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Technophilia - Breathless

Technophilia - Breathless

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $20.00
Vendor: Traveler
Requires: Victoria 4
Gift To:


Radiation, Pestilence, Contamination, Filth, and Squalor

In a far flung future where everything can kill you before you realize it, you would want to insulate yourself from everything you could. This is the world of Technophilia Breathless. Don your gas mask and force your way into a latex suit and enter the world where one layer of skin is not enough, and the lungs you were born with are too frail for the outside world. Breathe... before you are left... Breathless.


  • Mix and Match Design - More then just one Mask - Build it how you see it.
  • Loads of possibilities and options.
  • Realistic Materials - Works great in IDL and with RSP.
  • Generic Materials Included for blending this set with almost ANYTHING...
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Morphs Included for Adjustment/Overlap where needed
  • Bonus Ease of Use Features - Like Placement and Length Poses
  • Everything is smart-propped to V4 but could be used on other figures with some tweaking.
  • Product Includes:

  • 20 Different Mix and Match Mask/Goggle/Helmet Parts
  • 11 Pre-Built Units. 5 Gas Masks, 2 Goggles, and 6 Helmet/Full Cover
  • Conforming Hood for V4
  • Ambu (Breathing Bag) Prop, with Valve Prop. Loaded with morphs
  • 3 Different Cannister Addons
  • Connector Set - For Attaching Tubes to the Masks at Various Points.
  • Bonus Secret Prop - Instructions in the zip file for download.

    Tube Figures
  • 8 Different Tubes in 2 Diameters - Thick and Thin.
  • Each Tube has a 300 Body Part Varient, the Same with Easy Pose, and a 30 Body Part "Curve" version.

  • 17 GMats - Or Generic Materials for blending in this set with almost anything.
  • 13 Materials for the Tubes - Everything from Black, Red, White Plastic, to Medical, to Grunge, to Blood... loads of options!

    Utility Poses
  • Poses for Tube Placement - Easily Connect the Tubes to the Masks
  • Poses for Tube Length - Need a shorter tube - One click easy!
  • Additional Notes:

    Clothing/Body Suit/Hair not included.

    RDNA Products used in Promotional Renders: Vanilla Sky, IDL Studio, IDL Studio Noir

    Product Details:

    Poser Version: Poser 6+
    Daz Studio: Will Load in D|S but materials may not translate
    Zip Files: 1 Zip File (24 Mb)
    Date Added: Sep 24, 2010
    SKU: EV-101

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