BadaBING! - V4 Lower Body Shaping System

BadaBING! - V4 Lower Body Shaping System
Created by : Traveler , Syyd
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Released: 01-27-2012
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 2+
Requires: Victoria 4
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Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. It is after all what makes us uniquely who we are. How wonderful it is to portray a woman's physical attributes in a natural, healthy, and sexy way. Celebrate the feminine form by taking any shape you want!

Take control like never before with the all new Controls - BadaBing Body Shaping System. Morph targets are great, but what happens when the clothing you are using on your figure doesn't contain the same set - or the set is not as good as the morphs on the body? Magnets are great but who really has the time to set that up? With '! Controls', you get the best of both worlds! The power of a set of magnets, the ease of use in simple dial spinning, and deformations that effect the clothing the figure is wearing as well!

The basis of the system is the "Remote Control" a little unit LOADED with dials for controlling the 38 Invisible Magnets that are at the core of the system. No fiddling with magnets, worrying about making them symmetrical, its just that easy. Simply load the Control Prop, Magnetize your clothing, and apply a style pose. Thats all it takes!

Feeling a little bolder? Take matters into your own hands and create your own styles by using the library of dials in the control prop.

The dials are organized into sets. Within each set is a number of control dials that effect various aspects of the hidden magnet deformers.

The Sets Are:

Waist: Used to change the dimensions of the area from the mid abdomen to the top of the hips. Can be used to give a straight waist or a curved and narrow, corseted waist.

Hips: Wide area deformer set that covers the entire hip area as well as the pubic area and glutes as well.

Outer Hips: A paired magnet set that sits high on the hips on both sides. Can be used for various effects, most notably the ability to straighten the line of the waist or to narrow it further, creating a very nice curve at the top of the hip line.

Midrift: Just above the "pants line" Great for adding fullness around the midsection or thinning it down. Can double for 'Waist' but with a different type of effect.

Belly: For plumping or thinning the round of the belly area. Good for mimicking fullness and even pregnancy, etc.

Rib Cage: Used for flattening the chiseled rib cage look, as well as for "barrel chested" looks or when you want to make the chest look a little wider. This affects the front only. For the back expansion as well use:

Upper Abdomen: Mainly for making the upper abdomen wider or narrower. Affects the back as well as the front.

Glute Mass: The basis of the Gluteal or Butt area. Covers the entire butt area. Great for adding fullness to the Glutes.

Glutes: A smaller area of the Glutes, more towards the muscle itself. Works great with Glutes Mass to add extra definition.

Bubble: Specifically targeted to give a very full round high butt area. This goes into the outer hips as well.

Glute Low: The lower gluteus minimus. Used to shape the lower area of the gluteus. Can be used with great effect for sitting/flattening the glutes and upper thighs in the back.

Outer Glute: Targeted to fill in the flat spot on the side of V4 Glutes. This will give you a full roundness to the overall gluteal area.

Inner Cheeks: This is to "Close the Gap" between the right and left gluteus caused by some of the other effects of the various sets.

Mid Back: For changing the line of the back/spine area.

Pubic Mound: Adjuster for the Pubic Mound area. Similar to the Inner Pelvis set, but the Inner Pelvis covers more area and reaches out to the edges of the hips. These two are for adjusting the look of the inner area that may be changed by some of the other sets in the package.

Upper Thigh: This set covers the entire upper thigh area, it will also effect the public mound as well, (hence the reason for the Pubic Mound Set) These can also be used to round the hips as well.
High Outer Thigh: The upper area of the thigh towards the hip. Very good for adding to the effect of the hips.

Inner Thigh Mid: The main inner thigh set. This controls the shaping, etc of the inner areas of the thighs or the insides of the legs.

Inner Thighs: This is mainly a corrective set. (Why the dials are limited here)

Details: This is a sub folder for all of the smaller "Detail" magnets. These are mainly for work with Nudes, etc., so we put them in their own little sub folder of dials.

Belly Button: For working with the Belly Button. Can also be used as a corrector if the belly button area becomes warped from other sets.

Venus Dimples: These are the dimples above the gluteus. Tiny details often make all the difference.

Crevice Y: The Y shape area above the gluteal cleft. This creates great effects for that area.

Genital Crease: For making your own Genital area effects. This has a custom falloff on it so that it adds extra detail.

Outer 'Genital area': For making your own Genital area effects.

Within each set are various dials. Each of these controls an aspect of the underlying magnet deformers.

Scale: Effects the entire scale, x, y, and z.

Diameter: Roundness, Scales x and y, scale without (z) depth.

Width: X-Scale. The side to side scale of the area.

Height: Y-Scale. The up-down scale of the area.

Depth: Z-Scale. The scale back to front of the area.

Side2Side: Opposing Y rotation of the area. (One goes right one left)

RightLeft: Paired Y Rotation. (Both move in the same direction)

UpDown: X Rotation. Up and down movement.

Twist: Opposing Z Rotation. Twisting along the front to back plane.

TwistRL: Paired Z Rotation. (Both move in the same direction)

MoveX: Opposing Movement in the side to side direction. (One goes right one left)

MoveXRL: Paired Movement in the side to side direction (Both move in the same direction)

MoveY: Movement in the Up-Down direction.

MoveZ: Movement in the Front to back direction.

Controls BadaBing Body Shaping System
38 Seperate Magnets set up to work invisibly with the Remote Control System.
BadaBing Control Set
BadaBing Clothing Poke Through Fixer - Butt Area
BadaBing Clothing Poke Through Fixer - Chest Area
20 Diverse Style Preset Poses
Remote Zero Pose
Magnetize Clothing Pose
User Guide PDF

+ Daz Studio Compatible + Be on the lookout for more Style Poses Soon!

+ Don't forget to Magnetize clothing to Victoria as you normally would. Some poke through may occur because of Vickie's normal magnet system. Clothing should always be magnetized to V4 as per usual DAZ instructions.

+ Clothing may need to be adjusted to fix any minor poke through. Look for morphs in the clothing that can help with any poke through. Barring that, scale dials can also be used to fix poke through issues.

+ Some dials need to be combined to see the effects.

Products used in the creation of these promos:

Desir Hair By AlfaseeD
Hypatia by Rebelmommy
Vanilla Sky by Syyd Raven
Sexy Baby by 3D Age
Lingerie by Supernova
Skin Textures by Adam Thwaites
Some clothing by 3D Age
Some Hair by Studio Art Vartanian
skin shader by SnarlyGribbly available in the Poser forum here at DNA!

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Jan 22, 2015
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I'd been looking for some easy hip shaping product and this is by far the best. There are SO many morphing dials to tweak your V4 into whatever shape you fancy. Just amazing.
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