Advanced Vehicle Rigging Techniques

Advanced Vehicle Rigging Techniques
Created by : DarkEdgeDesign
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Released: 08-21-2013
Poser Version: Poser 5+
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Learn right along side with Dark Edge Design as he walks you through completely rigging a vehicle. Using advanced techniques and showing you how to rig shocks, coils, stabilizer bars, wheels, steering wheel, guns and turrets...everything is exposed and laid out for you in an "easy to understand" way that only Dark Edge can bring to a tutorial.

He shows you the pre-planning stage to give you an overview of the project, then dives right into the "how's and why's" in the decision making that goes into rigging a complex mechanical device. But that's the best part, Dark Edge shows you how easy it is to make something  look utterly complex...and once you get right down to it, the process is really quite simple.

While rigging everything that you could possible want to rig on a futuristic vehicle, he shows you how to incorporate ERC (Extended Remote Control) coding, how to import and use morphs along with those ERC controls, how to setup and use Joint Parameters, edit and control dials to your advantage, work inside of Poser's SetUp room, editing bones, and use of the world's best program...Easy Pose!

The concepts shown aren't just limited to mechanical devices, these methods can also be applied to Figures.

All of the videos are in high definition mp4 format for easy viewing. There is also a Poser Runtime zip included that has a vehicle for you to follow along and practice your new rigging methods with!

Some comments from customers:

"Visual learners, learners who like audio, chart-lovers...there's something here for everyone. Dark Edge is savvy, when it comes to teaching styles, and uses many intriguing aids to facilitate the smooth transfer of information from his brain to yours. DED makes even the most fearsome concepts seem simple!"

"Yes, young modeler, I know the feeling. You've found a comfort zone, you're complacently modeling and rigging, and you don't want to tip the ship by peering into the depths of the 3D ocean and possibly spotting...shudder...the sea monster known as ERC.  Well, guess what? You gotta. Or do you want to be run of the mill and get lost in the crowd? If you really want to shine -- if you want to rock the 3D market with your products -- this is the video set you need. With Advanced Rigging Techniques, you can take your models to the next level and far, far beyond."

"Roll up your sleeves, dive in, and when you surface -- you will find that you swam in the deep
end of the rigging pool, and you can't wait to do it again!  With your OWN models!"

"Not only with the viewer learn outright, but key ideas will be absorbed, as if by osmosis.  Left-brainers will spot patterns, and right-brainers will see opportunity for creative alternatives to the techniques that are illustrated.  As always, DED teaches to a diverse audience."

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