Antonia Polygon Weight Mapped

Antonia Polygon Weight Mapped
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Released: 12-13-2011
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“Antonia Polygon – Weightmapped” Represents The Defining Figure Made For Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012.

She was designed to showcase new and exciting features offered in this latest version of our favourite program. Antonia-WM bends, if anything, even better than Antonia Polygon – Standard as she makes full use of the new Poser version's weight-mapping technology, eliminating the need for “old-technology” joint-control-morphs … the net effect is that clothing fits infinitely better once weight-map-converted. The steps to do this are all included in the comprehensive manual included with Antonia-WM and are surprisingly quick and easy to do. The new shader nodes in the newest version of Poser are also showcased in a shader set that re-defines how skin can look rendered in Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012.

Antonia-WM is offered to the community under the same Creative Commons License as Antonia Polygon – Standard, with the same endless opportunities for further development. The Advanced Morph set developed by Afrodite-Ohki available here at RDNA will work flawlessly with Antonia-WM.
Antonia-WM - Full, Female Human Figure based on Antonia 1.2 and Antonia Polygon - Standard, designed to be a classy and professional free figure to be used as a springboard for your own artistic creations.

Antonia-WM has the following features and differences from Antonia Polygon-Standard:
  • Joints have been weight mapped and all joint-control-morphs have been removed from weight mapped areas.
  • Joint centers have been optimized for weight mapping.
  • Additional geometry added to obj for supporting 6 new bones. The added geometry does not effect morphs, all Antonia Standard morphs will work with Antonia-WM.
  • Three new face morphs are included to mix and match with other morphs: Angel, Aradelle and Tia
  • A new pose set has been included with Antonia-WM.
  • A derivation of Bagginsbill's Post-240 shader published on RDNA forums has been provided in the material library - this shader set uses the new scatter nodes and ks-microfact nodes for more realistic renders in Poser 9 / PP2012.

Original Antonia Features (part of Antonia-WM):
  • Approximately 39,000 Polygons, perfect for detailed renders and animations.
  • Natural limb movement and professional joint zone rigging.
  • Zeroed pose state allows for more flexible clothing design and fitting, especially pants.
  • Addition of logical extra bones, compared to standard Poser figures, which allows better bending (waist, insteps for the feet, jaw and tongue parts).

Morphs in the Antonia-WM Figure (includes original Antonia morphs):

Head Morphs and Dials

  • Utility (2) - Brows-gone, HeadGrow.
  • Faces (1) - Toni
  • Eyes (12) - EyesLeftRight, EyesUpDown, EyesOpenClose, EyesDilate, LeftEyeOpenClose, RightEyeOpenClose, LowerLidsUpDown, LeftLowerLidUpDown, RightLowerLidUpDown, Squint, SquintRight, SquintLeft.
  • Brows (9) - BrowMidUp, BrowMidDn, BrowOutUp, BrowOutUpLeft, BrowOutUpRight, BrowDown, BrowDownLeft, BrowDownRight, BrowSqueeze.
  • Mouth (14) - MouthOpen, TongueOut, Smile, SmileLeft, SmileRight, Narrow, NarrowLeft, NarrowRight, Sneer, SneerLeft, SneerRight, Frown, FrownLeft, FrownRight.
  • Lips (12) - UprLipUp, UprLipUpLeft, UprLipUpRight, UprLipDn, UprLipDnLeft, UprLipDnRight, LwrLipDn, LwrLipDnLeft, LwrLipRight, LwrLipUp, LwrLipUpLeft, LwrLipUpRight.

Body Morphs and Dials

  • Utility (1) - Toecaps-gone.
  • Chest (2) - Breasts-classic, Nipples-classic.
  • Hip (2) - Genitals-gone, Labia-detailed.
  • Also includes Several dials that can adjust the JCM.

Also includes an array of content to get you started:
  • Full Range of Classic and VSS skin textures. 42 skin options, from standard to tattoos and more, which can be applied via MAT Pose files or Poser Material Collections. Textures are high quality and range from 1000x1000 to 4000x4000 resolution.
  • Full Range of Classic and VSS makeup textures. 27 makeup options, in several colors, which can be applied via MAT Pose files or Poser Material Collections. Textures are high quality and range from 1000x1000 to 4000x4000 resolution.
  • Basic shader - will work in all versions of Poser - loads as default. A subsurface scattering-enabled shader based on Bagginsbill's Post-240 shader published on the forums is included in the material room library.
  • Twenty (20) Full Poses for Antonia-WM - 10 poses plus their reversals.

Includes all required documentation as well as a PDF format Readme file.
Contributors to Antonia-WM:

Original Work:
ODF (Olaf Delgado-Friedrichs) - Original Figure Design.
Phantom3D (Diogenes) – Rigging and weight-mapping.

Antonia-WM Crew (Alphabetical):
Amethyst - Testing, Support, Promos.
AfroditeOhki - Testing, Support. Contributed: No Genital morph.
Bagoas - Testing, Support, Readme.
Freya - Testing, Support, Promos.
Glitterati3D - Testing, Support, Promos, Documentation image.
LadyRaine - Testing, Support, Promos.
Robynsveil – Shader development, Testing, Support, Project Manager.
Saint-Fox and Digital Lion - Contributed: Skin materials, Pose MAT files, Lights.
Shvrdavid - Testing, Support, Promos, 3 new face morphs, cr2 development

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