Dawn Expressions: Base

Dawn Expressions: Base
Created by : Nightsong
Released: 12-04-2013
Poser Version: 9+
Daz Studio: 4.5+
Zip Files 2 Zip Files (3Mb, 1.86Mb)
Requires: Dawn Base Figure
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In the heart of every living creature there is a tapestry being woven: a story that records each living breath, preserves history, and foretells the future.  Our fear when we witness a tragedy.  Our surprise when we feel a hurt.  Our boundless joy when we see something wonderful for the very first time.  These expressions define who and what we are, and they provide the building blocks for how we understand and communicate with the world around us.

Take a breath.

Hold it.

And exhale.  Breathe the depths of your own emotions into your characters.  Weave their story with your own hands.
Product Features:
  • There is -one- set of dials to use.
    • The included Master Parameter dials in Dawn's head move all necessary body parts. Turning one dial there may move the mesh in the head, jaw, or even the eyes!! There is no need to hunt down any extra dials to move!
  • Many morphs have left and right versions.
    • The human(oid) face is a wonderful, asymmetrical place, so left and right versions of many of these morphs were included.
  • Most morphs are double-sculpted.
    • What does this mean? This means that care was taken to make sure that nearly every morph works at values of both 1 and -1. In many cases this meant sculpting an all-new, opposing morph that the dial will use when dialed to -1.
For example: When setting "Brows_Up-Down" to 1, the brows will raise and folds will form above the eyebrows. When the dial is set to -1, the brows will move down and a different set of folds will be created below the brows. In this case, each movement is unique and not merely a mirror of the other.
  • All morphs take the eyelashes into account.
    • No matter how furrowed the brow becomes or how pinched the cheeks are, the large eyelashes move automatically out of the way.
  • "Fix-It" morphs are included.
    • Specialized morphs for smoothing the jaw seam, moving the teeth, and moving the large "vamp" lashes are included to help these expression morphs fit faces of -any- shape.
  • New controller morphs are included.
    • The new eye controller morphs (Eyes_Up-Down and Eyes_Side-Side) automatically move the lids to mimic real eye movements.
    • The new Mouth_Open-Close morph also triggers accompanying morph dials to pull the lips away from the teeth when dialed to 1, and compresses the closed lips when dialed to -1. Hint: Add Mouth_StretchDepth to stretch the corners of the mouth back and turn a normal open mouth into a scream!
    • The new Jaw_Side-Side morph both moves the jaw and morphs the lips of the face to accompany movements.

Expressions | 3rd Party | Nightsong
  • Controls
    • Eyes_Up-Down
    • Eyes_Side-Side

  • Brows
    • Forehead_Furrow_Up-Down
    • Brows_Up-Down
    • Brow-R_Up-Down
    • Brow-L_Up-Down
    • Brows_Inner_Up-Down
    • Brow-R_Inner_Up-Down
    • Brow-L_Inner_Up-Down
    • Brows Mid_Up-Down
    • Brow-R_Mid_Up-Down
    • Brow-L_Mid_Up-Down
    • Brows_Outer_Up-Down
    • Brow-R_Outer_Up-Down
    • Brow-L_Outer_Up-Down
    • Brows_Inner_Together-Apart
    • Brow-R_Inner_Together-Apart
    • Brow-L_Inner_Together-Apart
    • Brows_Inner_Depth
    • Brow-R_Inner_Depth
    • Brow-L_Inner_Depth

  • Eyes
    • Eyes_Corner_Wrinkle-Smooth
    • Eye-R_Corner_Wrinkle-Smooth
    • Eye-L_Corner_Wrinkle-Smooth
    • Eyelids_Top_Up-Down
    • Eyelid-R_Top_Up-Down
    • Eyelid-L_Top_Up-Down
    • Eyelids_Bottom_Up-Down
    • Eyelid-R_Bottom_Up-Down
    • Eyelid-L_Bottom_Up-Down
    • Eyelids_Bottom_Pinch-Puff
    • Eyelid-R_Bottom_Pinch-Puff
    • Eyelid-L_Bottom_Pinch-Puff

  • Nose
    • Sneer_Nose-Only
    • Sneer_R_Nose-Only
    • Sneer_L_Nose-Only
    • Nostrils_Flare-Flatten
    • Nose_Tip_Up-Down
    • Nose_Tip_Width
    • Nose_Slope_Down-Up
    • Nose_Depth
    • Nose_Side-Side
    • Nose_Crease-Smooth
    • Nose_Bridge_Wrinkle_In-Out
    • Nose_Bridge_Furrow-Pinched
    • Nose_Bridge_Depth

  • Cheeks
    • Cheeks_Pinched-Hollow
    • Cheek-R_Pinched-Hollow
    • Cheek-L_Pinched-Hollow
    • Cheeks_FillBalloon
    • Cheeks_Expand-Contract
    • Cheek-R_Expand-Contract
    • Cheek-L_Expand-Contract
    • Cheeks_Crease_In-Out
    • Cheek-R_Crease_In-Out
    • Cheek-L_Crease_In-Out

  • Mouth
    • Sneer
    • Sneer_R
    • Sneer_L
    • Sneer_Lips-Only
    • Sneer_R_Lips-Only
    • Sneer_L_Lips-Only
    • Smile
    • Smile_R
    • Smile_L
    • Smile_Wide
    • Smile_Wide_R
    • Smile_Wide_L
    • Smile_Open
    • Smile_Complex
    • Frown_01
    • Frown_01_R
    • Frown_01_L
    • Frown_02
    • Frown_02_R
    • Frown_03_L
    • Mouth_Shhh
    • Mouth_Pucker
    • Mouth_HoldBreath
    • Mouth_StretchDepth
    • Mouth_Side-Side
    • Mouth_Narrow-Wide
    • Mouth-R_Narrow-Wide
    • Mouth-L_Narrow-Wide
    • Mouth_Raise-Lower
    • Mouth_Corner_Up-Down
    • Mouth-R_Corner_Up-Down
    • Mouth-L_Corner_Up-Down
    • Mouth_Open-Close
    • Lips_Parted-Pressed
    • Lips_Parted_Small
    • Mouth_Corner_Pinch-Expand
    • Mouth-R_Corner_Pinch-Expand
    • Mouth-L_Corner_Pinch-Expand
    • Lips_Top_Up-Down
    • Lip-R_Top_Up-Down
    • Lip-L_Top_Up-Down
    • Lips_Top_In-Out
    • Lip-R_Top_In-Out
    • Lip-L_Top_In-Out
    • Lips_Top_OuterHeight
    • Lips_Top_CenterHeight
    • Lips_Top_Inside_Up-Down
    • Lip-R_Top_Inside_Up-Down
    • Lip-L_Top_Inside_Up-Down
    • Lips_Top_Ridged-Soft
    • Lips_Bite
    • Lip-R_Bite
    • Lip-L_Bite
    • Lips_Bottom_Up-Down
    • Lip-R_Bottom_Up-Down
    • Lip-L_Bottom_Up-Down
    • Lips_Bottom_In-Out
    • Lip-R_Bottom_In-Out
    • Lip-L_Bottom_In-Out
    • Lips_Bottom_CenterHeight
    • Lips_Bottom_Ridged-Flat

  • Lower Face
    • Jaw_Side-Side
    • LowerFace_Forward-Back
    • Chin_Height
    • Chin-Depth

  • Fix-It Morphs
    • Jaw_Seam_Smooth
    • VampLash_Hide
    • VampLash_Top_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-R_Top_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-L_Top_Forward-Back
    • VampLash_InnerTop_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-R_InnerTop_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-L_InnerTop_Forward-Back
    • VampLash_OuterTop_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-R_OuterTop_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-L_OuterTop_Forward-Back
    • VampLash_Bottom_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-R_Bottom_Forward-Back
    • VampLash-L_Bottom_Forward-Back
    • VampLash_Top_Arched
    • VampLash-R_Top_Arched
    • VampLash-L_Top_Arched
    • Teeth_Upper_Side-Side
    • Teeth_Upper_Forward-Back
    • Teeth_Lower_Side-Side
    • Teeth_Lower_Forward-Back
In Poser these files are sorted as shown above. In DAZ Studio they are in the same groups but sorted alphabetically.

Too many dials? Not sure which ones to use? Try one of these preset packages to help you get the most out of your morph dials!

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Volume 1
Smiles Anger Sadness

This product includes:
  • Poser 9+
    • One PZ2 Injection file to inject the expression morphs into Dawn.
  • DAZ Studio 4.5+
    • One set of files that automatically loads the expression morphs when Dawn is loaded.
The Poser and DAZ Studio installers are included as separate Zips, so that you only have to load those morphs that you want to use.


It is highly recommended that you enable at least one level of SubDivision Surfaces (SubD) when using these morphs.  These morphs push Dawn's mesh to the limit and you will get more desirable results (especially when mixing morphs) when SubD is enabled.  Please consult your program documentation (or the appropriate discussion area in the RuntimeDNA forums) for how to utilize these features.

From the author:
The reason why I have not used Dawn as much as I want to is because I felt she was missing some essential things. So, I made them myself, with every ounce of care that I could.  It took a lot of research and trial and error, but I hope that you find these tools as useful as I do.

Happy Rendering!
Mary Williams a.k.a. Nightsong


Promo Image Credits:
Promo 1:  Desir Hair, 3D Candy Apple.
Promo 2: Rapsody Hair, Victorian Innocence Collection.
Promo 3:  Eternal Kyra Hair, CowGirl 3, Fashionable for CG3.
Promo 4: Keryka Hair, Victorian Innocence Collection, Golden Drops.
Promo 5: Caleb Hair.
Promo 6: Amphitrite Hair, Surreal Amphitrite, School Girl 3, Essentials for SG3.
Promo 7: Gia Hair, Lemonade with AMP.

- Pretty Dawn and Pretty Dawn 2 poses used throughout.
- Render Studio and IDL Studio for lights. 
- All figures rendered in Poser Pro 2014. 
- All clothing used in promos was converted to Dawn using Crossdresser 4.0.
- All hair used in promos was refit to Dawn manually or else already made to fit her.


Notes for Use:
 - It is recommended that both Poser and DAZ Studio users turn off "Limits" before using these morphs, as they may cause the eyes and jaw to move beyond their native rotation values.

All morphs were modeled in Modo 701 and imported to Poser Pro 2014 via Morph Imp.  Morphs were split inside of Poser and then 493 partial morphs were combined and keyed to 142 Master Parameter dials.  The completed morph dials were then imported into DS 4.5.
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