Cloisonne for DragonBraid BUNDLE

Cloisonne for DragonBraid BUNDLE
Created by : SpiritFoxy
SKU: SPR-044
Released: 08-08-2013
Poser Version: 8+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
Zip Files 6 Zip Files (40.3Mb, 45.6Mb, 43.6Mb, 43.3Mb, 48.4Mb, 12.4Mb)
Requires: Victoria 4.2, Dawn, The DragonBraid for V4 & Dawn, The DragonBraid Addon - Tails
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Dryads, allow your spindly arms to embrace crystal pearls
A lovely, flighted maiden rests - guard her with twisted curls.
Soothing mists with rising crests recall lost fleet of spawn;
the winged race, reptilian pests sing, lullaby the dawn.
Time soon forgets, the hour swirls upon a shim'ring lawn
Freckled by mushrooms hiding till all mortal faces gone.
And true, time sleeps but biding while fate's shining knight comes riding
As the vestal stays, sweet chiding fairied frogs who speak light charms.
~~ Earth's Song by Emily Wunder

A total of 16 hair colors, 7 natural and 9 fantasy. A total of 8 sets of matching accessories. All hair colors are set up for complete versatility, with MATs for each individual section of hair & braids for all of the hair pieces along with the regular complete settings. This holds true for the accessories as well, each set has multiple individual settings for each individual section of each jewelry piece. The accessories also have at least two matching color metals/embossed foils for each cloisonne pattern that also match the hair colorings.

Hair Texture MATs - 412
    Hair Base - 80
    Braid 1 - 64
    Coil Braid - 64
    Hybrid Braid 2 - 140
    Ponytail - 64

Accessories Texture MATs - 1,265
    Hair Base - 149
    Braid 1 - 171
    Coil Braid - 101
    Hybrid Braid 2 - 132
    Braid Amulets - 101
    Circlet - 164
    Hangers - 203
    Hair Needle - 244


217 Texture Maps
063 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
004 TRANSparency Maps
007 Reflection Maps

1,677 MAT Pose files
1,677 Daz|Studio material files

This product is optimized for Poser 8+. Basic Daz Studio material files are included. Daz Studio compatible with minimal tweaking of settings.
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