Dark Passion Bundle

Dark Passion Bundle
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Released: 05-02-2011
Poser Version: Poser 7+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
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Requires: V4, M4, Morphs++, Muscles
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Chalitera - a beautiful and mysterious Woman of Dark Beauty .Her sparkling  eyes enchant you on sight , and her mind is to abuse your soul.Be aware , there is no way back, no escape out of her hands as soon she holds you ..a passion of darkness...

Chailleth  - Protector of Chalitera and assassin in his own matters.A master of the quick blade , and a unseen shadow in the night.keep your eyes open when the darkness falls , stranger  and hide if you hear a unknown sound ...a passion of darkness.


Drow or Dark Elves as some call them are a subset of elves who primarily live in the Underdark. The majority of what is known about drow come from records kept by surviving prisoners and slaves, as well as information gathered from their constant conflicts with the surface. What is known for a fact is that most drowish worship Searith as their racial mother and goddess. However worship of other gods is not unheard of, especially Sahn or Dearuhk. Drow are often regarded as destructive raiders among common folk, which is why when a house of drow makes itself known near by it is often met with hostility. There are exceptions however, some houses have historically made alliances with other political bodies and gained a hint of legitimacy on the surface, though these houses are generally looked down upon by both humans and other drow.

Drow as a general rule have one of two mindsets; dominant as often held by females and submissive as often held by males. Dominant types tend to be the power hungry nobles and leaders of each house, or those who plot their demise. On the other side of the spectrum, submissive drow are the scheming servants, warriors, and guards who're looking for any excuse to betray their leader or one another. Loyalty is unheard of and even exploited as a weakness. The ultimate drive behind a drow's personality is the fear and paranoia that are naturally instilled in them and nurtured by the turmoil of political life in the Underdark. Drowish culture also tends to foster extreme racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, and even in some houses a form of eugenics. However there are known exceptions to the rules above, but they are few and far between and most certainly demonized by their kin.

The drow are fastidiously xenophobic, they are known for enslaving, torturing, or killing members from any other race. As a result all races tend to despise the drow to the point of hostility. Among most human settlements they are 'Kill on Sight', and sometimes there's even a monetary reward for bringing in their ear, head, or scalp. The elves tend to also kill their darker cousins on sight, however there are some elves who would try to capture them and interrogate them for information instead. Orcs have a similar policy to humans, in that they kill any drow they see on sight. In short, there few if any races who don't have hostile relations towards the drow. Drow are even hostile towards one another, as House Wars are waged non-stop in the shadows of Underdark society.

Most drow tend to worship Searith as the mother of their race, and the corrupter of all things. Her cults are widespread, and all have a High Priestess to whom they pay ultimate recognition to. Religion plays a big part in the political scape of the Underdark, High Priestess often become Matriarchs in their own right, and some decide the tides of House wars with a single judgment. However there are a number of drow who worship other gods, usually Dearuhk or Sahn, and there are some who worship no god at all. Searithian drow tend to view these others with contempt and try to exterminate them when possible.
High quality character, realistic textures.

Everything is designed to make use of it in easiest possible way.

Detailed Self-Explaining Thumbs.

Bodymorphs INJ.pz2
Bodymorphs REM.pz2
51 - MatPoses
30 - Textures


Chailleth Body INJ.pz2
Chailleth Body REM.pz2
Chailleth Ears-INJ.pz2
Chailleth Ears-REM.pz2
Chailleth HeadMorph-INJ.pz2
Chailleth HeadMorph-REM.pz2
34 - Mat Poses
30 - Textures

Base INJ ( Body Morph )
Morph++( Body Morph )
In Daz Studio textures may need to be adjusted manually.
hair used in promos Deja vu hair by fabiana  - Renderosity


Morphs++ ( for Body Morph )
Muscles ( For Body Morph )
Hair used in promos are Lucien Hair by Littlefox  -RDNA
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