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A lovely day it was today. Lightest of breezes brought the first signs of fall, as the temperature which had been so high for so long, had finally broke. It wasn't a cold breeze, but enough of a change to where one knew soon, very soon, they would be watching the first few flakes of snow. The breeze, this breeze, was different for it carried one more thing with it. So tiny in fact no one even noticed other than to shiver once, as they stepped out of doors. Yes, this was a lovely day, and the shiver which each person had felt wasn't cold, even if they thought it might be. No, this shiver was the effect of a sprite which crossed their path, if only for a moment. Only for the tiniest of a minute split of a second as if looking or searching for something. Not finding, the sprite quickly moved on to the next, then the next until it had touched each and every person in the whole town. The sprite was not discouraged for there were many things to test, and not just people alone.

Following the current of the breeze brought the sprite to the edge of town.
Like many towns, this one held pride in its cemetery. Well kept fences of metal spikes in a scalloped design atop and sturdy brick base, with evenly spaced brick pikes capped each with a cherub of its own. An extra large double gate made of the same metal spikes, with wheels on the edges to help support the weight. Fences in place not to keep in what it contained, but to keep the wildlife out and safe from ingesting something it ought not. Gates locked at night to keep down vandals. Neither gates nor fence stopped the breeze or the tiny sprite which touch a metal spike on passing and as if to return the greeting, the metal resounded in a harmonic reply. The breeze slowed a bit as if listening to the spike's cord, then picked up its pace kicking leaves before it. The sprite grabbed one of these leaves whisking it high into the air, and then zipped close to the ground, only to bring it high again before letting it go.

"No time for games," the sprite thought, "Not right now." The sprite slipped back down into the breeze, setting again to task. Passing through a stone, the stone shivered. The sprite stopped, called back the breeze. They waited, and then it happened again. The stone Shivered once more. The sprite moved closer to the little head stone and said, "Hello, what is your name?" She noted it yet again shivered. "It is okay, don't be shy. You can speak if you try."

Sounds bellowed of heavy stone moving, and echoed in the still air. At first, there seemed to be no movement from the stone even with the sounds. It was like the sounds came from everywhere then focused to here. A small change, more like a bulge, then the face began to form. The sounds changed and now much like that of stone against heavy stone and the face, keystone in shape, began to turn. Turn and with the face turning so followed the rest of the stone's body. All moved, but the base, which stood firm. "Oh hello!" the little stone said, "My name is Crith. I have been sitting here so long without even one to talk to me. Would it be unkind to ask why I can so speak?"

The sprite giggled then replied, "Well, Crith. Task be given this All Hollow's Eve, if you feel up to the taking. Much to do, many to see; I'll make sure the breeze will point the way to thee. Tasks such as speech hold not the scheme, but in your heart truth deep is a dream. So and done, my gift to you; while my bidding away you beam."

With her last words, the breeze, which had chilled and strengthened with the waiting; headed back in the direction of the town. Strong cold, and in its coming something very wicked indeed it would bring.
Head contains:
  •  4 eye chains
  • 10 Expressions (including A, E, F, M, O, L, T)
  • 36 Brow morphs (including 12 each right and left)
  • 4 Chin morphs
  • 24 Eye morphs (including 8 each right and left)
  • 43 Mouth morphs (including 11 each right and left)
  • 36 Teeth morphs (including 12 each right and left)
  • 6 Tongue morphs
  • 1 each Pupil Dilate dials for Left and Right Eye
  • 12 each Mat Pose Files for DS and Poser
  • 22 Pose files

Crith comes with:
  •  1 each Object and MTL file
  •  5 Template files (.bmp) 
  •  1 each .cr2, .pmd and .png
  •  6 MAT Poses for Eyes(.pz2 and .png)
  •  6 DS Mat Pose for Eyes (.ds and .ds.png)
  •  6 MAT Poses for Granite (.pz2 and .png)
  •  6 Mat Poses for Granite (mds and .ds.png)
  • 15 Texture files (.jpg)
  • 11 Pose files (Plus 10 null morph poses)
  •  1 Default Pose
Main, 3rd-6th Promotional images are composite layer -- renders without touch-up post work.
2nd image is a straight render done without adding layers or post work.
UVs done in both UVLayout and UVMapper
Chain rigging done with Easy Pose
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