Creator's ToyBox

Creator's ToyBox
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 07-22-2014
Poser Version: Poser 9+
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Creator's ToyBox is a Merchant Resource and a powerful aide for anyone that enjoys creating Poser content!

Let the Creator's ToyBox be your Content Creation Assistant!  Correct and optimize files for distribution, freshing up old content or even converting DSON content to work natively in Poser!  Breeze through PMD Morph Injection creation and create a Development version of any figure for morph and clothing purposes.  Make lists of your work for insertion in a readme or create inventories of anything on your harddrive, with customized output features.  Manage Addons, Scale OBJ Files and much more!  Spend more time enjoying your passion for content creation and less time correcting and hacking up Poser files.

Updated to Version 1.10!  Compression Support, Explicit Positioning, Favorite Folders for Optimizer, Better Integration into Poser and much more!

Creator's ToyBox is a suite of 5 tools for assisting you in your creative Poser work:
  • Optimize Poser files for distribution, correcting common issues and applying performance tweaks.*
  • Clean and Repair OBJ files exported from Poser - Remove redundancies and dependencies, fix numbered groups and materials... and more.
  • Apply Specialized Tweaks, such as conversion of DSON items saved to the Poser Library **, Adding Simple Hand and Foot IK, Setting Default Display Style and Render Properties.
  • Create Custom Lists for your products, freebies or nearly anything else on your harddrive.
  • Easily Scale OBJs up or down in (world) size for use in other software.
  • Quickly create PMD Injection Poses for Figures, including INJ and REM poses, companion dial settings, dial groups and dial hiding poses.***
  • Manage Poser's Addons easily, turning them on or off as needed.****
  • All Core Tools are accessed via the Scripts Menu or a custom Pop-up Menu in Poser's Python Scripts Palette.  Palette Pop-Up acts like an extension to the Scripts Palette.

**- Perfect conversion of Genesis and DSON items is not guaranteed.  However, tutorials are included. Requires DSON for Poser in working order. DAZ Studio 4.6 installed and working is required for exporting figures with alternative UVs.
*** - Creates PMD files and their injections from a selected Figure in the scene.  Intended to be used with "Blank" or "Dev" Figures and your own custom morphs.  Does not support old Community Channels/Slots.  Does not support EXP.  Does not generate MOR files.  You are in control of all the options.
**** - Disabling or Enabling Addons requires a restart of Poser.

If your copy of Poser or Poser Pro is installed in Program Files (Windows OS) or otherwise protected by sandboxing software, you will need to run Poser/Poser Pro with Administrator privledges in order for most of these tools to work.

Software: Poser 9 or higher (ONLY)
OS: Windows XP or higher / Mac OSX 10.5 or higher.


  • ToyBox Control
    • Conveniently Launch the Tools from a specially designed launcher that feels like an extension of the Python Scripts Palette.
    • Works as a Customizable "Toy Box" where you can add your favorite scripts, such as Scene Toy 2014, MATWriter Panel 2014, and fine tools by other authors.
      • Right-Click anywhere in the ToyBox to Add Toys, Remove Toys or Rename Toys.
      • You can also Specify the Number of Entries per Page.  Scripts in the ToyBox that exceed this number will allow you to page over to see more entries.
      • Set it to Pop-up at the Mouse Cursor (default) or use Remember Position to explicitly define where it pops up.
  • Addon Manager Tool
    • Enable or Disable Addons, no muss and no fuss with this easy-to-use application.
    • Poser must be restarted when changing the state of Addons.
  • File Optimizer
    • Powerful and Robust application for Optimizing, Tweaking and adding Special Features to your Poser files.
      • Designed for single content Poser files, meaning a single figure, prop and so on in a cr2 or pp2.  However, it works with most compound files such as figures with props attached, figures with figures attached, multi-prop files and scene files.
      • Fully supports Compressed Poser Files.
      • Visual cues are shown in the Status area when working on files.
    • Intended to be used as you go, with Quick Shortcuts to Poser Folders, using the currently displayed Runtime.
      • Tool remembers the folders you Last Used, across folders and across Runtimes!
      • Support for reading the current Runtime of Shaderworks' Library Manager 2.
      • Convenient List of Recently Used Folders.
      • Favorite Folder feature, with up to 250 entries.
      • Can work across Multiple Files in a single folder.
    • Options are Divided into Sections for Ease of Use.
      • General Options for working with all Poser files.  Set Version Number, Fix Path References, Simplify Paths, Correct Number References, Fix Forced Rotation Limits, Remove Control Props, Remove Invalid Materials, Compact Morph Deltas and Remove Sidecar XMP files.
      • Geometries Options for working with OBJ files that are referenced in Poser files.  Fix the OBJ Location (so that the obj is in the Geometries folders), Fix Embedded Geometry (by extracting it or pointing it to an existing file), Enforce Unique Naming (so that ob files are uniquely named) and Process objs with the Object File options (below).
      • Clothing Options for Removing IK, Removing Min and Max Limits, Fixing 180 Blowout and Enforcing Conform Features (mostly for auto matching features in Poser 9 and higher).
      • Object Files Options for Removing Normals, Fixing Numbered Groups and Materials. Removing Comments and Extraneous data, Removing the mtl file Dependency and Compacting Vertice and Texture Coordinates.
      • Special Options for adding neat touches to your Poser files.  Add Hand and Foot IK with ease, Setting the Default Display Style and Render Settings, Exposing Scale Dials and Setting a Standard Dial Sensitivity.
        • Also includes the ability to Clean and Optimize DSON content saved to the Poser Library, making it work just like Native Poser content, with no DSON dependency.
        • Cleaning Saved DSON Content also Optimizes content exported from DAZ Studio as a cr2 for Poser.
        • Genesis and Genesis 2 figures, clothing, accessories and hair can be easily converted.  You will need the DSON Addon installed in Poser and properly working.  In order to do the same for Genesis or Genesis 2 Sculpts that have alternate UVs, you need to have DAZ Studio 4.6 (or higher) installed and properly working.
      • Easily Load and Save Presets for all of the Options.
    • Sequentially Numbered Backups are created for all Optimized content so you never lose your original files.
      • Whole Folders of Backups can be Removed or Browsed as you need.
      • Utilities section included for explicitly working with Backups, Compressing or Uncompressing specific files and much more.
  • Mister Lister
    • Create Custom Lists for your Products, Freebies and anything on your harddrive.
    • Customize the Header, Folder and File listing Style with your own personal touches!
      • Save your Customizations as Presets that can be Loaded at any time.
    • Copy any List to the Clipboard or View as an External Text File.
      • Open any previously created List at any time.
    • The tool automatically Stores the last 10 Recently Used folders.
    • You can save and recall up to 25 Favorite folders.
  • OBJ Scale Toy
    • Scale any obj file Up or Down quickly for use in 3rd party applications.  You can enter whatever multiplier you need.
    • You can quickly copy the Source name to the Destination name for saving scaled obj files.
    • Stores the last 10 folders for both the Input and Output sources.
  • PMD Pose Express
    • Easily create PMD Injection Poses using Development versions of figures (also called a Blank figure).
      • Be aware that this creates Injection and Removal poses in PMD format only.  It does not work with Community Channels, EXP or MOR files that are solely dial setting files.
    • Define the Location of Support poses and Injection/Removal poses.
    • Your choice of creating Dial Settings, Dial Groups, Dial Hiding, Injection and Removal pose files.  Character creators can also apply a Material pose.
    • Collective choices are saved as Project files and saved automatically.  You can Load Project files at any time.
    • Quickly create a Blank Figure for any Poser figure, suitable for Custom Morph and Clothing creation!
  • Illustrated 44 page PDF Guide that covers all tools and their features and includes tutorials for using Optimizer to make conversions of DSON for Poser content.



  • Suite of 5 tools for facilitating Content Creators, Freebie Makers and Poser Enthusiasts!
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
  • Tested with a wide variety of Figures, Props and other types of Poser content.  Tested with various types of DSON products saved to the Poser Library as well as cr2 files exported from DAZ Studio.
  • Conversion of DSON items to native Poser content requires DSON for Poser installed and in working order.  Conversion of Genesis figures with an alternate UV set requires DAZ Studio 4.6 to be installed and in working order for Poser Cr2 Export.
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Jan 3, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
At first I thought this utility would only be useful for content creators (and I'm not). But I bought it anyway. Now that I've had a chance to delve into some of what it does, I can't believe I didn't get it the moment it was released. There are all kinds of goodies.

Recently, I had a problem with invisible figures -- from loading incorrect geometry because of generic obj names. Imagine my surprise when I found that this script fixes that! It also copies, moves, and extracts geometry from imported obj's and saved props.

It does many other things that I haven't used yet -- but probably will. From my view, this utility is like a gift bag of solutions before I even know I had problems, so when they crop up, I've got the answers already.

And the conversion of DSON imported content to native Poser has so far worked like a dream for me. If that's all it did, it would be worth the price.
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Mortem Vetus
Nov 8, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Once again, Netherworks has produced a top quality utility that simplifies and streamlines the creation process and best of all means there's no coding involved, which is a godsend to some-one who hates coding as much as I do. A fantastic product that is worth every cent of the price, many times over. -Andrew(Half of Mortem Vetus)
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Traci Ryan
Aug 13, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great, great, great stuff. I haven't used everything yet, but a great time saver with clean rigging from the blank figures, materials with all the "testing" cleaned up, file lists to make your life easy! Impressive and fun tools.
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