AVATOONS: Vol 1 - Little Foxy

AVATOONS: Vol 1 - Little Foxy
Created by : LittleFox
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Released: 07-13-2012
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
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Requires: Modo
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I'm assuming, though I might be wrong, that you're here to learn something.  Well, that's good, 'cause I'm pretty good at teaching things, though I'm a little weird so you're going to have to bear with me.  If you missed out on my first tutorial series you might be in for a bit of a shock.  I'm a born and bred country girl, so I frequently use ya'll, 'em, critters and 'cause in my writing. My grammar is enough to make my high school English teacher cringe….and I DON'T believe in teaching tools.

You heard me,  I do not believe in teaching tools!

You are not here to read me lecture you on 'This is a Bevel Tool, and these are its multitude of functions and in this box we have the inset which goes like this….. *snore.*'

Nope, nope, not gunna happen!!!!!

I don't believe in it!  What I do believe in is teaching someone how to make something by, well… MAKING SOMETHING!  *Gasp!* Shocker eh?

You do not NEED every tool in a modeling arsenal.  Heck, you probably don't need more than 5 or 6. Of those you don't really need more than one or two of the dials on 'em, if that!  So why the heck should I teach all of 'em to you?  Will only confuse you and make this way harder than it is!  Modeling is FUN! Not work!!!!

I am not going to make this any more difficult than it needs to be.  I'm only going to teach you the tools you need and if you wanna go for extra credit, there are hundreds if not thousands of other teachers out there who specialize in that.



I think one of the most requested things in my line of work has to be folks wanting me to build their avatars.  Now I'm not talking 10 foot tall blue furry critters, I mean folks wanting the toon to look like them or someone they admire.  Problem is, I only have so many hours in a day. Building characters, costuming and hair are not easy skills to pick up.

I did a 3 part series each well over 100 pages of in depth how-to tutorials that would make your hair curl and didn't even cover a third of what folks wanna learn!

 But here's the thing, that tutorial just soared right over lots of folks heads.  Not 'cause they're dumb or lazy or anything like that,  it's just… well.. complicated.  I mean that in the most wickedly heinous sense of the word.

 So the problem as I see it is finding something so simple that everyone can do it and do it quickly without any of that struggling.  Something as easy as paint by numbers where everything is right there for you and all you have to do is follow along…

 Even the Rigging, the evilest of evils is done for you only requiring minor adjustments!

And UVMapping? What's that?  Don't worry about it!  We don't need them!

 Why?  'Cause we're working with…. TOONS!!!!!!!

 Toons don't require uvmaps, they can be simply rigged, they don't have a huge amount of detail.  They are blessedly simple to work with! And… well… They're cute!! *Squeee!*

 My goal is to have you creating your own avatars!
Delight yourself, delight your friends, and delight your family!

What are you waiting for?

  • 75 Pages of Easy to understand and use instructions in a friendly style to take you STEP-by-STEP through the process of creating this Avatoon.
  • Cutie! The AVATOON base character.
  • 4 Clothing Rigging Templates, already set up and ready to go.
Yes, yes. I know, Modo is wicked expensive!

Why then am I teaching a beginner tutorial on it?

'Cause it is easily one of the most beginner friendly programs out there.  I've seen users cold start and learn it in DAYS, not the months it can take with other software.  I understand it's an expense, however I'm trying to get you past the most critical stage of learning to model,  that 'this is impossible, I'll never learn how' bump.  Once you've conquered that,  everything else is figuring out how to say it in another language.

If you're on the fence here, my recommendation to you is go over to www.luxology.com and grab their demo.  It's free for 15 days and that should be enough time for you to work though this tutorial a couple of times to see if you even like modeling.

If you find you like it you can take several of these principals to other software that is MUCH cheaper, like Hexagon, Silo, Blender, or Wings3d.  These are not quite as beginner friendly but this tutorial will get you past the initial confusion so that you're not so lost going in.

Also, if you're a student, you can even get a student discount on Modo that is like 90% off... So if you find you like it, there are ways to continue learning!

You have no more excuses! You've promised yourself you're going to learn how to do it! It's time to give it a go!

Don't worry, I'll be here if you need help. Ask anyone, I don't mind helping anyone who really wants to learn.  I just won't do the work for you ;).
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