Batch Render Plugin for Thumbnail Designer

Batch Render Plugin for Thumbnail Designer
Created by : Netherworks Studios
SKU: NWS-054
Released: 07-21-2012
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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Requires: Thumbnail Designer
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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~


Batch Render is a Plugin for Thumbnail Designer that allows it to render entire folders of Expressions, Poses, Material Collections and Material Files.  It loads each file to the selected Figure or Prop in the Scene and renders a thumbnail, along with any Layer Elements you have selected in Thumbnail Designer!

When choosing a folder, you are able to select exactly which files are processed!

Render Settings, Smart Folders and Backup options, selected in Thumbnail Designer are also passed to the Plugin.

In the case of .mt5 files, you are asked to choose which Material Zone to apply it to prior to running the batch.

The Batch Render Plugin works in Poser 8 and higher.

This product is not compatible with the Windows version of Poser 10 until an issue with the Python Imaging Library (PIL) can be addressed in a future Service Release. PIL is essential here and its beyond my control, sorry!

  • Robust Batch-Rendering Plugin for Thumbnail Designer.
    • Carries over Layer Effects, Render Settings and other options from Thumbnail Designer.
    • You may specifically select which files to process in a given folder.
      • Works with .fc2, .pz2, .mc6, .mt5 and their compressed counterparts.
    • MT5 Materials are applied to a material zone of your choice.
    • Status Box updates in real time to let you know what is being processed.
  • Absolutely free for Thumbnail Designer purchasers!

  • Batch Render Plugin for Thumbnail Designer.
Limits When Processing:
  • The batch cannot be terminated (under normal circumstances).  While working through the batch, Poser will be busy making thumbnails and cannot be used.  It might be a good idea to run small batches instead of processing huge directories of thumbnails.
  • The plugin doesn't evaluate the Expression, Pose, Material Collection or Material File to see if it is valid.  For this reason you want to carefully look over the list before clicking Process.  Be sure to deselect any files that are instructions or informational thumbnails.
  • The plugin doesn't re-compose the scene.  Though you *can* process actual poses, the plugin will not place the figure on the floor or adjust the camera view.  You should use the Preview feature in Thumbnail Designer to get a general idea of how the Batch Renders will look.
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