Antonia Polygon Standard Edition

Antonia Polygon Standard Edition
Created by : RDNA
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Released: 11-11-2011
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
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With “Antonia Polygon – Standard”, you have a figure that is unique in the Poser community. She is made available under a Creative Commons License that gives endless opportunities for further development. This figure was developed by a group of talented members of the Poser community in a thirty-month effort. The result is a figure that has very good bending and morphing behavior.
  • Antonia Standard - Full, Female Human Figure based on Antonia 1.2, designed to be a classy and professional free figure to be used as a springboard for your own artistic creations.

  • Standard has the following features and differences from the original Antonia:
    • Posing Joint Limits are present and are well suited for posing and animation. Joint Limits are activated under Poser's Figure menu by selecting Use Limits.
    • Conventional, community standard, Rotation Dial Naming such as Twist, Side-Side and Bend.
    • Dial Groups are presented in a logical order and layout with some grammar corrections.
    • Genitals-gone morph is provided for in the hip for bodysuit style skin texturing.
    • EyesDilate morph is included in each eye and in the head.
    • Toni head morph is provided to give Antonia a somewhat softer look but still keep the Antonia style. This morph can be dialed at lower strengths for partial effect. Mixes well with other included morphs.
    • The figure comes into the Poser scene fully textured.
    • A Poser 8 and higher compliant .xmp sidecar file is included. This file is used in conjunction with the Library's details panel.

  • Original Antonia Features (part of Antonia Standard):
    • Approximately 39,000 Polygons, perfect for detailed renders and animations.
    • Natural limb movement and professional joint zone rigging.
    • Zeroed pose state allows for more flexible clothing design and fitting, especially pants.
    • Addition of logical extra bones, compared to standard Poser figures, which allows better bending (waist, insteps for the feet, jaw and tongue parts).
    • JCM (Joint-Controlled Morphs) for even smoother joint bends. The JCM strength can be adjusted in the Body of the figure, under JCMs.

  • Morphs in the Antonia Standard Figure (includes original Antonia morphs):
    • Head Morphs and Dials
      • Utility (2) - Brows-gone, HeadGrow.
      • Faces (1) - Toni
      • Eyes (12) - EyesLeftRight, EyesUpDown, EyesOpenClose, EyesDilate, LeftEyeOpenClose, RightEyeOpenClose, LowerLidsUpDown, LeftLowerLidUpDown, RightLowerLidUpDown, Squint, SquintRight, SquintLeft.
      • Brows (9) - BrowMidUp, BrowMidDn, BrowOutUp, BrowOutUpLeft, BrowOutUpRight, BrowDown, BrowDownLeft, BrowDownRight, BrowSqueeze.
      • Mouth (14) - MouthOpen, TongueOut, Smile, SmileLeft, SmileRight, Narrow, NarrowLeft, NarrowRight, Sneer, SneerLeft, SneerRight, Frown, FrownLeft, FrownRight.
      • Lips (12) - UprLipUp, UprLipUpLeft, UprLipUpRight, UprLipDn, UprLipDnLeft, UprLipDnRight, LwrLipDn, LwrLipDnLeft, LwrLipRight, LwrLipUp, LwrLipUpLeft, LwrLipUpRight.
    • Body Morphs and Dials
      • Utility (1) - Toecaps-gone.
      • Chest (2) - Breasts-classic, Nipples-classic.
      • Hip (2) - Genitals-gone, Labia-detailed.
      • Also includes Several dials that can adjust the JCM.

  • Also includes an array of content to get you started:
    • Full Range of Classic and VSS skin textures. 42 skin options, from standard to tattoos and more, which can be applied via MAT Pose files or Poser Material Collections. Textures are high quality and range from 1000x1000 to 4000x4000 resolution.
    • Full Range of Classic and VSS makeup textures. 27 makeup options, in several colors, which can be applied via MAT Pose files or Poser Material Collections. Textures are high quality and range from 1000x1000 to 4000x4000 resolution.
    • Twelve (12) Light Sets for use with the Classic and VSS materials.
    • Malice Shoulder-Length Hair for Antonia Standard.
      • Includes 3 Full Textures: Black, Blonde and Brown. These can be applied via MAT Pose files or Poser Material Collections.
      • Includes 23 Morph Targets, found in the Neck.
      • Super-conforms to Antonia, concerning Body Morphs and JCM.
    • Bra and Panties Conforming Clothing for Antonia Standard.
      • Includes Paint Your Own styled base texture.
      • Super-conforms to Antonia, concerning Body Morphs and JCM.
      • Includes a variety of additional material settings as MAT Pose files and Poser Material Collections.
    • Twenty (20) Full Poses for Antonia Standard - 10 poses plus their reversals.
    • Weblinks are included to great Antonia sites!

  • Includes all required documentation as well as a PDF format Readme file.

Contributors to Antonia Standard:

Original Work:
ODF (Olaf Delgado-Friedrichs) - Original Figure Design.
Phantom3D (Diogenes) - Rigging.

Antonia Standard Crew (Alphabetical):
Amethyst - Testing, Support, Promos.
AfroditeOhki - Testing, Support.  Contributed: No Genital morph.
Bagoas - Testing, Support, Readme.
Em - Testing, Support.
Freya - Testing, Support, Promos.
Glitterati3D - Testing, Support, Promos, Documentation image.
LadyRaine - Testing, Support, Promos.
Netherworks - Rig tweaking, packaging, documentation revision, content organization and conversion.  Contributed: Bra and Panties, Hair, Poses, Eye and Toni morph.
Paganeagle2001 - Testing, Support, Promos.  Contributed: Bra and Panty Shaders.
Robynsveil - Testing, Support, Project Manager.
Saint-Fox and Digital Lion - Contributed: Skin materials, Pose MAT files, Lights.
Shvrdavid - Testing, Support, Promos.

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