).
  • The colors of nearly every part of Dial Manager can be customized, from text to background.  You can return to the default color scheme at any time.
  • The number of shown entries (and overall size) shown in the Dials and Parts Lists can be increased or decreased, from 4 to 32.
  • The script can be set to a docked or floating state and can easily fit into the Poser interface.
  • The position, size and state of Dials Manager are updated in real time.
  • The script features informative Tooltips, which can be turned on or off.
  • Full Documentation is included in PDF format.

  • Dial Manager Script
  • Support Scripts for opening ignore lists for editing.
  • Concise PDF Guide
  • When working with figures, only the dials of a singular body part can be edited or manipulated.  However, there are copy-paste and selection templates features that can help facilitate crossing body parts.
  • Standard Poser Internal Names are blocked from being changed (such as scale, xrot, ztran).  However, the name itself is viewable.
  • In the case of editing multiple dial values, they cannot be cross-edited if the dials belong to different dial "sets".  These values include Current, Minimum, Maximum and Sensitivity values.  "Sets" include: Scales, Rotations, Translations, and Morphs/Master Parameters.  For example, all of the scales (Scale, XScale, YScale, ZScale) can all be edited at once.  All the morphs and master parameters can be changed.  However, a combination of scales and morphs could not be changed because they have different fundamental value ranges.
  • Forced Limits detection only works properly if Use Limits is unchecked in Poser's Figure menu.
  • Changing the List Size requires a re-start of the script and WILL reset its location, size and state (clearly notated when the change dialog box is shown).
  • Color changes and General Settings are saved as they are changed.
  • Dial Manager cannot remove any dials.  However, the multiple naming feature can be used to mark dials (as a reminder) for removal in a 3rd party utility or your favorite text editor.
  • Some color options cannot be changed on the Mac platform, due to the enforcement of "Common Controls" on that platform.
  • The script works in Poser 8 or higher.  Yes, that includes Poser 9 and Pro 2012!
  • Poser 7 and lower are not supported do to lack of real-time updating and wxPython GUI support.
  • The script works in both Windows (XP and higher) and Mac (OSX 10.4 and higher)
- Suitable for use in Poser 8 through Poser 2014.
- Not compatible with DAZ Studio or Poser Debut.

- Tested on the PC platform (Windows Vista and 7). Should work fine on Mac.

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Jan 1, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This has to be one of the most useful utilities we own. Dial manager makes editing dials simple and hassle-free, and is a god-send when editing an item with a long list of morph dials. With the ability to set dial visibility as well, it streamlines the creation/editing process, leaving more time for making stuff. Result!

We fully recommend this utility for anyone editing any dials. As with all Netherworks scripts, it is clean, functional and so, so easy to use. Combined with Creators Toybox and Spawn 2014, this is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve the speed and efficiency of their creation process.

Top marks, and worth the cost many, many times over.
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