Decoration Fun 2

Decoration Fun 2
Released: 07-27-2011
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Requires: Any graphic program that can read psd files.
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This second Decoration Fun merchant resource package consists of 20 decorations in total from 5 patterns. They can be used for tubes, appliques on clothing textures for Poser kids, E-sigs, Tags and much more. These images were created using Paint Shop pro and my tole painting techniques, some from my original patterns. There are an assortment of different colours in each set to match any clothing textures you wish to use. All come in psd format with transparent background and can be used in any graphics program that can read psd.
What's included.

4 x Angel and stars
3 x Honey Bear
3 x Pencil Rag doll
6 x Bunny with soother
4 x Twin baby bears

Colours include:

Blue, Pink, Purple and Green for the Angel & stars
Yellow, blue and brown for the Honey bear.
Pencil Rag doll has red, green and purple dress.
Baby Bunny with soother are 3 brown bunnies and 3 grey bunnies with pink, blue and green overalls and soothers.
Twin baby bears are yellow with pink and blue
Yellow with purple and green clothes
Brown and blue bears with green and purple clothes
Purple and green bears with pink and blue clothes.

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