Bounty Hunter Suit for Dawn

Bounty Hunter Suit for Dawn
Created by : ile-avalon
SKU: IA_019
Released: 09-19-2013
Poser Version: Poser 9+
Daz Studio: DAZ Studio 4.5+
Zip Files 8 Zip files (13.1Mb, 10.9Mb, 24.7Mb, 32.4Mb, 31.3Mb, 16.6Mb, 13.4Mb, 31.5Mb)
Requires: Dawn, Poser 9+ or DAZ Studio 4+
Price: $14.95

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Bounty Hunter Suit, a full body armor for Dawn with many options and textures for dirty, chemical and dusty environments.


  • Chemical, Dirt or Dust, 3 environment texture variations.
  • Red, Golden and Raw, 3 color variations by environment.
  • Shut down option for Helmet Lights.
  • Shut down option for Armband Screens.

Maskable Sections

  • Expand the limits of the Bounty hunter Suit
    many parts of the armor can by hidden!

More with Props

  • The Boutny Hunter Suit is not just a outfit,
    Helmet, Plastron, Armbands and Boots have been converted in props.

Bounty Hunter Weapons

  • A highpoly mesh Rifle prop, inspired by real weapon.
  • Hidden blades in the armbands.

Super conforming morphs list:

  • BodyBulk
  • BodyDefinition
  • BodyEmaciated
  • BodySuit
  • BodySuperModel
  • BodyToned
  • BodyVoluptuous
  • BodyYoung


  • AbsIn
  • AbsLowerCurve
  • BackSmooth
  • BreastCleavageCenter
  • BreastCleavageSmooth
  • BreastCleavageTop
  • BreastCreaseUnder
  • BreastGone
  • BreastNatural


  • GluteFlex
  • GluteFlexL
  • GluteFlexR
  • GlutesFlat
  • GlutesSize
  • NatalCleftSmooth


  • ThighFull
  • ThighWidth


  • Show/Hide Armband Blades

  • 1 Conforming Suit
  • 1 Rifle prop for Dawn
  • 1 Rifle prop
  • 1 Helmet prop
  • 1 Plastron prop
  • 2 Armband props
  • 2 Boot props
  • 8 Geometry Files
  • 80 Matposes
  • 191 Textures 1024x1024 to 3000x3000

Product compatible Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4.5+


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Razor Rider_Hotel Reception, Razor Rider: Vent Room and Go-Go Booth by Coflek-Gnorg
Desert Outpost, CryoEnvironment and CryoTube by Stonemason
HFS Shapes for Genesis and HFS Resources: XenoSkins by DarioFish

Figure is Dawn from Hivewire3D
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