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Clothing Masculinizer G1G2M

Clothing Masculinizer G1G2M

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $11.95
Vendor: Sickleyield
Requires: DAZ Genesis or Genesis 2 Male
Gift To:


This is a utility for Genesis and Genesis 2 Male in DAZ Studio 4.6 and up that allows you to add masculine bulges to clothing items. Many older products suffer from Ken doll-like smoothness between the legs, and this can also help you when refitting female products to male characters.

It comes with morphs for the figures themselves, so that you can avoid gapping when using the morphs on underwear-like items, and also conformers with morphs for transference. The conformer pieces also have the morphs that don't make sense in the figures, including those to fit over DAZ's conforming genitalia and the morphs for dressing to right and left, which the figures' geometry does not allow.


-2 "shorts" conformers -7 Morphs for Genesis -7 Morphs for G2M

Product Includes:

  • Morphs in the figures, found in Actor/Lower Body/Pants Masculinizer:
    • Bulge01
    • Bulge02
    • Bulge03
    • Bulge04
    • Bulge05
    • UpToLeft
    • UpToRight
  • Morphs in the conformers:
    • Bulge01
    • Bulge02
    • Bulge03
    • Bulge04
    • Bulge05
    • UpToLeft
    • UpToRight
    • DressToTheLeft
    • DressToTheRight
    • FitOverGensFullLengthWidthTuckPose
    • FitOverGensTuckPose
    • FitOverGensUnposed

Additional Notes:

No post work was done to the promo images other than for composition and adding yellow arrows. Be sure to read the additional User's Guide in the Documentation folder. Products used in renders: DAZ Genesis 2 Male (Default Nevio skin) DAZ Genesis 2 Male Gens DAZ Ranger clothing for G2F DAZ Casual clothing for G2F DAZ Order of the Wolf G2M second skin Renderosity Karmir bodysuit by SAV

Product Details:

Poser Version: n/a
Daz Studio: DAZ Studio 4.6
Zip Files: 1 Zip File (17 mb)
Date Added: Dec 9, 2013
SKU: SIC-001

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