Clothing MorphKit for Michelle

Clothing MorphKit for Michelle
Created by : Netherworks Studios
SKU: NWS-056
Released: 08-17-2012
Poser Version: Poser 7+
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Requires: My Michelle, Appropriate Clothing
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The Clothing MorphKit for Michelle is a Complete Deformation System that works inside Poser to replicate most of Michelle's Body Morphs in Clothing and Smart Props.

It includes 74 Essential and Optional "Smart" Magnet Sets for replicating the morphs smoothly and accurately.

It features a quick "MorphKit Spawn" script that allows you to turn the Magnets into Morphs.  This script also creates the required Full Body Morphs and sets the proper Dial Ranges (Min, Max, Sensitivity) and External Names.  Other scripts are also included for loading a special ClothBall figure (for catching magnet "strays"), Zeroing the Figure (or Clothing), Removing Deformers (if you change your mind) and Extending the Magnet's Influence to Non-Standard Body Parts.  All scripts may be launched from the main Props Folder or via Poser's Python Palette.

This product also work with DAZ Studio but requires Manual Spawning of Morphs.

It also includes a fully-illustrated PDF Guide for walking Poser and DAZ Studio users through the system.

This product works with, but does not require, Spawn.
  • Full System for Replicating Morphs in Clothing using Poser's Magnet System and DAZ Studio's D-Forms.
  • 74 Magnet Sets are Provided.  The largest Clothing MorphKit package to date!
    • The following Michelle Morphs can be Replicated:
      • Character Morphs: Jessica, Kellie, Sarah, Scarlet, Tammy.
      • Body Styles: Athletic, Comic Book, Mesomorph, Realistic, Skinny, Stylized, Voluptuous.
      • Arms: Arm Size, Collar Size, Shoulder Size, Forearm Size, Arms Narrow.
      • Legs: Leg Size, Thigh Size, Knee Size, Shin Size, Buttocks Shape, Buttock Size, Thigh Inner Curve, Thigh Outer Curve, Feet Depth, Feet Rounded, Feet Top Curve, Heel Rounded.
      • Torso: Neck Width, Neck Depth, Abdominal Out, Abdominal Tone, Belly Flat, Belly Out, Waist Size, Waist Narrow, Hip Size, Hips Wide.
      • Breast Shaping: Breast Large, Breast Small, Breast Up, Breast Down, Breast In, Breast Out, Nipples Erect, Nipples Puff.
    • The following Morphs can be added as Extras to Help Clothing Fit to 3rd Party Packages or to Assist in Helping Clothes Fit Better when Michelle is Posed:
      • Adjust Collars, Adjust Armpit L, Adjust Armpit R, Adjust Shoulders, Adjust Elbows, Adjust Forearms, Adjust Fore Bend L, Adjust Fore Bend R, Adjust Buttocks, Adjust Thighs, Adjust Thigh Bend L, Adjust Thigh Bend R, Adjust Thighs Inner, Adjust Knees, Adjust Shins, Adjust Shin Bend L, Adjust Shin Bend R, Adjust Neck, Adjust Breast Folds 1, Adjust Breast Folds 2, Adjust Breasts, Adjust Breasts Top, Adjust Chest Mid, Adjust Belly, Adjust Waist, Adjust Hips, Adjust Crotch.
  • Magnet Set Thumbnails are Color-Coded by the Dial Group those Morphs belong to.
  • Magnet Set Thumbnails include Text for Dial Group, Morph Internal Name and Parameter Name.
  • 7 Python Scripts are Provided for Poser 7 and higher to Assist Working with this package.
    • MorphKit Spawn, an automated script.
      • Offers to Zero Rotations and Parameter/Morph Dials if not at zero on the clothing.
      • Reads all Magnet Sets provided in this package and properly creates the required Morphs and Parameter Dials.
      • Removes Magnets after creating Morphs.
      • Checks for Duplicate Names and for Valid Body Parts.
      • Supports Advanced Features, such as retrieving Min/Max Dial Ranges and Alternate Dial Names from "Smart" Magnet Sets.
      • Script is backwards-compatible with the last version of Netherworks' Magnet Sets.
      • Alternatively, Spawn (available separately) may be used in place of MorphKit Spawn
    • Magnets to Clothing, a script for forcing the Magnets to influence all body parts of a clothing item.
      • Only recommended to be used with non-standard clothing or clothing that has additional parts, such as ribbons, ties and so forth.
      • Attempts to ignore "Body Handles".
      • Can be used to affect Smart Props.
    • Remove Deformers, a script for removing Magnets from the scene if you have changed your mind on replicating a morph.
    • Zero Figure and IK, a script that can be used on the main figure or its clothing, to zero out all the Dials.
    • Send to Python Palette, a script for sending the utilities to Poser's Python Palette.
    • Open Guide, a script for opening the Included PDF Guide.
  • A Fully Illustrated PDF Guide is included (requires Acrobat Reader) with quick and easy steps to walk you through the tool set.  Instructions for Poser 7+ and DAZ Studio.
  • License and permission to use the End Results, Morph Targets, in your commercial and non-commerical work.

  • Magnet Sets Collection
  • Useful Scripts
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
  • There is No Anti-Crosstalk Feature.  The Extra Adjustment Morphs can be included for versatility in fitting.
  • This product Replicates Morphs in Clothes.  It does not Convert Clothes.
  • The Scripts provided in this package are not guaranteed, nor implied, to work with any 3rd Party Magnet Sets.
  • This product Approximates Body Shapes via Magnet Sets.  It does not Produce Polygon-to-Polygon High-Detailed Accuracy.  However, it does create Smooth Results.

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