Advanced Materials Manager 2

Advanced Materials Manager 2
Created by : Semidieu
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Released: 08-29-2014
Poser Version: Poser X+, Poser Pro 2014+
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Advanced Materials Manager 2 is a replacement script for the Poser's Material rooms. It has the nodes, the inputs and the connections, like the original material room, but has lots more: multiple editing, drag and drop, shortcuts for node creation, advanced data entries (math), ... This script is designed to increase the workflow for creating and managing materials.

Features pane

Advanced Materials Manager 2 comes with a new feature panes, split in 4 parts: History, Nodes, Colors and Textures. They are designed to help the creator to load nodes and edit nodes with a with click, using existing data.

History panel Nodes panel Colors panel Textures panel

Multiple materials editing

The script detects automatically the similar materials and every modifications made in one material will be duplicated in the other (similar) materials. The similarity can be adjusted by some parameters: values, colors, textures, connections, name.

Quick connection

Double click to connect an input to an orphan node or to the nearest node.

Float editing

Use simple math to increase by an amount (+0.3), to multiple (*2) or more complex math (2*x-0.3 = double the current value and reduce by 0.3). Every modifications are done in all similar materials using it's own current value!

Color editing

Use the usual RGB value, HSL or HEX value.
Or use one of the custom color charts... or create your own!
And like the float editing, you can use simple math to modify one of the RGB/HSL value (+20 in the Red box to increase the Red component by 20). Ability to 'grab' a color from the root node (PoserSurface) - as this applies to all similar materials, it will grab the color from each material!

Texture editing

Displays all textures from the current figure, browse all textures from all figures and props in the scene, ...

Drag and drop

  • drag an image (from the script or from any file navigator) on the material pane to create an image_map node or drag it directly on an existing image_map node to replace the current settings.
  • drag a color or a float from any input to another input.

Copy - paste

  • copy one or multiple nodes and paste it anywhere.
  • Just copy/paste the node values.
  • Ctrl+Drag to duplicate a node or multiple nodes.

Nodes module

Shows all available nodes. Drag and drop to create it, edit the shortcuts, ...

Color module

Use colors from the currently selected material, currently selected figure/prop or from the whole scene. Or grab a color from a texture!

Texture module

Browse all textures from the currently selected figure/prop or from any folder. Then just drag and drop to create the image node!

History module

Create materials snapshot from the current selection (materials, figures or scene) and restore them! The snapshots are bound to the scene and will reappear even after closing/opening the scene

Nodes organizing

Align the nodes using visual guides, auto-organizing depending on the node structure, ...


The script (main script, addon for automatic update, 3 charts, toolbathumbnails).

A pdf documentation (download (1.83Mb))

List of files.

A video documentation (Youtube).

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Dec 4, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This product is AWSESOME!!!!! Is saving me a ton of time by not having to add shader to each body part separately.
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Apr 14, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Returning customer here, and enjoy AMM so much I had to give the new and improved version a try - not disappointed! I'm using Advanced Material Manager in Poser 9, and in Poser Pro 2014 with the latest service releases and I can NOT do without it in the production pipeline! I highly recommend this! And the customer service is fast and responsive!
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