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Darcassian is, was and will always be a labor of love to all those who collect and use aliens which inhabit the poserverse. The idea and shape of Darcassian came from the creative mind of Michael Talada and with his permission will continue to see life and be adored.
Some of the deepest secrets held throughout history can be treasures if you only open your mind to the possibility. The Darassians were a strong and daring race on a very stable planet far out in the universe. They were able to populate many worlds but few remembered their very first off world planetary adventure. It was a green gem of a planet with blue swirls. Everyone was excited when the Captain of the ship announced. "It has everything we need!" The group of 700 colonists set up their first little camps on several of the land masses. Hoping to meet deadlines of 20 cycles in order to be ready for the 5 ships which would be there to take their place. The cycles went by slowly, the building even slower until the faithful day in which more of their brethren would arrive. On each landmass, a crude platform had been erected in order for the ships to bring supplies and new people as well as to take those who worked so hard back home. Day went into night, and back into day, no ship came. After many days and nights, the little groups gave up and made their way back to their base units. Years and years would go by before the groups said "No more!" We will not support the governmental standings in place. We will not continue to be servants under one central female leader. It would take generations before a new order of things would finally take place and both the male and female kind would get along in harmony and even attempting to set out into space to explore another blue green marble mapped way out on the other side of the universe. They are coming here....
Two character files: the stock male figure, and a female figure created by way of morphs and a slightly different material. The male does contain all the same morphs, though,
The morphed female was saved for ease of use.
Each antenna is set up with EasyPose technology. The base node is the antenna base (which itself isn't intended to be moved, it merely serves as the control node for the EasyPose system).
The Darcassian's head includes morphs for a greater control of his emotions then ever before. These include:
  • Head Shape (7)
  • Chin (3)
  • Eyes (59)
  • Mouth (56)
  • Tongue (6)
Mesh Files:
  • 1 base mesh file (obj and mtl)
  • 1 gun mesh file (obj and mtl)
  • 1 goggles mesh file (obj and mtl)
  • 1 Left boot mesh file (obj and mtl)
  • 1 Right boot mesh file (obj and mtl)
  • 1 Female (cr2, pmd, and png)
  • 1 Male (cr2, pmd, and png)
MAT Pose files
  • 1 Male Default Mat (png and pz2)
  • 1 Female Default Mat (png and pz2)
  • 12 extra Female clothing Mat files (png and pz2)
  • 12 extra Male Clothing Mat files (png and pz2)
Pose Files:
  • 1 Default Pose file (png, pz2)
  • 19 different Pose files (png, pz2)
  • 1 hand and gun pose file (hd2, png)
Prop Files:
  • 1 Goggles Parented (pmd, png, and pp2)
  • 1 Goggles Static (png, pp2)
  • 1 Gun Parented (png, and pp2)
  • 1 Gun Static (png, and pp2)
Texture Files:
  • 8 base skin file (jpg)
  • 40 clothing files (jpg)
  • 1 Googles file (jpg)
  • 2 Gun files (jpg)

  • 4 Darcassian Template files (bmp)
  • 2 Boot Template files (bmp)
  • 1 Goggles Template file (bmp)
  • 1 Gun Template file (bmp)

Pot Belly is now a slaved Morph spanning both the Abdomen and Hip.

Additional Notes:
Mesh Re-work Hexagon
Rigging Poser 2010
UV Mapped in UVLayOut and UVMapper
Textures done in BlackSmith 3D
Renders produced in Poser 2010 and Poser 2012
Main Image: Arrival (or When departure doesn't come)
RocketBike - Coming soon free item
TerraDomeStormy Sunset by Colm
Darcassian by Aine
Grass TransPond Dark Lord Realm by Traveler
Armory Rock Stairs by Andi3D
2nd to last Image: Life as we knew it (one rule)
TerraDome (lights only) by Colm
Transpond Modular Arhitecture Vol 4 by Judith
Darcassian by Aine
RDNA Egyptine Peacock Feather Fans by Traveler
Props Pack - Overstuffed LoveSeat by Traveler
First Image: Darc Hug
TerraDome (Blue clouded sky) by Colm
Darcassian by Aine
Gardens Vol1 Rose by Traveler
Garden Escape by ARTCollaborations
TransPond Forest Ruins by Traveler
Grasslands2 by Traveler
Grasslands3 by Traveler
Modualz Flora Cattails by Traveler
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