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Dakota Toon-Up for Cookie!

Dakota Toon-Up for Cookie!

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $17.95
Vendor: LittleFoxCapsces
Requires: Cookie
Gift To:


Sale Ends May 10, 2009

"The original purpose of Cookie was to act as an avatar, making a Toon version of your favorite people, to add a smile and a bit of childish humor to adult things. With this in mind, Lady Littlefox and Capsces have joined forces to recreate the outfit 'Dakota'. But not simply resizing it and rejointing it, no this is a complete re-working of the original concept into a toon feel. Smoother lines, softer details, an eye for the style of 'doll-like' rather than realistic, Cookie steps up beside her realistic inspiration and gives that touch of humor that should be with the re-imagining of a beloved design."


Designed to resemble the original Dakota, Dakota Toon-up's high res textures are made with careful attention to Cartoon Style.
Thick Bangs and Ponytail fit together with original Cookie Hair, creating new mix and match possiblities.
Waistlet and Feather Hair Piece are jointed to allow for motion in the bead strands and feathers.
AutoConforming Full Body Morph Support!

Product Includes:

Haltertop (cr2 and obj)
Concho Studded Pants (cr2 and obj)
Waistlet Belt (cr2 and obj)
Western Boots (cr2 and obj)
Clawed Necklace (cr2 and obj)
Bead Bracelt (cr2 and obj)
Leather Bracer (cr2 and obj)
Bead Armlet (cr2 and obj)
Leather Armlet (cr2 and obj)
Feathered Hairpiece (cr2 and obj)
Thick Bangs (cr2 and obj)
Bunned Ponytail (cr2 and obj)
Cookie Long Hair CR2 Update to work with Dakota Hair Pieces (CR2 ONLY)
Cookie Short Flared Hair CR2 Update to work with Dakota Hair Pieces (CR2 ONLY)

Additional Notes:

Dakota A3 and Dakota Toon's textures are NOT cross compatible.
All items mapped with UV Layout from

Product Details:

Poser Version: 4, PP, 5, 6, 7
Daz Studio: 1.7
Date Added: Apr 15, 2009
SKU: LC-012

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