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Runtime DNA's Copyright Policy

Please notify Runtime DNA Inc immediately at this email address: copyright@runtimedna.com of any suspected copyright violation.


Runtime DNA respects the Intellectual Property rights of any party. We require all Runtime DNA brokers and future brokers and members of the Runtime DNA community to respect in total the intellectual property of others. The members and brokers of Runtime DNA Inc, not Runtime DNA Inc, remain the sole copyright owners of any and all material including all digital content, software, images and text provided to the community via forums or free downloads and in the online store of Runtime DNA Inc. Usage of any material on this website which violates the terms and conditions set forth in this document is prohibited.

Runtime DNA Inc requires that all brokers and members have 100% permission to use any copyrighted, trademarked or patented material before publishing it on this website. Publishing in this instance means uploading to this website for free or for sale any material such as, but not limited to, images, photographs, works of art, articles, text descriptions, description of items for sale, titles, read me files, license files, legal contracts, video files, advertising material, digital works or look-alikes of famous people.

Unless you own a license to do so, do not sell, give away for free or redistribute in any way any item that you do not have a 100% right to do so. Infringement of copyrighted material or any intellectual property is strictly prohibited on this website. Violators of this rule may be subject to sanctions which can include but are not limited to banning from site access and possible civil or criminal action as applicable.

Do not upload anything to this website that you have changed or reworked from an original work of another creator. Many people think that if they have a 3D model mesh and they change it sufficiently that it is permissible to sell it or give it away for free. This is also a major violation of copyright and will not be tolerated on this website in any form. If deemed necessary RuntimeDNA will fully comply with the requests of rights owners in furtherance of actions against violators.

Please note that although any item on this website or any other website may be advertised as FREE, this does not mean that it is free of any copyright, patents or trademarks. This includes partial use of copyrighted, patented or trademarked items.

The policy Of Runtime DNA Inc's claims of copyright infringement

Please notify Runtime DNA Inc immediately at this email address: copyright@runtimedna.com of any suspected copyright violation.

Please include:

  • Your Real Name
  • Your Runtime DNA username
  • Full street address
  • Telephone number
  • The full and correct name of the product that you claim is an infringement of copyright
  • A full description of the violation and any proof such as photographs, images, license, trademark or patent.
  • Please include a statement that you believe in good faith that the item that you dispute is a copyright violation and is not authorized for use by the owner of the copyright, any agent or the law.
  • (If you are the holder/owner of the copyright) Please include a statement that under the penalty of perjury that the information that you include in your notification to Runtime DNA Inc of copyright infringement is accurate and correct and that you are the copyright owner or that you are an authorized agent working on the behalf of the copyright owner. Failure to strictly follow these guidelines may result in your claim not being processed.
All parties involved in the infringement should try to amicably resolve the issue between themselves.

Runtime DNA Inc will work in a timely manner, upon notification of a copyright infringement to temporally remove the alleged infringement product from the Runtime DNA online store and suspend any payments of the alleged product to the broker.

Runtime DNA will then contact the complainant and the broker of the alleged copyright violation. The broker will then be given the opportunity to dispute the alleged claim and will be asked to provide all proof and reasons why the alleged product does not infringe the copyright of the claimant. If no response is forthwith from the broker of the alleged violation within 14 days the product will be permanently deleted from the Runtime DNA online store and any payment due to the alleged broker will be withheld. Runtime DNA reserves the right to charge or claim a fee of $50 an hour for administrative work due to a proved infringement.

Runtime DNA Inc has no legal right to determine or decide if something is indeed a copyright infringement. Only the owner of the copyright or an authorized agent of the law has the right to do so.

If a suspected infringement is found to be invalid the suspected product will be returned to the Runtime DNA online store. Runtime DNA Inc is not responsible for any loss of sales or earnings from the suspected product during the time that the product was being investigated or for any reason due to any alleged copyright infringement.

If an alleged product is indeed found to be a copyright violation and no agreement between all parties can be met, Runtime DNA has the right to withhold any and all payment to the broker involved and challenged and will be within it's rights to deposit the payments due to the broker to an escrow account pending any decision by a court of law. Runtime DNA Inc is not responsible for any legal costs, refunds to customers or attorneys fees regarding any possible or proved copyright infringement. However, store credit 'may' be made available to customers of proved infringements.

Runtime DNA Inc will do everything that is feasible to attempt to bring any alleged infringement to resolution as speedily as possible.

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