Apteromata Flight

Apteromata Flight
Created by : Bad Kitteh Co
SKU: BKC-005
Released: 06-20-2012
Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: 3+
Zip Files 5 Zip files, 45Meg, 49Meg, 30Meg, 44Meg, 36Meg
Requires: Victoria 4
Price: $19.95

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  • Courtesy notice: Apteromata Flight is a transfer from BadKittehCo's DAZ store. If you purchased it at DAZ, you already have this product. This is no longer available at DAZ.
  • A finely crafted set of wings and flight gear created by BadKittehCo studio, made to complement the Apteromata Clothing set. Use them together, separately or with third party items. Let your steampunk, fantasy or gear punk imagination fly!
  • Don't neglect to summon the fluttery little Faraday bobbing somewhere in this set. You never know where he's going to pop up!
  • Depending on how you combine it, the Apteromata line of clothing items offers you a variety of looks that transcend several genres. You can have a Steampunk flyer, a fantasy warrioress, or a scout from some exotic world yet to be discovered in your own imagination!
  • Pieces can be mixed and matched with the Apteromata Finery set and with A-Zetta Boots.
  • Each piece of clothing in this set has morphs to fit V4, V4++, V4 Elite, Aiko4 and The Girl4 morph sets.
  • As is customary with the Bad Kitteh Co products, Apteromata Flight is loaded with numerous features such as Styling morphs used to illustrate various clothing movements, alternate looks, posing fit adjustments, Easy-Pose style dials and a number of other goodies.
  • While very versatile and packed with features, this set is also large, and may require intermediate to advanced knowledge of Poser or DAZ Studio to get most out of it. If you are a new use user, it may take a little bit of extra patience to get the most out of it.
  • Superconforming Morphs for V4, V4++, V4 Elite, Aiko4 and The Girl4 body shapes.
  • Tighten Undies, Broken Strap001, Broken Strap002, Broken Strap003, Chest Ring Swing, Chest Strap Unbuckle, Chest Strap Unbuckle002, Curly Tail, Hide Abdomen Loops, Hide Abdomen Straps, Hide Chest Strap, Hide Glute Straps, Hide Hip Straps, Hide Rib Straps, Hide Waist Straps, Shoulder Ruffle Peak, Shoulder Ruffle Smoother, Simple Harness, Strap Ends Curl, Torn Underwear, Torn Underwear002, Unbuckled Left, Unbuckled Right Glute, 9 Adjustment Morphs.
  • Numerous JCM (Joint Correction Morphs) operating without the end user input to aid posing, smooth out UV's during bending and add wrinkles and various details giving it character.
  • One very detailed worn texture sets suitable for up-close rendering. Both Poser 6 and newer plus DAZ Studio 3 and newer material collections are included.
Cap and Hair
  • Superconforming Morphs for V4, V4++, V4 Elite, Aiko4 and The Girl4 body shapes.
  • Cap Morphs: BackHeadLoosen, BehindEarFlaps, BehindEars, BuckleStrapCurl, ChinDown, ChinForward, ChinSlipOff, EarsBack, EarsUp, EyebrowShape001, EyebrowShape002, NoChinRivets, NoCrest, NoHairSpiral, NoOrnament, SideStrapShape, Unbuckle, WidenCheeks, WidenSides, FHMA4AikoBase, FHMG4TheGirlHEAD.
  • Hair is fully rigged and has head-level easy-pose dials for posing the movements. In addition there are numerous hair in the wind type morphs which can be used standalone or combined with posing.
  • For even more versatility, both, cap and hair can also be used individually - either by turning off body parts or by using provided MAT Poses.
  • Highly detailed worn leather texture set is included, suitable for close-up renders.
  • It's a phone, no it's a microphone, no it's a hands free communication device, it's a hearing aid. Who knows - use it whichever way you see fit.
  • It has several adjusting and fitting morphs, and the moving parts are fully rigged.
Eye Gear
  • Fully rigged movable steampunk goggles resembling old time observation instruments.
  • Each piece can be moved and rotated, and turned on and off for various combinations.
  • Apteromata wings are fully rigged, down to each individual slat. There are around 30 movable pieces on them
  • Wings contain numerous easy-pose style dials at the body level to accommodate every movement I could possibly think of, and a number of combinations.
  • You will be able to twist, turn, size, fold in, and even flap the wings.
  • Each wing slat is made up of two layers of polygons, front and back for interesting layered texture combinations.
  • Wings are UV mapped so they are suitable for texture decals covering a full wingspan.
  • We included three distinct texture sets for the wings allowing for up to 9 different styles, using the texture.
  • While I was in the middle of making this set, one night this little critter popped in my head, kept bobbing around and staring me down, nose to nose, insisting I model it - so here it is. He could be her familiar, or a little droid or a companion bot, or put several of them in a scene, and have a little flock of scouts.
  • Every bit and bob on this little guy is rigged and movable, including the easy-pose dials to make working with him easier. He is also very fun to animate.
  • He can even have facial expressions!!!
  • We included three distinct texture sets for the wings allowing for up to 9 different styles, using the textures, and several different meta materials, that can be combined any way you wish.
General Info
  • Supported V4 Morphs: A4AikoBody, A4AikoPetite, A4Realistic, A4Stylized, Amazon, BodyBuilder, Bulk, Definition, Emaciated, FantasiaBody, Fitness, G4TheGirlBODY, Heavy, MaleNS, PearFigure, SylphBody, Thin, UtopianBody, Voluptuous, Young, AbsHeightL, AbsHeightR, ArmSize, BellySmooth, BellyThickness, BellyThin, BreastsCleavage, BreastsCleavageWidth, BreastsDiameter, BreastsDroop, BreastsFlatten, BreastsHangForward, BreastsImplant, BreastsLarge, BreastsNatural, BreastsPerk, BreastsSize, GenitalCrease, GenitalCrease2, GluteCreaseL, GluteCreaseR, GluteFlexL, GluteFlexR, GluteRaiseL, GluteRaiseR, GlutesDimpleDepth, GlutesSize, HipsCrest, HipsSize, Inhale, LatsSize, LoveHandleL, LoveHandleR, NeckThickness, NipplesHeight, Pregnant, SheFreak4-1, SheFreak4-2, SheFreak4-3, SheFreak4-4, ShouldersThickness, SternumHeight, SternumWidth, StomachDepth, ThighsThickness, ThighsTone, TorsoThickness, TrapsSize, TummyOut, WaistWidth.
  • Several handy utility poses.
  • All textures include Color, Bump, specularity and displacement maps.
  • Both, P6 and newer, and Daz Studio 3 and newer material poses are included.

- Flight Harness
- Cap and Pony Tail
- Ear Tube
- Wings - Eye Gear - Faraday
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