TerraDome AquaZone

TerraDome AquaZone
Created by : Colm , Traveler, Syyd
Released: 03-05-2010
Poser Version: Poser 7, Pro, and 8
Daz Studio: Not supported
Zip Files 1 Zip File (8.09Mb)
Requires: TerraDome Base Package
Price: $22.99

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"So there we were, British ships off the port side readyin' their cannons, French galleons off the starboard side preparin to board us, and what does Captain Orange Beard do but order us to drop the sails and weigh the anchor... we thought he was bloomin mad as a hatter. But that wily old sea dog knew them waters better then them other two captains... cause lurkin under them waves were some sand bars and the old ocean was a high tide so ya couldn't see them like... well we heards a tremendous crash and the Brits ran right into one of them bar, knockin the bottom right out of er. The French took a hit themselves and ran a dry right on a rocky ledge. That ship is still there to this day laddie, beached on that bar, with a hole the size of Neptune's maw." - First Mate "Scubber" Bamber Brownbottom

"Don't love the ocean... because it won't love you back" - Line from MegaShark Vs Giant Octopus
Four new AquaZone figures that span the entire TerraDome world space producing the most realistic ocean and lake water available for Poser.

23 easy to apply and fast rendering water materials will give you the ability to create stunning water-scape scenes. 

Coupled with 6 dramatic Multi-Zone landmass morphs you can create incredible coastlines featuring volcanos and pirate coves, lagoons and mythical fantasy spires.

+ 4 New AquaZone Figures in 4 Resolutions (Low, Medium, High, and Ultra High)
+ 2 Utility Land Raise/Lower Morph Target Sets:
+ 6 Inject Remove Multi-Zone Landmass Morphs:
+ 8 Set Morph Target to 1.000 Pose Files:

* Distant Land
* Dragons Teeth
* Lagoon
* Pirate Cove
* Mythic Spires
* Volcanos

+ 10 Ocean Scale Water Materials
+ 10 Lake Scale Water Materials
+ 3 Bonus Fresnal Water Materials (Transparent)

+ User Guide PDF
Due to the landmass morphs spanning the entire three TerraDome zones some small seam artifacts may appear between the zones in the final render. This is easily retouched or hidden by choosing a suitable camera angle.

Each morph target set contains a separate inject and remove pose file and also a 'Set Morph Target' file. This file will set the morphs for all three zones to 1.000.
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