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Blossom Hair

Blossom Hair

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $9.95
Vendor: 3D-GHDesign
Requires: Cookie
Gift To:


Hair with poseable strands, flower and tail for Cookie. Perfectly compliments her Blossom Fairy Clothes. There is a hair prop in this set with fit morphs for your other figures, like the Gumdrops, Kiki, Kit, Koshini and Krystal.


* Pose hair strands, flower and tail separately
* You may scale tails
* You may scale strands
* Separate MAT poses for hair prop
(don't forget to select Cookie before applying them)

Product Includes:

* Blossom Hair.cr2 for Cookie with poseable strands, flower and tail

* Blossom Hair.hr2 for
- Cookie
- GumDrops
- Kiki
- Kit
- Koshini (1 and 2)
- Krystal

* Flower prop for hair prop (smart parented)

* 25 MAT poses for hair
* 4 sets of Flower, Band and pearls MATs that match the Blossom Clothes for Cookie

Additional Notes:

Set does not include separate D|S materials, but all textures and clothes work well in DAZ|Studio.
All items mapped with UVLayout from headus.

Products used on promo images:

- Suzette by dorkati
- Blossom Fairy Clothes by dorkati
- FairyFlowerS by dorkati
- Fairy Wings and textures by dorkati
- Cookie Cut-ups by Capsces
- IGD Snickerdoodle by IslandGirl
- Cookie Skate by VinceBagna
- Gumdrops: Asian by dorkati
- Krystal Clothing Pack 3 - Elf Queen by LittleFox
- Koshini Clothing Pack 13 - Legendary Love by LittleFox
- Kit Pack 5 - Esmeralda's Apprentice by LittleFox, Capsces

Product Details:

Poser Version: 5 +
Daz Studio: 2.2 +
Zip Files: 17.3mb
Date Added: Jun 11, 2009
SKU: GHD-032

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