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Dena thought back to her childhood.  That was such a long time ago it seemed, when the world was right and you could count on the simple things... like the sun coming up tomorrow. The casual comfort of mornings that leave a soft warm haze that glows letting you know that everything is all right.  Her father used to pick her up and put Dena on his broad shoulders and walk to the market in the mornings, his soft reassuring touch always calmed Dena and lifted her spirits, this was their routine; it calmed and reassured her father as much as it did Dena. Their path would take them down 9th street where they would turn right on Olive and enter the outdoor market.

Dena's daydreams always started out this way, slowly gliding along with her Dad as if that frightful morning never took place, but the daydream always took her back to Olive and 9th street. W hen they both turned the corner to enter the market... what they saw horrified the both of them, her Dad stunned; stood frozen in place. It was as if the massacre happened in complete silence, dead bodies everywhere, blood pooling on the courtyard cobblestone, smoke slowly swirling and lifting through the air.  Dena heard a weapon report and felt her Dad flinch and fall beneath her, she fell hard to the ground and lay beside her father... staring into his dead cold eyes.

The ground erupted with gunfire around her feet snapping Dena out of her dream  She was still protected as she leaned flat against the wall...she still felt like she was staring into her dead fathers eyes.  Another burst of gunfire hit the corner of the wall and bits of brick broke and bit into her face.  A smile slowly worked its way across her face as she slammed two more magazines into her pistols.  Pivoting her weight onto her back foot she could hear the crunch of gravel beneath her boots, and time seemed to stand still.  Dena quickly rolled into the open and brought her pistols up to bear, stitching five bloody dots across her enemies chest, her assailant fell over backwards stone cold dead onto his still twitching legs, continuing her motion she rolled behind an old burned out vehicle as more gunfire erupted on the ground around her.

Smiling, she wiped the brick dust from her face. "Payback's a bitch, ain't it?"


The AfterWorld set for V4 was modeled with detailing in mind, the use of Normal maps for detailed areas really helps to bring this set to the forefront. Many parts of the set can be used by themselves, as partial combinations, or all together...the wide selection of Injection poses assists you with your mix and matching. There are a large collection of adjustment morphs for you where needed, regardless of how you pose your figure.

I hope you spend countless hours with the AfterWorld set and create many enjoyable renders!


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