Alice Skin, bodymorphs and Yly face

Alice Skin, bodymorphs and Yly face
Created by : Aeon Soul
SKU: ASA-025
Released: 05-27-2013
Poser Version: tested in 7+
Daz Studio: D|S 3+
Requires: Victoria 4, Poser or DAZ Studio
Price: $16.95

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Alice skin, bodymorphs & Yly face: Alice is back and she's brought company.
Alice / Yly is a complete character and skin set package for Victoria 4. If you have any question or doubt after reading this page, you can check and post in the Alice/Yly FAQs thread

What's major in this version 5 is a host of bodymorphs, called bodyfixer, that are meant to boost the realism and detail in your renders. Things like armpit bend, elbow and thigh fixers, ground-flat feet morphs, just to name a few. There's many included and more will come with future updates.

Some of the bodyfixer morphs shown in action (the "issue" is on the left, the bodyfixer result on the right). These morphs were created on the Alice bodyshape to address the most common joint problems or to make things look more natural and realistic. Some are independent from Alice, some others depend on the big difference that there is between her bodyshape and the V4 default one.

To be able to include all these morphs, we decided to take advantage of the EXP technology (works both in Poser and DAZ Studio), that will make Alice an integral part of Victoria 4 (to understand how and to see what this means installation-wise, see here:
This version does not include an Alice face (we will no longer distribute any Alice face) but it does feature a new face, which is different though reminding of Alice main facial features: Yly. Consider Yly, Alice' new face and we hope you will enjoy her!

In this store version you will also find Alice Skin, we updated the head texture to increase its resolution to 4000x4000 and offer more detail, more make ups are also included to give you a range of styles too chose from.
Alice skin features DAZ Studio compatible materials, Poser 9/2012 SSS and Poser pre-P9 advanced shaders (all renders you see in our promo and gallery are created using the SSS shader included in this product).

The included Make Ups shown on Yly's face

This isn't a temporary sale, Alice/Yly is here to stay at RDNA and she will receive future updates that will include additional bodyfixers, expressions fine-tuned for Yly's face and so on.

Also, note that you can use Alice as the "plain" version of "Sisterhood skin" (for before/after pictures) and the included shader is fully compatible with the "med" skin version included in "110.1 Almost Human".

- Who's Alice?: Alice is a an athletic, very pretty, young and unsophisticated girl. She is both sensual and spiritual. She loves sports, acrobatics, dancing but she also has a fantasy and futuristic side to her. She is the perfect daredevil adventurer, powerful wizard and proud warrior. She is also an amazing netrunner, space explorer and 2077 soldier.
She is anything you want her to be, her soul is huge and free.
Here you will find images to show her many (sensual and not) sides, we also show the bodyfixers in action!

- Alice bodyshape: your new V4 base!
Customize her using V4 morphs: full body or partial to add curves or else. The point is, think of Alice as a more feminine, unique base for your V4!

You can use Yly face on Alice' bodyshape or use V4 or any V4-based custom face

A few mixes and matches with Victoria 4 morphs (Morphs++, Muscles, Aiko). Note that you should try to avoid setting morphs at 1.000, start from 0.500 and go from there (up or down), Alice won't mix great with any morph, but she can do well with most of them.

- Yly face: a unique, cute face for the Alice bodyshape

- Alice Skin: a clean, rosey skin created from scratch from the best available pictures - no pre-made content was used, she's totally unique!
Includes 16 make ups that range from a cute fary face to goth and elegant ones: Arkham Angel, Chic, Faery, Feary "simple", Faerytale, Goth, Natural, Orange, PrettyDoll, SciFi, Shine, Soft, Soire, Spell, Vamp.
Includes shaved and pubic hair versions
Includes a plain version without hairbrows (diffuse + bump)

- Alice bodyfixers: add realism to your images, "improve" your posing and rendering experience.
Included are several instructions to show you how to get the most our of bodyfixer morphs!

- Support and versatility
All AlfaseeD's V4 clothing available through RuntimeDNA have been updated to fit this latest bodyshape. While Alice looks great without clothes, she also looks awesome wearing any style: contemporary, fantasy or futuristic: she's a girl that fits every style!

Alice showing off in AlfaseeD's wardrobe

- Poser P9-PP2012 SSS skin shader

- Poser P5-P8 skin shader

- DAZ Studio simple MATs (follow the link in the read me for HSS instructions for D|S3 adv. and D|S4)

2 Diffuse Body Maps @4000x4000
2 Bump Body Maps @4000x4000
1 Specular Body Map @4000x4000

1 Diffuse Limbs Map @4000x4000
1 Bump Limbs Map @4000x4000
1 Specular Limbs Map @4000x4000

17 Diffuse Head Maps @4000x4000
2 Bump Head Maps @4000x4000
1 Specular Head Map @4000x4000

10 Eyes Maps @800x800
5 Eye Reflection Map
1 Lash Map @1024x1024
1 Lips Specular Map @2048x2048

- A complete skin and morphs package for V4: character, additional morphs, skin and advanced shaders!

- Fully compatible with all other AlfaseeD products, all clothes featured in the RDNA AlfaseeD store support this morph/bodyshape. Matches with Sisterhood Skin and 110.1 Almost Human.

- This package uses EXP technology for the morphs, before purchasing, please, check out the installation tutorial here: Alice/Yly Install Tutorial.

- The bodyshape is the very same available for free, if you have no interest in the skin, Yly face or bodyfixer morphs, you can keep using the free version.

- The Poser9/PP 2012 SSS skin shader included is the very same we use in all our promo and images (and the same included in the Sisterhood Skin and 110.1 Almost Human packages (for full compatibility. However always take into consideration that the final result will heavily depend on your lights, we don't use "standard" light settings, we change and update our lights constantly, however you can check this tutorial to find out one of our techniques (nudity - DeviantArt link): Skinscape Lighting tutorial.
You can also download a free scene / light setup from here (nudity - DeviantArt link): AlfaseeD free scene

- Alice includes a fairly advanced Poser 7/Poser Pro skin shader you can get excellent results with (the final result will heavily depend on your lights).
Alternatively you can use face_off's V4 skin shader.

- DAZ Studio basic material settings are included so that DAZ Studio users do not need to make any manual adjustment however, for more advanced materials, please refer to the Human Surface Shader for DAZ Studio (included in DAZ Studio 3advanced and DAZ Studio 4, which will give you more realistic results used together with UberEnvironment for lighting.

IMPORTANT: the bump and displacement settings were done with a full body shot in mind. If your image is more up close (like our promo detail shots of hands and feet) you should lower both the values of the bump and displacement (halving them should be enough). This, again, may depends on the light/specular light settings you use.

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