Dark Mage for V3

Dark Mage for V3
Created by : LittleFox
SKU: LF-006
Released: 10-26-2004
Poser Version: P4 +
Daz Studio: Not tested in Daz Studio
Requires: V3
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Within the shadows of reality, there is a world ruled not by technology or even logic, but by pure imagination
harnessed by will. A land where magic is as real as life itself, as shapeable as clay to those who learn its secrets.
Into this world of Knights and Wizards, order has been established. Households of magical thought, theory, and
even religion have formed. Mystical Ritual blends with bloodlines until the difference between apprentice
and daughter blurs into nothingness. Blood is that through which they can trace their power back to
the source itself. A mark of pride... A mark of power... A mark of price.

With power so great and so pure, one of every generation is marked as the ArchMage. She is the mother of the clan,
the ruler of the theocracy, the avatar of the great power of the order.

Each order believes that its lineage is the truest personification of Reality's Shadow, their power the purest use of the
sacred substance of Magic. No one order has yet been able to prove the superiority of their convictions,
but perhaps the age of Enlightenment is due within the Shadow Realm. Perhaps it is time for the
Shadow Magic itself to be born. Who will claim this ultimate power for themselves? There are few that can rival
the true ruthless tenacity of the Dark Magic users in their pursuit of this glory. Their claim of being the only
true children of the Shadow has merit. After all, Shadow will ever spawn Darkness, their relationship is obvious.

Their use of the sacred power is one of warfare, to bring an advantage to the battlefront that few can match and
fewer still can defend against. They use as their weapon the darkness of both the mind and heart, terrors made real
and pain made master. The Dark Order holds the power of fear over the men of the realm, but they
do not hold its hearts or its loyalty. If they are to claim the title of the Shadow Order, they will need more.

Your introduction to this political and theological firefight is one of the most overtly powerful of the Shadow Realm,
the ArchMages. Youthful and deadly, ArchMage of the Dark Order, Istha has locked herself away from life
outside the confines of her order to study the dark magics without the pollution of other schools of thought.

She is able to trace her bloodline back through nearly every ArchMage of the Dark Order, there was no question when
her power came upon her that she would be this generation's Avatar of Darkness. Not 'evil' truly, or even
Machiavellian, Istha is often mistaken for such by outsiders. The truth is she is simply ruthlessly utilitarian, a
quality that makes her an excellent tactician, but not charismatic.

Can she be the one who will lead her warrior order into a new era... to the new title of 'Masters of the Shadow'?

*Note from the Creator* The clothing is for sale here, not the story! Fan and Fun is fine. Write yourself silly with my
blessing if you're just doing it to share and create, but NO PUBLISHING using The Shadow Realm Theme!!! I've
worked very hard on it. If you want to be a published author, make your own theme!!
The Chain links are individually modeled, not Transmapped.
The Crest is also completely modeled rather than Transmapped.
The Veils hanging from the crest are completely poseable and has extra movement dials included.
The Gown is both conforming to leg movements as well as using additional dials for a total of 14 movement
zones... that's 42 morphs for skirt positioning alone.
The cross on the chest of the gown is separately modeled so that it can be transmaped out completely for an
entirely different look. Trans MAT included.
The Chain has exactly the same movement zones that the gown does for added mobility and posability.
The Gown and Chain are fitted for BreastsGone, Breast Sizes 1-8, Barbarian 1&2, Young, Pinup, Buxom, Faerie,
Voluptuous, WaistNarrow, HipNarrow, and HipsSmall.
The Hair has 25 individual joints in the braid alone, with EasyPose already installed. Plus Morphs for adjusting the
strands to the front.
UVMap of Hair is laid out Straight for easy texturing
Dark Braid
Dark Gown
Dark Chain
Dark Crest
Dark Glasses
4 different complete sets with MATs for P4, PP and P5 use
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