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Poser Expo II : “Organizing your Runtimes like a Pro" by Netherworks, Traveler and Paolo Ciccone

Poser Expo II : “Organizing your Runtimes like a Pro" by Netherworks, Traveler and Paolo Ciccone

Regular Price: $19.00
Vendor: 3D Art Live
Requires: We recommend each participant have 1 Mbps upload,
4 Mbps download of available internet bandwidth to
participate in this video conference.



Poser Expo II : Creative Professionals Live is a unique online symposium for the Poser community. We are bringing you a collection of some of the brightest and creative minds to present content that will accelerate your learning with Poser. You’ll see a whole series of presenters during the weekend of the 18th-20th of October share their own desktops in HD quality. At the same time you’ll be able to communicate using an interactive chat box with the presenter and other Poser artists and content creators – just like you. Ask your presenter what you need to know and instantly get your answer. The "live webinar" format will allow you to rapidly get a comprehensive grasp of the Poser applications.

This is a single webinar session providing you with “Organizing your Runtimes like a Pro" by Netherworks, Traveler and Paolo Ciccone, lasting 1.5 hours. This is a single event ticket for Saturday 19th of October at 17:30 BST (12:30 EST).

As part of the event ticket, you will receive the recording of this session, so you’ll be able to go over what you’ve learned in detail at your own leisure.


-Poser as your own personal Theatre. How to organize by thinking like a director.
-How to organize with a File Manager and how that relates to Poser's Library.
-How to utilize both tools, above, for successful organization.
-How to install Python scripts, why things go to certain places and what you can -organize.


-Show the "Uber Runtime" Style
-Advantages/Disadvantages of "One Big Runtime"
-New Commands/Options in Poser to help manage the runtime
-Manipulating Order of Folders by Naming Conventions
-Desktop Links - Pathways through the Insanity

Paolo Ciccone Organising by Category and Runtimes on The Mac



• Live and interactive symposium
• Over 1.5 hours of rich content
• Rapid learning and time saving education with Poser
• Recordings included in the ticket price
• Discounts and offers on Poser content and software throughout

Product Includes:

Single webinar event entry link
Webinar recording (when available)

Additional Notes:


Previous Attendees of the Poser Expo event commented:-

“It really was a presentation by Masters of the art. The amount of information given was mind-blowing, so that I will likely spend many hours stepping through the recordings to make sure I fully understand how the different effects were achieved.” (David Summers)

“Really, this is exactly what I've been needing to get me to the next level in my Poser experience (and now RealityPaint and UVMapper, as well as several others, including Reality3, which was a steal at that price!). Honestly, I think I'd be willing to pay twice as much for what you've offered." (R Scott Johns)

“Excellent conference... where do i sign up for the next one! The best part, besides learning lots of new things, was the chance to connect with the Poser community." (Ottilo from Vizvius animations)

"The Poser Expo was fan-fricken-tastic! Well run, incredibly informative, and fun! Any time you want to do another one, I'm there. (Jeff kraschinski)

"The knowledge learnt out of it was very worthwhile. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it." (Rick Walters)

Product Details:

Zip Files: 1 zip file
Date Added: Oct 4, 2013
SKU: 3DAL-003

Runtime DNA Inc.   Poser Expo II : “Organizing your Runtimes like a Pro" by Netherworks, Traveler and Paolo Ciccone
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