Camera Panel Plus 2014 - Upgrade

Camera Panel Plus 2014 - Upgrade
Created by : Netherworks Studios
SKU: NWS-080
Released: 03-14-2014
Poser Version: Poser 9+
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Requires: Camera Panel Plus X
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~ REQUIRES Poser 9, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2012 or Poser Pro 2014. ~

This is the UPGRADE Version of the Product. If you have NOT purchased Camera Panel Plus X, you need the Full Version HERE.  Upgrade Version requires Camera Panel Plus X to be Installed in order to function.

Hey you! Yeah... You! Don't fumble around with Camera Menus or Weird Widgets to Navigate your Poser Scene. Do it the Easy Way with Camera Panel Plus 2014, the Flexible, Docking Toolbar for Poser.

Wait... you're read that before, right? Maybe you have the old Camera Panel and it works just fine.

Well, read on and you might just want to retire that old one... Camera Panel Plus 2014 is going to make working in Poser a whole lot easier

CPP is provided as a Flexible Toolbar that you can set to Be Open in multiple Poser Rooms at One Time, be that one room, three rooms or every one of them!  Furthermore, crafty coding allows you to Have a Different Layout (number of rows and columns), Alignment (left, right, center, top or bottom), Spacing or Buttons Width in each Room.  Sit it at the top in the Pose room.  Dock it to the right in the Cloth room.  Put it down low in the Setup Room.  It's completely up to you!

Pretty cool, eh? Well that's not all...

CPP features Zooming, Panning and Rotating the Camera with your Mouse (Scroll) Wheel and its now off the panel and optionally can Hook Directly into Poser's Scene window. It is able to affect both the OpenGL and SreeD display engines, and also supports Poser's Multiple Ports feature. And to top it all off, you can Manipulate with the Mouse Wheel simply by Hovering Over the Scene window (Mult-Port mode requires clicking by design).

Furthermore, CPP's Dynamic Pan and Zoom Ability has been completely redone to be smooth, intelligent and bug free. As you Zoom close to the center of the Scene, the speed slows (to a minimum speed). As you Zoom Out, it accelerates (to a maximum speed). This also works with Panning - the further away the faster you Pan. Closer to the center of the Scene, things slow down a bit. You can also Control the Overall Speed via 10 levels of acceleration (slow to fast, with it starting in the middle). Also, if integrated into Poser's scene, you can Change the Zoom Speed (and the Rotation strength when Rotating) On the Fly by pressing your Spacebar to bring up a convenient "Quick Menu" of Speed selections.

Excited yet...? No?

How about the Ability to Re-Arrange CPP's Buttons by Importing any Camera from the Scene? It's in there. Oh, how about Support for Custom Cameras, a long-requested feature? It's there. And... as long as you have Custom Cameras on the bar, it will Re-Build them for you when starting a new session of Poser or opening a Scene File. How about Renaming all the Buttons to be creative, to use your own abbreviations or to use your own native language? It's got that too. All of this is Remembered between Poser Sessions, along with customizable menus of your Favorite Focal Lengths. And yes, oh yes, all the Cameras, including Custom ones, can have their own Camera Presets, up to 500 of them.

And There's a Whole Lot More. Many little features and quality of life touches were added that will make Camera Panel Plus 2014 one of your favorite Poser tools. Read on in the Features, below, for Deeper Peek!

Now updated with DSON in Poser, Octane and Poser Physics compatibility (no guarantees but a solid effort).  Also features Categories for Presets, Camera Orbit Correction, Backup and Restore system and much more!

Camera Panel Plus 2014 no longer runs as a Poser addonIt uses the tried and true system featured in many of my scripted products!

Scripts Auto Launch, FREE, is highly recommended if you wish CPP to load up automatically with Poser.

This product was designed to work with content created specifically for Poser.  There are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that it will work with non-native content, including DSON or Genesis loaded assets.

Under Windows, it is recommended that you run Poser or Poser Pro with administrative privledges if you use this product, particularly if you've installed under Program Files.

  • Compact Toolbar that starts Initially with 12 of the Most Frequently Used Camera Views: Main, Auxiliary, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Face, Posing, Right Hand and Left Hand.
    • Have the Toolbar Open in as Many Rooms as You Want! Includes support for the Fitting Room. (NEW)
    • State, Position and Size are saved per Room and across Poser sessions. (NEW)
  • Extended Button Control! Left-Clicking any button switches to that camera in Poser's Preview window. Left-Clicking while pressing Shift will select that camera (showing up in the parameters panel). Left-Clicking while pressing Control will temporarily memorize that camera. Left-Clicking while pressing Alt will restore a camera that has been memorized.
    • Optionally, the Camera's Rotation Axis can be Set to Zero on a Control-Click
    • Optionally, the Camera's Dolly X Axis can be Set to Zero on a Control-Click.
    • The two options above can be combined.
  • Easily Re-arrange or Customize the Toolbar by Importing any Camera in the Scene to the Bar, creating a new Button. (NEW)
    • Supports Standard and Custom Cameras! (NEW)
    • Customized Cameras are Maintained Across New Poser Sessions or when opening Poser Scene files. (NEW)
  • Have up to 500 Camera Presets per Camera Button. Presets are available via Right-Click. Presets are stored on a Per-Camera basis in the event that you customize the Buttons or Swap-In New Ones.
    • A new type of "auto" Preset can be created that will automatically apply those settings to a particular Camera when Starting Poser or On-Command when Clicking a Button if you open an existing Scene file. To create, you simply call your Preset auto. (NEW)
  • Each Camera Button allows you to quickly choose from a number of Focal Presets.
    • These can be edited and are stored on a per-camera basis and were enhanced to support camera-swapping. (NEW)
  • Each Camera Button has a menu that allows you to Zero out the Rotation or Dolly values.
    • To reduce clutter, all Zero entries are now available in sub-menus. (NEW)
  • Camera Panel Plus has Mouse Wheel Support if you have a scroll wheel attached to your mouse! As long as the mouse pointer is hovering over the panel, wheel scrolling will zoom in and out of Poser's Preview window. Pressing Shift while turning the wheel will pan along the X-Axis. Pressing Control while turning the wheel will pan along the Y-Axis. You can tweak the wheel speed, reverse the movement or disable these features. This is designed to replace Poser's native Wheel support and is completely optional.
    • Mouse Support is deactivated by default and must be enabled. Requires a restart of Poser.
    • Wheel Turning applies Acceleration to Zoom and Pan. Closer to the center of the Scene slows it down, further away from it speeds it up. Tweaked and enhanced in this version. (NEW)
    • Your Mouse Wheel can also Rotate the Camera.
    • Mouse Wheel support can now hook directly into Poser's Scene window. Supports OpenGL and SreeD views. Supports Poser's Multi-Port Scene view. (NEW)
    • Mouse support can be applied by simply Hovering Over the Scene. (NEW)
    • Quickly Toggle between Zoom/Pan and Rotation Mode by Double-Clicking an Empty space on the Panel.
    • Mouse wheel is supported on the Mac Platform.
  • Apply different Layouts (row/column combinations), Alignment (left, right, centered, top, bottom), Visual Effects (bevel, spacing, button width), Colors, and Label Style (full, abbreviated) to the Toolbar to give it your own personal touch.
    • Each Poser Room can have its Own Settings, which is retained across Poser sessions. (NEW)
    • The Default Colors now have a wee bit more splash of color, so it's not all grey. Of course, you can change that. (NEW)
  • The Camera Buttons Feature Hot Effects and light up on mouse-over. This effect only works when "pressed" on the Mac.
  • Right-Click Button Menu has been Re-Designed but Familiar to users of earlier versions of CPP. (NEW)
    • Memorize and Restore Camera menu selections. (NEW)
    • Import Camera ability. (NEW)
    • Create and Remove Presets.
    • Apply Various Tweaks (NEW)
      • Apply your own text to the button labels (use your own native language or style).
      • Rename Custom Cameras represented on the Toolbar.
      • Set the Camera represented on the Toolbar to Use or Ignore Poser's Undo/Redo Feature.
    • Customize Focal Lengths (or Scale) per Camera.
    • Zero Dolly and Orbit, in whole or in part.
    • Set Zoom/Pan and Rotation Speed of the Mouse Wheel via Quick Presets. Zoom/Pan is rated from 1-10, Rotation allows specific degrees per Wheel Turn. (NEW)
  • Configuration Menu is available by Right-Clicking an empty part of the ToolBar or by Right-Clicking a Button while holding Shift.
  • Quick PDF guide is included to walk you through CPP's features. - a fast, easy read. It can be evoked from within the Camera Panel application via the Help entry.

  • Camera Panel Plus 2014, packed with Camera Controlling Features that emphasize on flexibility and productivity.
  • Concise PDF Guide
Windows: Windows XP or higher. Poser 9, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2012 or Poser Pro 2014.
MAC: Mac OSX 10.4 or higher. Poser 9, 10, Poser Pro 2012 or Poser Pro 2013.

-Not suitable for use in DAZ Studio.
-Not suitable for use in earlier versions of Poser, including Poser Debut.
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